Manmarziyan- Sweeto loves khadoos (OS)

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Hey all!! How are you?! It’s been so long.. so here I am.. hitting a comeback with an OS.. I have no mood in ffs for now.. need a really big break.. I still feel lazy to type.. damn very lazy.. miss those fingers of mine….


I swear I will never expect comments.. My last post was one rollercoaster.. Every person I knew in my life landed up there.. Ended up defaming me and cursing me and ripping my respect.. The little bit I had was torn to itty bitty bits.. Was like a class and family group chat.. Royally trolled and spammed… Ouch.. It really hurts.. I’m young and I have a life.. Let me live.. Please.. *pouts with puppy eyes and folded hands*

Now… this update is dedicated to my dear Sathya ka!! Queen of Romance!! The Senorita!! Hehe Malaysia papa.. enjoy.. happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you… happy birthday to Sathya ka… Stay blessed and reach heights of success.. Have a great day and a super year ahead.. I hope you find your Arjun… Malaysia Arjun.. your love!! Ada jiju come soon… naa sonna madri periya peti edututu poneengala? Varala naa.. pack him and kootitu vandrunga.. lol.. this one is just for you.. this little OS…. hope you like it.. pidikala naa comment panna vendam.. WhatsApp la titikonga… evalo venalum kalivi kalivi ootunga.. ok va? Aana inga vanam.. love you forever ka ??

K fine.. no more bak baks.. going to the story…

As usual.. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors

Happy reading ??

“Sathya ka!! Sathya ka!!” she said.

“Wait Shree” Sathya slapped her hand off.

“Look at this atrocity. I need help in debugging and she is daydreaming” she sighed.

“Raj.. my Raj” Sathya sighed dreamily.

“Lord save me” she cried.

“What is it Shree?” asked Sangeetha.

“Geethu Ka, debugging. And she’s daydreaming” Shree cried.

“Those bugs” Geethu hissed “aye Sathya enough of daydreaming. Raj will take you out for dinner. Chill and come” she pulled.

“Why are you all so jealous? I’m not drowned in him” Sathya pouted.

“Do paara” Geethu mocked.
(Look at this.)

“Yep” Shree nodded.

“God!! Fine come now” Sathya snapped annoyed.

“We have a new boss coming. Hope he’s not a khadoos like this stupid grandpa Khanna” Shree prayed with folded hands.

“Hope so” Geethu sighed.

“Samrat Sir is not so bad” Sathya said.

Right. Like you have been his target” Shree scoffed.

“Shree chill” Geethu cooed.

“Go ka. It’s only been six months here. First of all I regret Infosys. On top of it this boss. And she says he’s good. Ask the whole office, they hate him” Shree cried.

“Do you always have this habit of crying?” Sathya asked.

“Unga ta polambunena? Illa la? Then chup” Shree snapped.
(Did I complain to you? No right? Then keep quiet)

“Ok fine. Come” Sathya said as she sat down to check the code.

“I just hope the boss is handsome so that I’ll have someone to drool on” Shree giggled.

“Do you know anything other than boys?” Geethu asked.

A lot. Writing codes. Singing. Cooking. And yes SLEEPING” she grinned.

Geethu came with a hockey stick and a lot of coloured tins.

“Ka why the hockey stick? And the tins?” Shree laughed.

“To kill the bugs” Geethu replied.

“It’s in the code ka. Not here” she said.

“Yes. I know. These are my lucky charms. These range of hit and mortein sprays help a lot that I debug a little easily. And if I show the hockey stick to the monitor, it’s like magic” Geethu grinned.

“Oh. K” she said a little confused with the explanation. It was funny.

“Sathya ma’am, Sangeetha ma’am, Dhanshree ma’am, new boss has arrived. Samrat sir has asked all to assemble in the boardroom” the peon came and said.

“So soon? Samrat sir retires today then?” Shree asked.

“Maybe” Geethu shrugged her shoulders.

“Now let’s go. I don’t want to be that old khadoos’s target” Shree said and the three of them walked to the boardroom and took their seats.

Samrat, a man in list late fifties walked in and most of them frowned. Some smiled for name sake. Others sat with a non reactant face. This man could drop a bomb at any time.

“So, hey all. I’m here to announce that I’m officially retiring today. There’ll be a party two weeks later as I’m going to US” he said.

“Who asked him for these explanation? Two weeks later party. Isn’t that enough?” Shree frowned in hushed tone as she rolled her eyes..

“Sssshhhhhh” Geethu and Sathya from each side shushed and Shree at with her finger in her lip.

By the way. He could keep the party today. Kanjoos baldy” Shree pursed her lips.

“Ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Sathya and Geethu shushed her again and Shree literally zipped her mouth.

“And now, I’m going to be introducing you your new boss” he smiled “please welcome Arjun Ramesh” her clapped and a man in his mid twenties entered in his casuals.

That’s it. Shree almost fell off her seat. Was more of a shock for her. Sathya gasped. Geethu shook her head looking at the two. The aura the young man carried was intimidating. Filled with confidence. Shoulders straight and chin held high. Arjun smiled as he stood next to Samrat and shook hands with him. Sathya’s eyes never left Arjun as her breath hitched in her throat. She had forgotten to breath. Arjun looked at Sathya and smiled. He next saw Shree. His eyes narrowed at her and she turned her face away in anger. He took a good look at everyone there and gave small smile.

“One more khadoos” Shree scowled.

“How do you know?” Geethu asked.

“Paatale teriliya?” Shree scoffed
(Isn’t it visible?)

“Look at Sathya” Geethu nudged Shree “totally flat” she smirked.

“Looks like Raj’s out if the list” Shree smirked.

“Wait. You two share the same surname” she said.

“It’s just a coincidence” Shree snapped “a lot of people can have the surname Ramesh” she snapped again.

“Ok chill” Geethu threw her hands in the air.

“Sathya ka. Enough. Vaaya moodunga (close your mouth). He’s boss, not Raj or Surya to drool on” Shree whispered.

“Huh? No. I was not staring. But he is handsome” Sathya finally managed to breath. She looked at the two and pouted.

“Pochu da” Geethu sighed.

Arjun gave instructions on how he’ll be handling the company and all listened except for Shree. Sathya was just staring at him, fascinated by the way he carried himself. She was so lost. Shree dug her long nails into her palms and it bled. She had had more than enough. She just walked out swiftly. Everyone watched her walk out. Arjun sighed at her retreating form.

“Sorry for that sir. She’s the youngest one here. New too” Geethu said.

“I don’t care. I hate people who fail to carry basic etiquettes and those who fail to respect me” he snapped.

“This is mega khadoos” Geethu rolled her eyes.

I heard that” he snapped.

“Kentuchu la? Nalladu. Un kaadla vilanu kaha dhaan sonadu” she said in a sweet sacharine voice filled with sarcasm.
(Heard it? Good. I said it because it had to reach your ears.)

“Tamil teriyum” he said in a non reactive tone.
(I know Tamil.)

Now it was her turn to freeze. This man knew Tamil too. She used to use Tamil to Samrat to curse him and the poor old man would smile thinking she was praising him because she told it all with a smile and he never understood a thing. Now what was she going to do? Only thing left, learn Telugu. What if he knew it too? He looked like a person who knew every single thing. So, no use. Best was to shut up. But, snap at the right time.

Sathya just stared. Both her friends don’t have a good impression towards him. How was she going to get close to him?

“Get a grip Sathya. You have Raj. No thinking of other men” she mentally slapped herself.

“What was her name?” he asked.

“Shree… Dhanshree” Sathya replied.

“Ok. You all may leave now. Take it as a day off. We’ll start tomorrow” he snapped and everyone walked out of the room.

“Deepu” he sighed as he closed his eyes and buried his face in his palms. He opened his eyes to see drops of blood at her place.

Shree typed her resignation letter. No way on Earth she was going to work here. Not when he was there. Her so called elder brother being her boss. She placed the letter on the table in the cabin and walked out. Arjun saw Shree walking away and tried to call out,but stopped himself. He went to his cabin and threw his blazer on the table, covering the letter.

“Get the details of the recently joined employees” he said in a cold tone to the peon through the phone.

The peon called after a while “I’ve sent you the details to the office mail. It’s never signed out. You can check it directly sir” he said.

“Good” he snapped as he hung up.

“Khadoos” the peon said to himself.

He went through the details. In a year only six people had joined. The recent one to join was Dhanshree. He quickly jotted down her details, but was surprised to not find any permanent residential address and saved her number. He took his blazer off the table as it looked awkward. He found the resignation letter. His blood boiled to see his little sister’s resignation letter. He took it in his hand and called her up.

“Hello” she answered his call.

He smiled. She still sounded like the same old kid. She was still the same. She sounded so cheerful.

“Deepu” he whispered with a lot of emotions. Tears brimming his eyes.

“How did you get my number?” she snapped.

“It’s not that hard. And I’m the boss. Did you forget that?” he smirked.

“It’s Dhanshree for you. Deepu is no one. By the way, you have no right to call me Dhanshree too. It’s Miss Ramesh for you. And I’ve resigned for your kind information. So, you’re not my boss too” she taunted.

“Deeeppuuu” he sounded angry.

“Miss Ramesh it is” she snapped.

“Can you please forgive me?” he asked.

“You’re the one who asked me to leave. For what? Because I didn’t listen to you about Sid. Wow!! You let me go when I needed you the most and now you pop up after three years and ask sorry” she scoffed with a tone filled with sarcasm.

“Your resignation is being cancelled. Even if it’s accepted, you need to serve the notice period. So, come” he smirked.

“I know you’re smirking. Don’t get your hopes high. Just cut the call” she hung up.

She threw her iPhone in anger and Geethu sighed at the amount of anger she carried. She could be one more big khadoos, but she wasn’t one. Shree took a spare iPhone and inserted the sim.

Arjun sighed. How was he ever going to make up with her?

Suddenly, a smile crept over his face. The awestruck face of Sathya. She was beautiful. It was clearly visible that she was smitten by him. That cute mole on the right side of her nose. He just chuckled. He was way more than attracted to her. He smiled as a plan struck in his amazing unique brain.

“Sathya wake up” Geethu shook her.

“Arjun. Arjun. Arjun” Sathya murmured in her sleep.

“Gone. Now it’s Arjun” she sighed.

“What happened ka?” asked Shree.

“Shree. Now it’s Arjun japam” she replied.

“Ada aata” Shree gasped.
(Oh mother/god.)

“Sathya ka wake up. Arjun sir is here” Shree smirked.

“Arjun?! Where is he?!” Sathya got up with a jolt and rubbed her face. She looked here and there, but found only Shree and Geethu at her bed, standing with their arms crossed.

“You fooled me” Sathya pouted.

“We had to. Now go kuli (bath)” Geethu said.

“It’s cold. I want to sleep” she covered herself with the blanket.

“Naa huh huh huh” Shree and Geethu in unison as they pulled Sathya up “it’s 40° today and you’re calling it cold” Geethu knocked her head.

“Ouch” Sathya pouted as she rubbed her head.

“That khadoos is a punctuality freak. So, better get going” Shree said as walked out and sat on the dining table for breakfast.

Shree was working on her laptop when Sathya came out all ready. Geethu had packed lunch for all of them.

“I thought you resigned” Sathya said.

“Khadoos called her saying he rejected her resignation” Geethu replied.

“Hmmm” Sathya smirked wiggling her eyebrows.

“Don’t think too much. I hate him” Shree snapped as she closed her laptop and walked out if the house with her lunchbox.

Arjun waited for Sathya to arrive. He smiled as he saw her arrive in a red and yellow pages suit. Shree walked behind in a high waisted jeans and crop top. He scowled at his sister’s dressing. He wanted to pull out the eyes of the evil male hawks in the office.
“I want you in my cabin now Miss Sathya” Arjun snapped and slammed the receiver.

Sathya just stared at the receiver in her hand. Shree was right. He was mega khadoos. She slammed the receiver and walked to his cabin.

“Dare he to use that tone to me” Sathya scowled.

“May I come in sir” she smiled a fake one.

“Sathya I want a black coffee. Can you make it for me?” he asked.

Her jaw dropped “sir, you can ask the peon for it” she said.

This man was atrocious.

“It’s Arjun. No sir” he said.

“Ok. A-R-J-U-N” she said gritting her teeth.

“I want you to make it” he smiled.

“I’m not” she snapped.

“You better do” his voice grew hard.

Looked scary. She ran out to get his coffee and he smiled. She came back with his coffee and he just went on sipping. When she was about to leave, he stopped her.

“I didn’t ask you to leave” he said.

“Well, I’m not your maid” she said back and walked out.

Sathya threw her hands in the air and kicked the PC. The poor thing cried. Arjun literally laughed at her antics from his cabin.

He made a call “got anything?” he asked.

“All clean. Except for one thing” answered the detective.

“What is that?” he snapped.

“She has a boyfriend. Raj Manan. A famous photographer in Chennai” the detective replied.

“Send me his details” he clipped.

“I already have” the detective chuckled.

“Good” he clipped as he hung up.

“May I come in sir?” asked one of the employee.

“Yes” he said.

“Weekly report” he said as he placed it in the table.

“Wasn’t Dhanshree supposed to submit this?” Arjun asked.

“Yes. She’s not well. So, I came” he replied and walked out after Arjun let him.

“This girl never takes care of herself” he scowled as he walked out.

He smiled when he saw her having ice cream. She then took a cab to which he just looked on.

Days passed and Arjun kept Sathya on toes. Geethu and Arjun never gelled. Forget him and Shree. Sathya walked into his cabin as she saw him sleeping. He looked to cute and handsome. Her attraction for him had grown to sky’s heights. She had started avoiding Raj little by little. But then, she grew angry. He had troubled her a lot in the past ten days. She took a piece of fibre and stuck it in his ear. He stiffened, but went back to sleep. She them tickled his neck to which he shifted a little and went on sleeping.

“Boo” she screamed in his ear and Arjun woke up with a jolt.

Sathya hid behind the sofa in his cabin. Arjun looked around. But he was too sleepy. But, sleep left him once he saw a part of blue kurta peeping. He smiled as he saw her reflection on the glass wall. He tiptoed to her and saw that she had gripped the leather cover tight and had her eyes closed tight.

“Boo” he screamed at her to which she screamed loud.

“The heck was that for?” she screamed trying to calm her racing heartbeats.

“Taste your own medicine” he smirked as he pulled her up.

Sathya just kept staring into his eyes and he pulled her more closer to him. He smiled he stroke her cheek gently and that’s when reality struck her. She pushed him off and walked out facepalming herself for being close to her boss.

It was the day of Samrat Khanna’s retirement party and every single person was in their best. Sathya was clad in a green floral georgette sari with her hair in a bun and matching accessories. Geethu in a dark blue anarkali with matching accessories and hair let down. Shree in a black high slitted maxi with her hair in a messy loose ponytail and matching accessories. The three of them walked into the resort and Sathya’s eyes searched for Arjun. She was standing alone. Shree and Geethu had gone to get soft drinks.

“Searching for me?” Arjun whispered.

Sathya shivered as she felt his warm breath on her. His cologne was like a drug. She turned around to look everywhere, but him.

“That’s rude” he said.

“I’m not being rude” she looked in his eye “was looking for my friends” she said.

“Want me to believe that?” he cocked his eyebrow.

“I’m not your wife or any submissive to answer your queries” she snapped.

“Wow okay” he lifted his arms up in surrender.

“May I have a dance with the most beautiful lady of tonight’s party?” he asked with his hand stretched out.

Sathya blushed as she gave her hand in his. A dance with a boss was not wrong. The theme from rock changed to slow romantic. All the young and old couples took the hall to be theirs. People gasped as they saw Sathya dance with Arjun. They were lost in their world, their meeting syncing exactly to the slow number. Lights dimmed more. Shree smiled as he saw her brother totally in love. Her friend-sister was going to be her sister in law. It was not the hard to ignore the changes in her after Arjun’s arrival.

“I think she’s found the one” Geethu whispered.

“Seems so. Hope it’s true” she sighed.

“Why do you doubt Arjun?” Geethu asked.

“Because I just don’t. Don’t ask me anything else” she snapped.

Arjun pulled Sathya closer and his arms around her waist grew tighter. She tried to wiggle off, but no use. Eyes never left each other. He brushed off her stray hair that fell on her face. Her head rested on his chest and he smiled down at her. Arjun moved her to the darkest corner in the hall and no one seemed to notice. He had her pinned to the wall and she just smiled at him.

“Do you know how beautiful you look today?” he whispered as his thumb stroke her cheek.

She kept blinking to which he chuckled a little and pulled down her bun.

“Love your long straight hair. Don’t tie it up. Now you look perfect” he smiled and pecked her forehead.

“Wow wow wow!! Look what we have” came a voice.

“Raj!” Sathya gasped.

Arjun facepalmed himself. This was not going to be good. He had done everything to keep Raj away from Sathya. Now he was here. Yes, he as a photographer. Samrat would have hired him. He cussed under his breath.

“Didn’t know you’d be like this Sathi” he snapped.

“What? I don’t get you” she said.

“You got a rich boyfriend. Your boss. So, I’m nothing compared to him” he mocked.

“It’s nothing like that” she snapped.

Arjun wanted to snap his neck off his head. He had no right to talk that way to her. But, he had to shut up. His arms never left her. They grew more protective.

“What is this then?” he snapped pointing to Arjun’s arms around her.

She tried to push Arjun off, but it was impossible. She sighed defeated and turned to Raj.

“He payed me to stay away from you and asked me to break up with you” he snapped.

“What?!” she gasped as she looked at Arjun.

“Yes. Now I think it’s right to break up with you. You change colours so soon. You’re not the type I want” he snapped and her eyes welled up.

That’s it. That was the end to Arjun’s patience. He touched the wrong end.

“Talk to her once more like that, I’ll rip you apart” Arjun snapped as he gripped his collar tight.

“Wow! Magic huh? Yesterday me. Today you. Tomorrow who knows who it’ll be” Raj sneered.

“Don’t” Arjun warned “want me to tell her about the hotel incident?” Arjun whispered to which Raj started to sweat.

“Will you both stop it?!” Sathya screamed.

“I never wanted a man like you Raj. And you!” he snapped as she turned to Arjun “you made me feel beautiful and disgusting at the same time. Thanks” and whispered with tears.

“Sathya no” Arjun came to her, but she stopped him.

“It was my mistake. I got attracted to you. To my boss. How could I just think of us together?” she shook her head and walked off.

“I’ll take care of you later” Arjun snapped and ran behind Sathya.

He was about to reach Sathya, but Shree came in between. He pleaded his sister to pity him through his eyes, but she didn’t budge.

“Deepu please” he whispered “I have to talk to her” he pleaded.

“Why? To hurt her more? I saw it all. How could you just think of doing that? We all wanted Raj out of her life, but not in such a way. You’ll never change. You’ll never understand her pain as she truly loves you” she whispered “and no more Deepu. It’s Miss Ramesh” she snapped.

“Deepu please. Help me. You can’t leave your brother hanging like this” he said.

“Oh, so you remember me now as a sister. And lol, brother. What happened to the three years? Need my help to convince my friend. That’s cool” she mocked.

“I know I did a mistake. I love her too” he said impatiently. His sister as driving him nuts.

“Wow!! Why lie?” her eyes went wide.

“I’m not lying” he snapped.

“Go clear the mess yourself then” she smirked as she moved out.

He smiled relieved as she finally understood him. But he didn’t find her. He turned around to see his sister smirking. She had him distracted and Geethu had taken Sathya along with her.

“Stay away from my sister” she snapped as she walked off.

“I’m not going to” he smiled to his sister’s retreating form.

Sathya stared at herself as she sat on her dressing table. She looked at her hair and hatred toon over. Arjun loved her long hair. And it was no longer going to be long.

“What did you do Sathya?” Geethu gasped as she Sathya in a bob.

No more long hair” she said.

“Akka let her be. She needs some time to gather herself up” Shree said.

“We need to go to office tomorrow. It’s late, I’m going to sleep” Sathya turned off her lights.

“She’ll be alright no?” Geethu asked “I’m going to kill that khadoos tomorrow” she snapped.

“With mortein and hit?” Shree asked.

“Hockey stick aalaye mandaiya odaika poren” she snapped.
(Going to break his head with hockey stick.)

“Stick will break. Not his head” Shree sighed.

“Why do you have a problem with him?” she asked.

“Why do you have a problem with him?” Shree asked back.

“Because he is khadoos. Now you tell” she said.

“That’s all. Because he’s khadoos?” Shree asked.

“Yes. Now don’t deviate. Tell” she coaxed.

“He’s my elder brother” Shree sighed.

“What?” Geethu gasped.

“Yes. Now don’t ask me anything more. I hate him” she cried and walked to her room.

Poor Geethu stood confused. Now it synced. The same surnames. From day one why she never faced Arjun. Arjun trying hard to talk to her. He was trying to make up with his sister. But he did do wrong with Sathya. And she was going to fight with him for it.

The three of them reached office and Arjun gasped as he saw Sathya. She had cut her long hair. Geethu saw Arjun and stormed into his cabin without knocking with a hockey stick.

“Manners Sangeetha” he snapped.

“Ada poya. Idhula matum oru korachalum illa. Manners it seems” she scoffed.
(Get going. You’ll be perfect in all these. Manners it seems.)

“Enna venum Sangeetha?” he asked.

“Nadika vanam” she snapped.
(No need to act.)

“Your sister stays like a homeless when she has a home and family. You tried to buy my friend. What are you dude? I just can’t understand you” she threw daggers at him.

“Sangeetha. I agree it was my mistake. That’s why I’m asking for help. I need both of them. Please help” he requested.

“Apona naa tani maram” she pouted.
(Then I’ll be alone.)

“I have a cousin whose single. You can take him” he said.

“Yov. Idhu enna give and take aah? Screw kalandrucha? Naa unna inda stick vachi adikavela, appove maram kalanda case. Adicha, gaali nee. Idhle gaali naa poochi spray tevai eh illa” she screamed and looked confused in the end.
(You. Is this give and take? Screw gone loose? I didn’t hit you with the stick only, you’re acting like mega mental. If I had hit, you’re sure gone. Finished with this only means no need of bug spray at all.)

“Ada enna maa nee?” he asked.
(What are you?)

“Unna kolam vidren nu santhosham patuko” she said.
(Be happy that I’m sparing you.)

“Avanum Arjun dhaan” he smirked.
(He’s Arjun too.)

“Who?” she asked.

“My cousin” he replied.

“Aala vidunga daa swamy. Inda Arjun idhu ellam nama tha vanam” she threw her hands in the air.
(Let me go. This Arjun thing and all I don’t want.)

“Nee dhaane sonna, taniya irupa nu” he said.
(You only told right, you’ll be alone.)

“Un ta naa ketena? Taniya irukade better” she snapped.
(Did I ask you? It’s better to be alone.)

“Ippo (now), you’re going to be staring at me or go rectify?” she shook her head annoyed.

Why did she come and talk to him? It’s her head that was aching now. One more Arjun?! God no!!

He walked out and went to Shree’s place. She looked up at him. He pulled her up and hugged her tight. Shree stiffened and tried to get off, but he never left. Sathya who saw this was even more upset.

“I’m sorry Deepu. Please. I was wrong to let you walk out. Sid was the wrong one for you. I should have explained in a better way. Kutty maa (little one), I’m sorry” he whispered.

She could hold back no more. She hugged him back. She had missed her brother so much. Three years were a pain. The whole office stared at them.

“Sorry to you too” she whispered back.

He kissed the top of her head and hugged her tight. Shree whispered something in Arjun’s ear and he smiled to which she winked. He pulled her cheeks and walked towards Sathya. Sathya turned and started to walk away. The whole office laughed at how Arjun looked like a puppy’s when it came to Sathya.

“All set” Shree dusted her hands off.

“Perfect” Geethu chimed as she stood next to Shree.

“Hi5” Shree showed her hand.

“Hi5” Geethu said and they slapped their hands.

“First person to fall in love with a khadoos. And the khadoos be my brother” Shree sighed.

“Yep. A sweeto like her fell for a khadoos” Geethu laughed.

“Sathya stop” he caught her wrist and pulled her to him.

“Why? How many girls? Shree and now me” she screamed.

“Ennaku bad smell varude. Engerundu nu teriyima?” he asked and smiled a little.
(I’m getting a bad smell. Do you know from where it’s coming?)

“Aama yaa. Naan dhaan eriren. Posungna naara dhaana seyum” she rolled her eyes.
(Yeah right. I’m burning. When you burn it’ll obviously stink.)

“You’re too cute” he pecked her nose.

“Stop buttering me and let me go” she snapped.

“Why?” he asked.

“You have a girl. Why me?” she looked down at his chest, playing with his shirt button.

He laughed out loud. She thought his Deepu to be his girl. She was kid. Kiddo. But never a woman. Sathya blinked. She did say right. He hugged Shree. She was his woman. Why was he playing with her?

Little did she know Shree was his sister. Her would be sister in law.

“Yes. There’s only one woman” he smiled as he caressed her face.

“I know who that is” she said in a low voice.

“Tell me who” he smiled.

“You tell. I’m already drained” she sighed.

“You” he smiled.

“Shree?” she asked.

“Inda Deepu va udamatendrale. Ivala enna pannalam?” he sighed.
(She’s not leaving Deepu. What do I do with her?)

“Deepu yaaru?” she asked.
(Who is Deepu?)

“I love you” he pecked her cheek.

“Huh?” she blinked.

“I just said I love you” he sighed as he rolled his eyes.

“You love me?” she asked confused.

“No. Your neighbour” he replied annoyed.

“Awwieeie. Choo cute. I love you too” she pulled his cheeks.

“Did I hear it right?” he chose to play.

“Yes. You did. Yes, l love you” she smiled.

“I love this mole on your nose” he smiled.

“But I hate it” she pouted.

“But I love it” he smiled.

“More than me?” she asked wide eyed.

“Yes” he chuckled.

“You’re mean” she pursed her lips.

“Happy birthday baby!!” he pecked her forehead and she froze.

He was the first person to wish her. Not even Shree and Geethu had wished her. Nor her parents.

“What?” she blinked.

“Happy birthday to you. Loosu (crack)” he smiled.

“Did you just call me loosu?” she fumed.

“Yes. I told you I love you, you blink. I wish you a happy birthday and you blink” he smiled.

“Thank you. How do you know?” she asked.

“I have my ways” he smirked.

“Now who is Deepu?” she asked.

Un natanaru” he replied.
(Your sister in law.)

“Naan dhaan Anni” came a voice.
(It’s me sister in law.)

“Shree?” she looked confused.

“Sorry for being bone in your beautiful romance. I need coffee. Like so badly” Shree pouted.

“Didn’t see anything right?” Arjun asked.

“Like you both were making out. Ada chi move away” she snapped as she walked past them.

“She’s your sister?” Sathya asked.

“Yep” Arjun smiled.

“And Anni, happy birthday” Shree screamed.

“Adi vaalu” Sathya came to her and Shree ran off.
(Will hit you. Naughty.)

“Why did you cut your hair? I loved it” Arjun sighed disappointed.

“You mean this?” she asked as she pulled out bobby pins and her long hair fell down her shoulders.

“Don’t tell me this was my sister’s idea” he shook his head.

“It was” she chuckled.

“Happy birthday Sathya” Geethu came smiling.

“Thank you” she smiled.

“Arjun we won’t abduct her. You can let her go” Geethu laughed.

“Only I have the right to that” he said hugging her tight.

“Aama. Idla copyright podra madri” Geethu rolled her eyes.
(Right. Like we’re going to do copyright.)

“Good to see you didn’t cut your hair” Geethu heaved a sigh of relief.

“I love my hair. I can never cut it” she laughed.

“Marry me” Arjun said as he slipped a ring onto her finger.

“Ring aah potu utachu. Aparam enna ketukutu?” Geethu sighed.
(You slipped in the ring. Then what is there to ask?)

“Kekala. Sonen” he said.
(Didn’t ask. I said)

“Ennaku keta madri irunduche” Sathya said as she looked up at him, still in his arms.
(It seemed like you asked.)

“You….” he dragged off.

“Yes. Meeee” she smiled.

“What did I miss” Shree came with a mug of coffee.

Proposal” Geethu replied.

“Adhu mokai aah irundrukum. So, no problem” Shree smirked.
(It’d have been not upto the mark. So, no problem.)

Sathya’s phone rang “happy birthday kutty” her dad said.

Thank you Paa” she smiled.

“Arjun ring potu utana?” asked her mom.
(Did Arjun make you wear the ring?)

She gasped. She looked at Arjun and he smiled.

“Didn’t wish for birthday. And you’re asking about ring. Yes, he did” she replied.

“Ok ok. Happy birthday” her mom said.

“Arjun, we’re coming. You’ll have to pass our test” uncle said and hung upon the phone.

Sathya hugged Arjun trying to calm him. He was sweating. Test. Shree and Geethu laughed at Arjun’s scared form. Khadoos be a scaredy cat.

“You can do it Anna (Big brother)” Shree said.

“I love you” Arjun broke the hug.

“Love you too” she smiled.

Geethu and Shree left giving the love birds some time alone. They were looking into each other’s eyes enjoying the feel of their newly found love.

Ok done… I don’t know.. just went with the flow… please do let me know.. Sathya ka.. please… the other readers, hope you all liked it too.. love you all loads.. TC.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Shree darling… I loved it… And about episode superb,excellent,outstanding,fantastic episode… I liked all the loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u….

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much Arti!!

      Love you too ??

  2. Sammy

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    1. Shree

      Lol Sammy!! Lololololol.. laughing so much.. wow… thanks a lot Babe!! I be Ms. Ramesh ??… Geethu ka’s lucky charms they be… She has no other choice.. cousin for her… She did get Arjun… Pull my ears.. but I’m baby…. Lol naughty ??.. that I am..

      Love you so much ??

  3. Brin

    This would be the greatest birthday gift for Sathya, outstanding, love it to the core, Shree you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much for liking it di!!

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  5. Dipika

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    1. Shree

      Di!! Hehehehe… Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!! So very much!! They were

      Love you too ??

  6. Sreee

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    1. Shree

      Aye kutty maa!! Romba sirikara pola.. sirichiko.. it was to laugh… Yep lucky charms.. nandri.. nanga irukamudu kutty roles aah? Nanga ellam appo ve apdi.. ippo kekava venum ??.. olinjan mavan.. enna madri tangachi irunda who will not be loosu ??..

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      Mommy Mommy mommy!! Hehe.. You know me n my obsession for iphones.. n my anger too.. hehe naughty we be

      Thank you so much!!

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  10. Gauri

    Awesome Shree…girl you are talented and Sathya is lucky…hmm she is turning superstar 🙂 and your my rockstar 🙂 love it

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      Ddiiiiiiiiii!!!! Why do I love you so much?! Hehe.. thank you so much!! She’s lucky.. Khadoos melted.. me rockstar!! Haha.. thank you so much!

      Love you so much ??

  11. Gianna

    Amazing one, wow wow wow just loved it. Finally she fell in love with a khadoos, am sure Sathya must be floating in happiness after this one.

    1. Shree

      Haha.. she did fall for the khadoos.. she was happy.. thank you so much for liking it!!

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      Di di di!! Thank you so very much!! Aruthya.. haha.. when I do cameo along with Geethu ka why won’t it be at peaks.. thank you so much again!!

      Muaah to you too ??.. love you too di ??

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