Manmarziyan – My Sweet Mistake – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

“Will you leave me if someone says I cheated on you..for your money”,he asked.. She saw him and nodded negative..

“What if I say that?”,he asked and looked her face curious..She saw his eyes deep and said”I won’t spare you”. “will leave me?”,he asked shocked..she felt his body to shook a little at that.. ” No..will not leave you..Never..!! Not again Arjun.! I want you..I want you even if..”,he kissed her deep listening that…”This is enough”,he spoke over the lips..Her fingers clasped his shirt’s collar..She responded after a minute.He saw her discomfort and pulled back.. “what?”,he asked confused.. She nodded nothing..

“Did your dad say anything?”,he asked and grip got loosened a little at that.. “Tell me..I convinced everyone for you..Now what..? anything else”,he asked irritated with his moment being spoiled.. “Thanks!”,she mumbled.. “What?”, he asked befuddled..

“I was worried that our marriage will happen without my dad’s consent.”she said acutely.. He heaved a sigh and said,”You need to write a book on how to be a bone on your own romance”,as he ran his fingers through his hair ..She smiled at that biting her lower lip..”You find it to be funny?”,he asked surprised which induced her to laugh a little more…He quickly pulled her to his right,and made her sit facing him with her legs on either side of his..He pulled her close and her eyes gazed down.”Aru..I love you.”she said meekly surprising him.. She never called him so,though he had asked her to..”Say again”,She blushed listening his husky voice..

“I said..Senior..we need to go home”,she giggled saying that.. “Oh really!”,he asked and cupped her cheeks before crashing his lips on hers.,she behaved reluctant holding his shoulders and he turned more adamant,soon the denser ambience got filled with their moans,his hands pushing her more into him and hers deep in his dark locks..She pulled back gasping for air.. His lips trailed down planting wet kisses.,she tried to hold his head from moving further…He stopped sensing her heavy breath.. “Tired?”,he asked as he threw his head back on the head rest..”don’t”, he said when she tried to move.,and leaned forward while she leant back as a reflex with her hands between them.,he increased the AC, saying”It’s turning hot.”and winked at her…He quickly pulled his bag from behind and gave her a chocolate..She shoved his hand and tried to move.,on further insistence,she threw it,”I have one!”, she said and pulled from her side pocket..

Arjun laughed looking at it to be smudged.. “It’s because of you,”she said as she tore the cover.. “It’s your mistake you had in pant pocket..Don’t blame my hand..Don’t eat that”,he said holding her waist from moving further..”Then let me down”,she said as she began to eat.He tried to snatch,and it finally turned to be struggle as she din’t let it go,his palms were smeared with the choc.,her chocolate coated fingers caught hold of his face due to the pull.,She smiled mischievous at him and he captured her lips in return.. “Respond”,he mumbled and engulfed her completely in his arms,as she pulled back..She bit his lip sharply unwilling to give in,he glared sharp at her before moving his arms wildly around her,her eyes widened at this sudden encounter..She soon gave up and his tongue explored her sweetness.Her moans encouraged him more and she felt his palms on every muscle on hers, her fingers clutched his shoulders in response…His fingers turned equally passionate in exploring her rest and he sensed her enjoying that.. He let her go after a while and she squirmed instantly turning him more wild, he bit her sharp below her collar bone which led her to yelp high.. he soothed her pain and continued with his wet kisses everywhere,her fingers ran through his dark locks enjoying the pleasure..He stopped listening her to call his name softly..

He planted a kiss near the left of her cleavage before raising his head to see her..He saw her in a half dazed state holding him tight,he smiled as he sat straight…Her hands fell on his shoulders unconsciously and she saw him through half drooped eyes with a little love smile. He brushed her cheeks as he saw her state…His gaze got fixed on her shirt,his lips formed a se*ist smile.,his body shook in mirth and he pressed his lips hard to control his laugh..She blinked confused at that and tried to see herself,he hugged her close before she could.. She lifted her head and saw around without looking him, her body shivered a little when she felt his fingers near her navel.. “Shall we go to room?”,he asked looking her face.. Her eyes sparkled after a sec,and she pushed him saying,”Not needed”…He was confused at first,later laughed throwing his head back..”Jerry”he dragged mockingly “what did you think about?”he asked smiling. she blinked for few secs.

“Not like that..”she retorted..” to know..Prude”,he said as his tongue rolled on her bite. She felt her cheeks to urn hot at that..

“Why did you button this”,she asked looking his coat over her while walking towards a resort room.”This place is different.. and why no one is here..”.

“Its under renovation..and I already said..I have a person here..”,he said as he opened the door. “You had the keys already?”,she asked doubted.. ‘Yes..change fast”,he said locking the door.. She gasped audibly as she looked herself removing the coat… The chocolate traces on her white shirt clearly depicted his hands move and actions everywhere on her top.,her shirt torn and squeezed at places and button less in the middle…She stood froze while her eyes scanned it intently and she saw his image on the mirror..

“Arjun’s Art!!”,he said smiling with a wink.. “You tore my shirt”,she said pointing a torn piece.. “Don’t make me look further..”,he chuckled and got punches from her.. “You behaved like a per…”,she paused as he leaned forward tilting his ear to hear her clearly..”Say that ,I will show you what he does”,he said hoarsely..She felt her words to get dissolved hearing him.”umm..Am hungry”,she said and moved.. “Even your Tom is hungry”,he said unbuttoning his shirt and that made her to move quickly into washroom.
When she came back, she found him to have changed and looking the mirror intently.. She too imitated him.. “you applied that nasty chocolate on my hair!”,he said with fake anger..As a reflex she checked hers and saw him glaring at her.,”I din’t touch your hair”,he said, she smiled at that..”Because my hands were …”,she closed his mouth.. “I know..lets have food”,she said.

“I expected this”,she said looking the spread on their room..”Everything around you seems mysterious and you give lame reasons..Lemme find it one day.”she said imitating his tone…”Seems I need to kiss you shut”,he said moving.. “Won’t work every time”,she said walking fast, but he caught her,”Lemme check that too..we have a bed here”,he said to her in his arms.”Am tired..!”she said gazing the ground beneath.. “Just for a kiss..Dramebazz!”,he dropped her near the table..She had her lunch quietly while he was busy checking his mobile.. “How did you convince my dad?”,she asked..He just snapped a look at her.. “Your dad?..That’s a surprise..that too in his absence..”,she continued. “This Friday 10 am..Be ready!”,he clipped before receiving a call..

“Ok uncle..! we will be”,he hung the call with a single sentence.. “Your dad asked us to meet him in Prena’s aunt’s place.”,he said as he got up.


“Bhaiya..I think..we shall get them married in temple first..let them register it then..”,Prena asked looking the laptop placed on her dining table..

“Leave ask that stubborn idiot.!”,RR said from the other side..

“Don’t say so..Aru..had almost finished the paper works..Such a responsible child”,Samrat said surprising both.. Prena looked him shocked..

“Child?!! Tell me..In which angle you found my 6 ft son to be a child..Do you know what your child did? They had exchanged rings yesterday..Only Radhika’s stubbornness brought him before us..Else we would have got a information after their marriage”,RR remarked. Prena and Samrat got flashes of Radhika’s bandage on left hand.. “He would have forced her,Prena.. Don’t get my princess wrong..!”RR continued.. Prena moved hearing the door bell.

“We will speak later..”,Samrat tried to disconnect.. “Why…I want to speak with her”,RR retorted. Arjun stopped on his tracks when he saw the laptop screen. Radhika came side hugging prena..

“Hello child!”,she turned listening that..Samrat slapped his forehead,Prena laughed and said,”Arjun’s dad”. “Hello uncle”,she moved smiling confused about the happening there.. “I told isn’t your dad was one of my friends..Just thought to revive our friendship and discuss about our children”,RR said with a smile.. Arjun gave a surprise look.. “Sammu..ask your child to speak”,RR mocked both..

“Sammy here?”,Radhika’s eyes searched around. “Your dad’s nick name beta..and he calls your to be husband as Child”,RR said with fake surprise…Radhika saw both of them.RR winked at Samrat..

“Don’t confuse her dad.”,Arjun came forward.. “Am sorry! okay now..”he held her to his side and said”Dad this is Radhika..and Radhika this is my Dad..”,Arjun said locking up his anxiety.

“Radhu..This is called introduction and we need to consider it”,he imitated Arjun.. Radhika and Prena laughed..Arjun nodded negative at the screen,stepping back.”Radhu beta.. tell me your skype id”,RR asked.. “why?”,Arjun raised his voice.. Samrat sat in silence…Radhika replied and before RR Mehra could speak further,”Had your lunch dad?..Its noon there..Don’t aren’t keeping well already”,Arjun spoke moving forward,patted her shoulder and quickly disconnected when she turned..

“What happened?”,Radhika asked..

“Seems network problem on his side..lets call after his lunch”,he said as he shut the laptop.. Prena smiled at that.. “What’s his business?”,she asked.. Arjun saw Samrat..

“You had exchanged rings I guess”,Samrat asked..

“Yes..I did ask her to”,Arjun said as he sat exhausted on the couch.. Radhika moved to prena.,”Aren’t they behaving weird?!!!”,she asked in a whisper…

“Is she the best designer here?”,Arjun asked to samrat, while the women went busy in choosing dress. “di..he was your senior!! you din’t even give a hint..”,Sam said smiling. Radhika and Prena shared known glances.. Radhika sat with a pout face,while Prena and Sam choose few for her.. “Radhu..Choose’s traditional and auspicious for wedding”.Radhika turned her gaze at Arjun and he quickly moved as though waiting for the moment..

He picked one and asked.”why this is so heavy?”, “What?”,Sam asked aloud.. He din’t pay heed on that,he continued.,”Don’t you have something less weight..Elegant. and Pink..salmon orange or pink..lehenga and Pink or gold color saree for the bride..Just bring those if you have”,he said and left the place…

“What’s up di?”,Sam elbowed her teasing..Prena was amused with his mannerisms..

“Why saree?”,Radhika asked as she came to him.. “I want you to wear saree for court marriage”,he said calmly..

“Kiddo..what’s your choice?”,Samrat came to sam “Of this three”,sam asked.. “Take all three”,Samrat said..

“Don’t spoil her Samrat..You take two..lets choose some more from the upcoming collection your jijaji is bringing.”,Prena said cheerful like a kid.. Samrat smiled at them..

“Dad..Does mom..”,Sam’s words trailed off when Samrat nodded negative.. “I have a reason..don’t inform her”,he said strictly.. Sam saw Radhika looking into Arjun’s mobile while he kept swiping the screen..

Prena’s eyes were out on stalks looking the dress before them…Arjun has brought almost 4 designers collection at a time,”Lets select for us..He will select for your di”,Prena said choosing for herself and sam..And as said.,Arjun finally picked a salmon orange lehenga and Pink with gold saree.. He chose few more sarees.. Sam and Radhika were indulged in sisters talk, and She was busy explaining her love.. “Neil is hell angry on you.,that you din’t say about Arjun..oops…about Jiju”,Sam said munching samosa..

“Uncle.,Next..”,Arjun came to Samrat.. “We want you both to have a Temple wedding early that day…Are you ok with it?”,Prena asked in a calm voice.. He accepted after a thought.”But I want it registered.”,he said…Prena mumbled Thanks and patted his shoulder before moving aside..

“Aru..Saro..Sulochini..your mom and Bhabhi were all know we used to go for picnic once in a month organized by Bhabhi. We are all more like a Family..So don’t be hesitant with her”,Samrat said.. Arjun nodded looking Prena working in kitchen.. “What about the photos?”,he asked…

“You were right..Someone from inside had circled the pics.”,Samrat said..

“Do you have those..Is her face clear?”,Arjun asked urgently.. Samrat nodded negative. “I mailed my resignation to you and I don’t want Mrs.Khanna to attend my marriage..Don’t take me wrong”,he said in a strict voice..

“Gobi Paratha”,Sam screamed in happiness..”but why now?”,she asked as a doubt..

“To eat”,Prena said while serving to Arjun. “My favorite”,Arjun said.. “I know”,Prena smiled in return..

“Maa..Neil isn’t attending my calls..”Radhika said with a sad pout.. Sam stuffed her mouth with parata pieces.. Samrat and Arjun were in deep discussion,when Sam said,”di..Seems you are gonna be relieved..Dad will hand our company to him..And Jiju is already in his good books”.

Radhika coughed into her drink,”Shut up Sam! don’t speak non sense”,she said sharply.. “just kidded!”,Sam replied acutely after a moment. Arjun listened them, He saw her face expressing visible annoyance…


Arjun sat writing clauses for his agreement.,and Samrat scanned his 3 BHK flat.. “You are just like your dad..Writing!! while we people used to know..Bhabhi is Ratan Bhai’s fav sister..Just like Sulochini..Today she was so happy seeing you..”,Samrat spoke continuously while Arjun was keen on his work.. “You both were Friends from her 1st year?”,Samrat asked looking a pic on the wall.. Arjun turned at that..

“Yes.This was on one of the navratri fest..we went to some village nearby..”Arjun said.. Radhika was in yellow lehenga choli and Arjun in dark maroon kurta.. “Lehanga and Tomboy hairstyle”,Samrat laughed at that.

“She wore it for me”,Arjun blurted and bit his tongue..Arjun handed the papers..”Two documents..Mine should be unregistered and Neil and Radhika’s to be registered..”,Arjun said clearly..He took a snap of the papers surprising Samrat..

“So scared of my Princess”.Samrat mocked..

“Of her hatred.”Arjun replied. His mobile rang alarm.. “Meeting..ARM companies..”,he said and switched on his laptop..

“So busy?!!..then how did you manage with BS”,samrat asked moving towards the door..

“Well…I was free in it was kinda time pass,you know”,Arjun said in his self reading a mail from his assistant.. “Time Pass?”,Samrat asked surprised… “!”,he instantly got up..Samrat glared him sharp when Arjun turned apprehensive.. “sorry!”,he said feeble.


“Be sure..Nandu di should not come to Mumbai till our flight tickets get confirmed..”,Arjun said as he packed his clothes.

“Sure beta..”,Rana replied..

“and how is she doing now..Don’t call me for next two days.And soon dad will be in contact with you..So..take care of everything”,Arjun spoke in strict voice..

“Okay..ok..She is fine.. But was angry on you that you din’t speak yesterday..”,Rana said.

“I will send a voice message..Play it when she wakes up..”,Arjun said before disconnecting the call..He recorded a video message and voice message separately to forward.

He checked things finally and locked his apartment. “Morning Dad!!..On the way to Prena aunt’s home…Today am gonna have lunch there..She asked me to stay there as they have arranged wedding at early hours tomorrow.”,he said happily..

“Oh ok..Do behave well with her..She is more like a sister to me..Don’t show your attitude Aru..”,RR Mehra spoke like a typical father before he held up..

Arjun walked with his bag to her flat,but found the door to be unlocked..He pushed open and stood surprised at the view before. Radhika and Sam were dancing around Prena.,and Prena not being less to them danced lip syncing for a hindi number..He saw Mehandi in Radhika’s hands..He stood for nearly 10 mins and none noticed him.. Sam saw him later and came running to receive him.

“Don’t be so formal..I thought not to disturb you all”,he said with a smile. Radhika still did some random steps before the dining table,and that’s when he saw the laptop to be on.. “Enough?!!”she asked as she sat on the chair..

“Arjunn!! Bro..!!”,Neil called from the skype chat.. Radhika turned around to see Perna speaking with him.. Arjun came forward,”Hi Neil.,How are you?”,he asked formally..

“Fine..and you?”,Neil asked as his eyes caught Radhika starring Arjun’s face intently..

“Fine..So..When are you coming here?’,he asked..

“Am waiting at Airport..Thought to catch a glimpse of my idiotic twin’s sangeet”,he said with a limited smile..

“Are you both still holding any old grudge?”,Radhika asked instantly.. And both immediately retorted in their style. “Ok see you here”,Arjun waved and moved behind..

Neil quickly dialed Radhika and asked her to hand it to Arjun.. “Sorry..I don’t have your number thats y and Arjun..Please forgive me If I had ever hurt you..Pls..”,Neil spoke without a break.. “Tat’s ok.”,he said as he moved to balcony..

“Radzzie doesn’t know about my mails to you..I tried to get your contacts..pls don’t get us wrong..Are you angry on me for anything?”,Neil asked anxiously.

Arjun saw Radhika looking him from the hall,”Not at all..Lets meet and get things cleared..and Remember..Am not angry on Radhika.”,he said before disconnecting the call.. Neil’s face fell off realizing what Arjun meant..

“Radhika pass my number to Neil”,Arjun said sharp.. “Do it yourself..I will give his number”,she replied back…Neil’s mobile flashed with a new number..”This is my number it”,Arjun said looking Radhika..

“Why it got disconnected?”,Sam asked reconnecting the Skype call.

“Had a call..and where is your Mehandi”,Neil asked back..

“Maa is busy..I have no one to apply it.”,Sam said with a sad pout..

“Wait..”he said and informed someone to help her in Mehendi.. “Leave it”,Sam said.. “Her name is Pratima..Resides in same apartment..she will come an have it soon..okay..No excuses Sammy..Inform mom…bye”,he disconnected the call.. Prena smiled listening that…

Precap : Ardhika moments.. ArNeil faceoff..


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