Manmarziyan- How win your Love Back- One Shot

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This is an ode to our awesome friend Sathya…Happy Bday my darling friend ….may god bless you with all you wish for ( smiling….I know what are you wishing for ) thanks for writing such beautiful stories and making all of us fall Aradhika more and more….Love you tons…???????????????????

The Star Cast

Aham Sharma As Arjun
Sathya darling as Sathya
Manha as Reshu
Shravan Reddy as Neil


‘Lights Camera Action’ was the call of the director…the lead actor started with his lines…but the king of the industry seemed to zone out..he was forgetting his lines again and again… ‘Cut’ said an exhausted director…” Arjun take a break” came the voice of ace movie director Ashutosh Bhatnagar…this was the 30th failed shot since morning they had been shooting same scene ….Arjun was a one take actor …but today since morning he had been little distracted…why not…today he saw her after good 8 yrs. .. she was there at famous ice-cream joint and he was is his car way to his shoot , waiting for the signal to go green…she had bought atleast 5 cones ..Arjun just smiled he knew she bought all for herself…she was all the same …same sparkling eyes…baby cheeks ….and the same innocent smile… 8 yrs had changed nothing in her…only thing that changed was Arjun couldn’t understand why was he not able to take her off his head…


Arjun was in 12 standard he was extremely popular among his teachers and peers …he was a good student and a sports captain….Arjun enjoyed the attention being poured on him…but there was one who never ignored him ….it was consider to be be friends with him…Arjun understood all this was fake….but he did had one real friend Sathya….like her name she was blunt…she was the one who insulted him the most..but he enjoyed hearing to all those insults as she was true …..Sathya was student of 10th standard in the same school…they had been neighbours since childhood….their friendship started when Sathya was 6 and Arjun 8 he had pulled her pony tail in return the little girl punched him, pushed him to the ground sat on his tummy punching him bad….Arjun took few minutes to realize that he was being hit by a girl ….His mom some how pacified the little Arjun who felt insulted being beaten up by the girl..finally their mothers asked both kids to be friends….

since then they had been friends…Arjun’ s day started hearing a curse from Sathya …the stealing her lunch box…and ended buying her a chocolate…he cherished their friendship…and promised her he would never break it but life had something else in store…Arjun decided to go to Mumbai for further studies….they still stayed in touch through calls and mails gradually the calls decreased Sathya thought Arjun was busy …she decided not to disturb him….he had received good modelling offers…..last week whole colony celebrated when their local boy appeared on the cover of the biggest fashion magazine…each family bought a copy home as they were proud of him…this is how small cities India are like…but Mumbai success changed Arjun….he learned new things and with it he gained a false attitude and pride too….he forgot his old friends and people ….after 5 yrs Sathya had now completed her graduation and got into Masters program in a prestigious college in Mumbai….

she was happy as she was about to meet her best friend from whom her feelings had blossomed into innocent love…Sathya after settling down in her new surroundings decided to visit Arjun…she had his address as his mother still was in touch with Sathya’s mom…Sathya was greeted by the house past …. ”Is Arjun home….I am his friend Sathya”
the staff nodded and went inside…but the voice from Arjun’s room; ”yes now whole Coimbatore is friends with Arjun…I don’t know any Sathya”

Sathya was pained to hear this, she left…but with a decision…to never look back….that night she packed everything related to arjun and threw the suitcase under her bed…she completed her masters and joined a big designing firm ARTS…the company director Anjana loved Sathaya as she was extremely talented in 3 yrs she was the most sort out art director in the industry…Sathya was best friends with Reshu Anjana’s daughter Reshu had taken over the company from her mother…..Anjana just intervene when it was difficult for girls to take care of the matter….


Sathya walked into the film city…she was greeted by Ashutosh; ”Ah thank god Satz you are here…”

Sathya; ”So could you brief me what kind of set you are looking at”

Ashutosh smiled; ”Wow straight to the point….ok we are looking a big luxury Bungalow as our hero is a business tycoon”

Sathya; ”Hmm ok….I know few people who rent their Bungalows for short time….I will check them and let you the final 2” Sathya was still talking to Ashutosh …..and Arjun was smiling like an idiot watching her from the distance….she was dressed in a torn light blue jeans funky pink tshirt …with one metallic ear cuff….her shoulder length hair were twisted into curls… Sathya took her leave after finishing her discussion..she was about to step out of the premises when she heard Arjun calling her by her nick name; ”Hey sweety …”

Sathya did not turn and kept walking so did Arjun…he caught up with her ; ”Sathya what’s wrong….I have been calling you for so long….”

Sathya looked at him as if trying to recognize; ”Do we know each other”

Arjun blinked; ”we are childhood buddies”

Sathya scoffed; ”I think you are looking for someone else…some other Sathya….now please excuse me”

Arjun turned her around; ”I am Arjun…your Arjun…”

Sathya; ”I don’t know any MY Arjun…..but I do have a Neil…now please excuse me” Sathya shrugged her arm and walked off….Arjun was shocked to hear name Neil….his mind was now running to find who the hell this Neil was that had become more important than him…

Sathya on the other side…ran out of the place as if she had a ghost running behind her….she stopped only after reaching her office…Sathya was huffing and splashing water on her face….yes she acted as is he was unknow one….well to be frank she had been practicing the same for 3 yrs…since she last walked into his apartment…Sathya mumbled; ”yes mission revenge accomplished”

Reshsu watched Sathya talking to herself; ”will you tell me what’s wrong” Sathya narrated everything in one breath…Reshu; ”wow to hurt him you found no-one so you sacrificed my poor Neil….but you followed the the first rule of love quite well”

Sathya scrunched her nose; ”Rules of love…??? what’s that”

Reshu; ”if you want him to notice you….ignore him….you just did that….leave all that do you love Arjun”

Sathya; ”Umm…don’t know but I do like him….a lot he was the only best friend I have”

Reshu; ”Now I am offended….fine leave that….do you want to be a part of his life permanently”

Sathya; ”yes but is that even possible…I mean he is a star”

Reshu; ”yes he is your little twinkie star….. Oh My God…its a dream come true for me ….I am going to be a match maker…let me call Neil” Satz was now eating her nails looking at her dear friend’s excitement…all she new that two boys will suffer the most because of Reshu’s plans…

Neil fell of his chair hearing his dear girlfriend; ”you want me act as Satz boy friend ….to make Arjun jealous….”

Reshu; ”exactly now don’t repeat and ask me the same question again….now Satz will designing the sets and interiors for Arjun’s current flick….she will be visiting the sets quite often….you should pick and drop her everyday…and make sure Arjun notices you”

Neil; ”Should I walk down wearing a banner around my body stating ‘hey Arjun…this Neil… Satz boyfriend” Satz rolled on the floor looking at poor Neil…Neil dabbed his forehead with his handkerchief…. he was a simple businessman…..he had never proposed a girl in his life….it was Reshu who proposed him….and now he had to act….Neil felt like writing his boards again…

Next Day

As per Reshu’s plan Neil and Satz started a little late they wanted Arjun to reach before them….they knew he would be there waiting for Satz as a day before Arjun had arranged Satz no. and had tried reaching her but Reshu asked Satz not to respond… Satz who till now felt that she had moved on …was thoroughly confused….she was still mad at him…on the other hand she so wanted to speak to him….but Reshu the match maker wouldn’tlet her…

Next Morning

Satz locked her apartment and ran down her jaw dropped….Neil was taking her on a bike….bike was good… Neil wasn’t… he wasn’t good with bikes…Satz could see how nervous he was …he had the best helmet around his head plus elbow and knee guards ….Neil was a simple guy richness and looks had not added any air to his head….Neil was nervous; ”Satz all will be good just don’t be nervous take deep breath and do as Reshu asked us too”

Satz nodded as she took her place behind Neil….Neil started the bike but the speed they were goings Staz was sure she will turn old sitting on this bike only…she shook her head and gently and tapped Neil….Neil shook vigorously as the result of the touch shaking the bike mad in the process….he somehow stopped the bike and Satz took a deep breath thanking her stars for wishing her few more days to live; ”Look Sathya ….I am too ticklish so no touching without letting me know”

Sathya banged her head ; ”Ok Neil get down…I am driving…” Sathya took the driver seat and fired up the engine…Neil could hardly keep his eyes open due the speed….Once they were close they again changed the places…Sathya saw Arjun…she told Neil she was about to hug him….Neil nodded…Sathya hugged him….Arjun clenshed his jaw….Sathya walked inside the studio hopping and jumping…showing off her fake ecitement about her fake boyfriend….making Arjun lose his senses…Arjun had to shoot an action sequence…and he took it to be real throwing real punches giving nice beatings to poor villain….the shot was given a thumbs up….Arjun walked to Sathya who was busy giving instruction about the backdrop for the next shot…Arjun grabbed Sathya by her upper arm and took her aside; ”what are you trying to do”

Sathya; ”what am I doing”

Arjun; ”Why are you pretending that we don’t know each other”

Sathya gritted her teeth; ”Actually its not me..its you…when I came to mumbai…I visited your place…and what did you say…now whole Coimbatore is my friend….I don’t know any

Sathya right? then why should I recognise you now…”

Arjun hung his head low; ”I don’t have a justification…I am sorry…can we be frirnds …I missed you”

Sathya recalled what Reshu had advised her…if he asks for apology and friendship..accept but ignore more…Sathya nodded ; ”fine….but it will take time to be like old times”

Arjun smiled wide; ”Ok great….lets go out for dinner”

Sathya again got a cloud of Reshu dressed in devil red dress suggesting her to say no; ” Not today…I have dinner plans with Neil”

Arjun was clearly jealous; ”you can do better….what did you see in that joker”

Sathya cocked a brow; ”He is a born rich….but he never shows that off….he values people…rich or poor…he never left his old friends even after riding the ladder of success….I would prefer a well behaved joker to an arrogant king….excuse me..” Satz threw 50 kgs of attitude on Arjun and walked off…Arjun just closed his eyes he screwed up all again…Satz was surprised to see Neil in a car….he just smiled; ”I don’t want to die with you riding that thing” Satz slapped his arm and got in with him…..leaving Arjun in flames who was hating the bond between them

After reaching Reshu’s place all laughed when Satz narrated the whole story…Reshu; ”Satz now make him come after you….make plans with him and cancel them….show him he isn’t important…and make a point clear that he doesn’t have control on your emotions”

Sathya blinked made a puppy face; ”But he is important….a lot”

Reshu ; ”I know baby…..but men are jerks..if you throw yourself to them they never realise your worth so….be available on your terms”

Neil; ”But I was was good with you….did you try that on me Reshu”

Reshu hugged Neil; ”Aww my baby….no ways.. these rules are for jack ass like ARjun” She hugged Neil winking at Sathya…for next two weeks Sathya did exactly Reshu asked her to..she would make plans with Arjun then cancel them ..Arjun’s frustration was at its peak …he was confident that he knew her but she kept surprising him showing a new side everyday.

Neil by now was little more confident in driving bikes…he came to drop Sathya…Arjun was nearby watching them … directed by Reshu Sathya decided to get down in style…she didn’t notice Arjun standing right behind her…Sathya moved her leg like Jackie Chan hitting Arjun in his groin….Arjun crashed on the ground all in pain….he couldn’t even utter a small scream…Sathya shrugged her shoulders when she couldn’t find Arjun…. missing to look at the floor where he was lying…she just walked inside…Neil left smiling…

Arjun came inside limping…Sathya; ”What happened to you Arjun”

Arjun gave her a surprised look; ”Ok so you really don’t know….let me enlighten you…you while getting of that filthy bike seemed to be on a mission of wiping my future generations”

Sathya just pressed her lips…she answered as if she hell cared; ”who asked you to stand behind me…ok now I have too much work to do” Sathya kept laughing whole day thinking about limping Arjun…

One More Day

Sathya was doing the interiors of the sets when Arjun came to her; ”Hey guess what did I bring you’

Sathya without any excitement or happiness answered all blunt; ”be quick”

Arjun’s lips drooped sadly; ”your favourite jalebis …and from the best place”

Sathya; ”Arjun I am not a kid anymore ….I don’t like them…you can keep them..and grow up”

Arjun; ”you loved them..”

Sathya; ”people change…my choices have changed…about sweets clothes friends” Sathya controlled her laughter looking at Arjun’s face….Evening after reaching her apartment she consumed 250 gms of jalebis as Arjun had awaken her craving for them….Arjun was going mad encountering a new Sathya daily….he pretended to be hurt to get her attention …but the girl who cared for him in childhood had changed…Sathya laughed on him and went about her work….she was enjoying this game now

Another day

Arjun decided to rekindle their childhood memories…he found Sathya busy with the props…he tip-toed and stood behind her poking her waist…but the lad forgot Sathya was good at throwing punches since childhood….Sathya frowned..she felt someone was trying to misbehave with her…she curled her fingers and turned around like Akshay kumar punching Arjun on nose…..result he couldn’t shoot for 2 days…Sathya felt bad but as a part of the plan she didn’t apologise…throwing all the blame on Arjun…

Neil had come to pick Sathya again….Sathya asked him to wait for few minutes….Arjun was moving out he saw Neil waiting …he curled his fingers and walked to Neil…; ”You are not worth of my Sathya….just back off…or I will turn your pretty face into a pulp”

Neil gulped; ”if you have guts go talk to her directly….be a man” Arjun was about to say something Neil squirmed all scared…but Arjun had nothing to say as he hiself was at fault…he just walked off ..Neil wiped his forehead….Satz overhead everything..she came out smiling

The shooting went on for 6 months …and 6 months Sathya made ARjun dance on her tips like a monkey…. Arjun had fallen mad for her …but Sathya treated him nothing more than acquaintance….Arjun had made his mind up to propose her … today was the last day and they were winding up the shoot…and the director invited all for the party…

The Party

Arjun got dressed into a grey Armani Tuxedo …he pulled out a small box from his cupboard and pushed it into his pocket; ”today I will speak my heart”

Sathya was dressed in black thigh slit boat neck sleeve less gown…she had pulled her hair into a french bun…with simple single stone earings …she smiled at herself….she knew
Arjun will propose her…Reshu messaged her asking her to come down.Once they reached the venue as per the final step of their plan…Satz walked in with Neil….Arjun now lost his head completely….he asked her for a dance…glaring at Neil ….Neil gulped…Sathya gave her hand….Arjun danced forgetting everybody…Sathya ‘s POV; ”God when will he propose…fine get ready for last nail”

Sathya; ”Arjun….Neil is waiting I have to go….” Sathya moved away…but before her hand could completely slip from Arjun’s he grabbed it again pulling her to the balcony…Arjun pushed Sathya to the wall; ” Don’t go to Neil…come with me”

Sathya; ”Why?”

Arjun; ”Becuase I love you”

Sathya; ”So does Neil…what’s special about you” Arjun cupped her cheeks kissing her deep…whenhe broke the kiss Sathya was blinking

Arjun; ”because…only I can kiss the daylights out of you….marry me darling…or I will kill that joker”

Sathya; ”I have to show you something…” Sathya pointed and Arjun’s jaw dropped watching reshu and Neil in each others arms….he understood all…he quickly slid the ring into her finger pulling her for another kiss….

Neil looked at them and Reshu covered his eyes…”Baby don’t look there… its censored…just look at me…. ” Reshu kept her head on his chest winking at…. the readers who else (sab kuch mujhe hi batana padega )


Sathya hope you Liked it …love you

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Gauri darling superb,outstanding episode…i loved it.. I liked all the scenes…..

    1. Gauri

      thanks Arti 🙂 stay blessed

  2. Brin

    Outstanding, love it to the core, Sathya special gift is awesome, happy birthday Sathya. 🙂

    1. Gauri

      thanks Brin 🙂 love u

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

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      thanks Kavina

  4. Jnana

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    Sooooper Gauri….

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  5. mindblowing epi dr

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      thanks Parul

  6. Dhara

    Omg Gauri. This is amazing. Happy birthday Sathya akkkkkka.

    1. Gauri

      thanks Dhara 🙂 love u

  7. Rossy

    Yo…girl…love u satzzzzyyyyyy sissy…attitude of girls…i loved it n reshu…omg…poor Neil….lol…don’t worry nobody will harm u coz ur fate I written by ur dewani author…

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Rossy 🙂 dewani LOL …love u

  8. Gianna

    Superb Gauri just loved it to the core. Everything was very well narrated just amazing

    1. Gauri

      Thanks Gia 🙂 love u

  9. S.v

    Angel u r truly angel and the best part was when neil said shall i keep a board stating hiee arjun im neil Sathya’s boy friend and when mannu says all boys are jerk and neil pouts and asks im a good boy na ha ha ha epic and that bike scene where he can hardly seee yabba u r a damakka didi…. muhhhaa and finally that clay head was happy none that arjun…. he he he love u so much Angel…. muhhhaaa love u

    1. Gauri

      thanks SV love u

  10. Dipika

    ??????????? angel god.. This is amazing.. Even the word amazing is short to describe it… Everything u wrote was so splendid yarrr.. I just wanted to kiss ur fingers.. U made our manhu play good part yar.. I must say getting kiss n proposal satz must be on cloud 9…. Ooprss thta.. Hitting on groin was pain.. Lol.. I couldn’t hold my laughter at tht moment. U rocked like usual.. Love u lots ? ? ?

    1. Gauri

      thanks Dipu…even I was laughing while writing it

  11. Sathya

    Chica… Chica darling.. What yar… I m soooooo blushing hard n giggling reading it. Gosh… Arjun is behind me Nd I am. Using Neil to irritate him… Wow reshu aka Manu is my bestie here lol she sacrifices her Bf Neil for my sake.. Lovely friend she is.

    Arjun n me are childhood friends.. Kaiya attitude Hai us arjun ko.. U did a good treatment Chica… He he he yes I m ignoring him n he is coming back to me now.. Wowwowoowow m. N cloud 10,11,12 just keep going in the clouds don’t wanna come down leaving my arjun… Chica darling u made me so so so spl n u know what my fav profession is media… N u always shown me in ur story as a media related person which I love the most…. Generally that time girls r not allowed to enter media na.. But you made my dream true in ur words. Love u ???????? and what’s that Neil ha ha ha ha God.. He is not riding the bike n I made him sit at the back and drove n we exchanged again reaching the shooting spot.. Lol ?????? u laughing like a maniac… Ha ha ha Neil is super cute here.. N asking me n Manu whether he can keep one board… Lol… Ultimate one… I loved it to the core…. I made arjun dance on his toes… Lol.. Wowowow he is determined to propose me… God seriously I also felt very tensed n he gets jealous of Neil. The time he proposed me n kissing on my cheeks… Mummy.. My cheeks gone inside.. I was rubbing it really.. ???? u gave that much impact for me… Ayoooo m. Jumping in lots of happiness…. Love u darling sooooooooo much

    1. Gauri

      Now I can breath…..thanks darling

  12. Sreee

    Di…Woooow. . This is just like cherry on top… wooow arjun like a dancing monkey…god, i laughed hard reading it.. his attitudes, uf nonsense….. and wiping of his generations?????……. neil, baby he was sooooooo sweet… manu di gosh she rocked like ever.. u nailed it didi.. am just falling more and more for ur writing with each pasing second… love u loads….muahhhh

    1. Gauri

      thanks Sreee 🙂 love u

  13. Sreee

    Forgot to say…the last par ‘sab kuch main hi …..’……??????????

    1. Gauri

      🙂 😀

  14. Sulbi

    Gauri sissy… its awsme… omg Sathya made Arjun to run behind her… wow thats awsme… fantabulous…

  15. Wow gauri. …this is a crazy cool awesome love story. ….n sathya kicking arjun. …too good loved it

  16. Roma

    Omgggggggg…Gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeetheart darling sissyyyy.’s really superbbbb, awesomeeeeee, marvellous n splendid shot….I loved it to the coreeeee. …I’m speechless and overwhelmed by this outstanding story. …satz found her arjun finally n reshuffle and neil’s role was really superbbbb. …all the plots n scenes were very cuteeeee n hilaaaaaaarious. ..the climax was incredibly beautiful. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttttt for this beautiful amazing story. …..gauriiiiiiiiiiiii my sweeeeeetheart darling abhaaaa….whatever I’d say it will be less…I’m short of words here…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling gauri. ..u nailed it to the ultimate perfection. ..this was the bestttttt. …

    Satzzz…Happy Birthday my darling once again. ..just coz of you…we could read this unique amazingly awesoooooome story. you loads muaaaaahhhhhh. …

    Gauriiiiiii…i love you soooooooo muchhhh….♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Roma


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