Manmohini 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Siya With Mann Leaves Ram’s House


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Manmohini 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram requests Siay to forgive him. She shouts at him to get out of her sight. He walks away and sits sadly while Siya cries on the other side reminiscing Ram breaking his promise and betraying her. Roke na ruke naina…song..plays in the background. Jhumri walks to Sumr and says she needs to talk. He excitedly asks to speak then. She nervously says she doesn’t like him. He gets disheartened. She says she love him. He gets excited and asks really? She says yes and he wants to hear her decision. Guruji walks in saying one shouln’t hide what is his mind as one doesn’t get chance again, he should tell her what is in h is mind. Sumri says he loves Jhumri. Jhumri happily hugs him. Guruji says he will go and meet Siya. Sumri and Jhumri exchange flying kiss.


morning, Jhumri prays devimaa to stop Ram and Siya’s fight and reunite them. Gopika thinks this will never happen. Siya walks out holding her bag and Mann. Ram pleads to stop as this haveli is a house because of her. She says their relationship has ended and there is nothing left between them. Ram asks to wipe her sindhoor and break her mangalsutra. Siya says when there is no meaning in their relationship, these things don’t matter, she is shifting to London forever. Gopika thinks if Siya will take Mann away from her. Ram says she and Mann will not go anywhere. Siya says it is better to end the relationship which pains. Gopika asks to compromise for Mann’s sake as Mann needs both mother and father’s love. Ram also pleads. Gopika asks Mann to tell Siya that he will not go anywhere. Siya hugs Gopika and says she saved Mann’s life twice and she will pray god to return Gopika’s memory, but she cannot change her decision. Gopika asks Mann to convince rasgulla that he wants to stay here. Mann says he will go with rasgulla as he cannot stay away from her, but he cannot stay away from baba also and wants to stay with them both. Gopika thinks what is this new drama, if Mann goes away she will die, so she has to stop him. Siya tells Ram that she will not compromise always, not give agni pariksha or sacrifice always. She holds Mann’s hand and walks towards door. Mann asks if they can take khajoor/Ram along. Siya holds his h and and finds Ram’s hand instead. Ram repeatedly pleads not to go. Siya doesn’t budge.

Ram says his life is meaningless without Siya and will die if she goes. Gopika thinks if Ram dies, Siya cannot go, so she has to kill Ram. Siya walks towards car when Ram pulls Mann towards him and says Mann will not go anywhere as he is legally his son. Siya says he never followed his responsibility and now is showing his rights. Their argument starts. Mann asks them to stop fighting and keep their fingers on their mouth. He tells Ram/Baba that he loves him a lot and loves rasgulla more than anyone else, so he wants to stay with rasgulla; he should realize that rasgulla is angry and will not stay him, she will get alone if he holds him here; he will always take care of rasgulla. Ram hugs him. Siya asks Mann if he wants to stay with legal Baba or her. He says he is coming and asks Ram to hold his teddy bear if he remembers him. Ram kisses his forehead and says him good bye. Siya takes Mann in her car. Ram stands shattered.

Precap: Gopika asks Ram why he shattered after Siya left him, if his love is so weak, he should go and get her and Mann back.

Update Credit to: MA

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