Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohit wants Sonakshi’s forgiveness


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi and Sumit shooting a romantic scene and confessing love. He promises to spend the entire life in her arms. They hug. The shot ends. Sumit drinks juice. Sonakshi checks the juice and asks him not to drink before shot, it smells bad. She goes. Sumit asks Bunty to ask spot boy to get a drink for him. Sonakshi asks Pulkit is Suman fine. She sees Rohit with a bouquet and sorry card. She asks Shankar to go. Sumit looks on. Rohit says I have come to say sorry, I m really very sorry. Netra comes and looks on. Sonakshi says you think saying sorry will make everything fine. He gets a call. Netra asks what happened, idea flop, this bouquet won’t help. He asks what will happen, I just want to tell her sorry, this is really a mistake, tell me what to do. She says you meet

me in the evening, I have your number. He says sorry to you too. He gives her the bouquet and goes. She says sweet boy….

Sumit tastes some curry. He sees Sonakshi and says everyone is impressing madam, heroines are lucky. Sonakshi asks him to focus on himself, its all because of him, if he didn’t that cheap thing to gift the watch, you can gift someone’s stolen thing. Sumit says I didn’t steal, your guests like to throw things. Nishi says I don’t believe it, I had to stand in police station because of Suman, I have a headache. Yash says you would have felt better if you said sorry to her, sorry word is powerful. She says I don’t know why I wasn’t able to say sorry, I agree sorry is a very powerful word. He asks her to call his mum and say sorry.

She says no, never, I will never say sorry to her, my head is aching, this wall between me and her isn’t because of me, you know your mum, our marriage reached divorced, thanks to Naren and Veena, we are together, you get respect and love here, I didn’t get love in your house, you are Ghar jamai here. Yash says my mum didn’t accept that I m four years younger to you, you didn’t do anything to impress her, if you compromised a lot, things would be so different today, I don’t visit her by fear. She says I can’t sacrifice and compromise, you know me. He asks what can you do. She says I will show you. They see Pooja at the door. Pooja goes crying. Veena asks how was your contest, what happened. Pooja goes. Veena goes and sees Yash and Nishi arguing. She asks how can you both talk on same topic since years, its affecting Pooja, sort it out. She goes.

Sonakshi comes home and asks where is mum. She goes and sees Suman sitting in darkness. Suman refuses to have food. Sonakshi asks what happened. Suman says you know everything. Sonakshi says we can’t get stuck on this, we have to move on. Suman says you learnt this from me and now you are teaching me, I know what people talk behind my back, everyone knows I m aggressive, a single woman with three children has to be aggressive, people tried to break my courage, no one can break me down. She cries and says when your dad got stuck in mills incident, police enquiry was done, you were just 11 years old, Pari was younger and Pulkit was in my womb, when they didn’t get any answer from your dad, police called me at the police station many times, I got so much insulted, people’s taunts, the bad ambience, your dad silently watched all this and then I took responsibility of the house, I m angry on this for this, he didn’t keep his husband’s duty he was a coward, so he tied his bags and left from our lives, I got you three to this city by boarding a train, I heard bad taunts and didn’t forget anything, my heart broke when I had to cut your name from school register and sent you for work for the first time. They cry.

Suman says you told me that I value money, I know its value, I fed you all just one roti and couldn’t sleep that day. They all hug Suman. Suman says I will never lose by the insult, my children will never cry, my children are strong like a rock. Pulkit asks her to have food. Suman says never forgive Sippys. Sonakshi agrees. Suman eats food. Rohit meets Netra. She gets cold coffee for him. He asks did you think of something, what shall I do that Sonakshi forgives me. She asks are you serious. He says my family has hurt her, until I clear this, I won’t feel normal, nothing is imp to me than family. Sonakshi says I know Rohit didn’t do anything, but nothing is imp to me than my family.

Netra asks can you let me shoot at the hospital for one night. Rohit looks on. Sonakshi says I won’t step in Sippy hospital. Pulkit says I was thinking to do internship under Dr. Rohit. Sonakshi says you shouldn’t forget what happened. Rohit says Sonakshi will come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love Rohit & Sonakshi. Sona made a promose to her mom, understandably so, it’s going to be hard for her to unite with Rohit.

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