Manmohini 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Kali Tricks Spider woman


Manmohini 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Spider woman catches Rana and Kali with her usual drama and takes them in front of Mohini. Mohini shouts to leave her Rana and punish her instead. Spider woman asks if she is mad behind this man. Kali acts as changing her loyaty and pleads Spider woman to free her as she is on her side and not Mohini anymore. Mohini shouts if she has gone mad. Kali says she cannot yell at her in front of her boss.

Spider woman touches Rana sensuously and disappears his shirt. Mohini shouts her Rana’s clothes. Spider woman gazes his fit body and says that is why Mohini is mad behind him. She asks him to dance for her. Rana dances around her sensuously. Kali walks to Mohini holding lamp. Mohini shouts she will kill her. Kali says first kill Spider woman and burns spiderweb. Rana continues dancing with Spider woman luring her. Once freed, Mohini says she is weak and cannot attack Spider woman, so she will disappear. Kali says why is her nazar battu for, cuts her wrist and makes Mohini suck her blood. Mohini recharges her energy.

Spider woman continues luring Ram and finds Mohini missing. She then sees Mohini and Kali tying her hands with chain and shouts Kali betrayed her. Kali says she is always on Mohini’s side. Mohini says Spider woman wants her lips, eyes, and skin, now she will make her so ugly that everyone will be afraid to see her. They both try to cut Spider woman’s hands in Sholay movie style when Rana stops them and asks to let Spider woman as she wanted to take revenge from Mohini, Mohini should forgive her. Spider woman frees herself and attacks.

Precap: Rana tells Mohini that she has to fulfill his 2 wishes. Mohini asks what are they. He asks to reunite Kali with her husband as he is alive and she lied as she wants to kill Mohini.

Update Credit to: MA

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