Bepanah Pyaar 10th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati finds out Badi Ma’s truth


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Bepanah Pyaar 10th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghbir is unable to clean his face and shouts. Pragati laughs seeing his face. He makes a face. I am trying to clean since so long but in vain and you are smiling? She wets a towel and cleans his face. Raghbir looks at her sweetly. Ve Maahi plays in the background. She cleans the mask from his lips with her fingers. He kisses her hands. She turns to go but he pulls her closer. They rub their noses cutely. He says I have been trying to tell you something since so long. I think this is the right time. I! She keeps her finger on his lips. You will get a chance tomorrow. She tells him a place and a room number. He teases her. I don’t know this Pragati who is calling this guy to a lonesome room! I can’t wait that long. She says even I can’t but we must wait. She repeats the address. Raghbir smiles.


the families are seated in the living room. Shefali and Pragati bring Priya. Dev stands up. Nakul tells him to celebrate Independence Day till the time he gets married. You will have to dance to her tunes later on. Dev’s mother says even we are dancing on his tunes. Her husband covers up but she says we love Dev very much so we must comply with his wishes. Badi Ma asks Priya to sit. There is still time in mahurat. Aditi says you atleast know who your DIL is but we weren’t that lucky in Raghbir’s case. Parents have to adjust a lot for the kids these days. She asks Pragati to make cardamom tea. Pragati goes. Aditi decides to take revenge from Pragati in front of everyone.

Pragati is making tea. You can come and help me instead of looking at me stealthily. He asks her how many eyes she has. Why do you look sad? Are you upset over what Ma said? She says a little but sometimes even kids have to adjust for parents’ sake. He says everyone is getting what they want except me. She keeps a biscuit in his mouth. We have made a deal already. You need to wait. He asks her again and pulls her closer. She takes Badi Ma’s name. He steps aside in a second but then asks her to again give him what he wants. She tells him to wait for the right time. He decides to get what he wants at any cost.

Raghbir asks Pragati to come with him. She agrees to join him in a while but Badi Ma tells her to help Raghbir. Pragati goes with Raghbir. He chases her sweetly in the dining area and then holds her close. They share cute, romantic moments. She goes to the kitchen. He follows her and asks for a kiss. She shakes her head. Cute music plays. She pretends to be angry. He holds her from behind and caresses her cheeks with his face. She smiles but then pretends to be angry again. She signals him to close his eyes for the kiss. He happily does that. She makes a face at him and hides. He almost kisses the wall. They play hide and seek with each other. She scares him with a knife and finally runs out.

Pragati hides in the cupboard in the storeroom thinking Raghbir must be following her but she is shocked to see the mystery guy entering the room. There is another lady in the room whose face is covered with a shawl. Pragati is stunned to see Badi Ma as she removes her shawl. You can fail once, twice but not every time! You committed the biggest mistake of your life when you attacked Baani instead of Raghbir. Pragati’s eyes widen in shock. Badi Ma says you had to kill Raghbir but you ended up killing Baani! We have been trying to rectify that one small mistake since so long but you just couldn’t do it! Pragati drops something. The noise alerts Badi Ma. She sends the mystery guy outside and starts looking around. She notices the door of cupboard ajar. Raghbir comes there to ask her if she needs something. She denies. He asks about her shawl. She cooks an excuse. The door of this storeroom was open so I came to check if someone was inside or not. He reprimands her for not taking care of herself. It hurts me to see you in pain. Let’s go. They leave from that room. Pragati steps out of the cupboard. She is still in shock. How can Badi Ma do this to Raghbir?

Harshit asks Raghbir and Badi Ma about Pragati who joins them just then. Pragati notices Raghbir and Badi Ma’s bonding and feels bad for Raghbir. Dev and Priya exchange rings. Shalu says we followed all the rituals of Punjabi’s even after being Marathi’s. Everyone gives gifts to the couple. Pragati wonders why Badi Ma is cheating Raghbir when he adores her so much. Why do you want to kill him? Raghbir and Pragati also give a gift to Priya and Dev. Aditi says Pragati is your favourite Bhabhi. Let’s see what she has gifted you. Pragati opens the gift box and gets tensed as the box is empty. Raghbir asks her where the gift is. She says I kept it in the box only. I don’t know where it is. Aditi says even our gifts were here. Why is only your gift missing? I agree that you are irresponsible but how could you hide your gift today? Dev’s mother also taunts Pragati.

Badi Ma says mistakes do happen when you are busy making so many arrangements. She asks Tina to give her the chain which she had given to her in the morning. Tina replies that she hasn’t given her anything. Badi Ma says I am speaking about the chain which you had put in your purse. Tina and Aditi get tensed.

Precap: Badi Ma shouts that she wont keep quiet if anyone would try to hurt Pragati ever again. Pragati thinks Badi Ma has two faces. Raghbir’s life is in danger because of that. Raghbir finds Pragati’s note about their evening date and smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode. Cute scenes between Raghbir and Pragati.

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