Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 17

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 17
HI everyone sorry for the error in the last episode they’re planning shivangi and rocky wedding that was an error my bad so please comment and give me support let’s begin

Ritik and shivanya are walking in one direction
Woman: bahu and beta
Ritik and shivanya turn and see yamini and Scream
Shivanya: yy yamini
Ritik: yamini
Yamini: you both destroyed my life now you all will die
Shivanya Tries to turn into a snake
Yamini: o naagin don’t you know once your in love you loose power
Yamini stabs ritik
Shivanya: Ritik yamini I will kill you

Yamini stabs shivanya repeadly
Yamini then stabs ritik and laughs while they both die
Shesha comes and shakes her
Shesha: o what are u imagining killing them
Yamini: it will happen though
Avantika; don’t waste time get ready

Shivanya: Ritik why do I feel something wrong is gonna happen
Ritik: I know what you Mean
Shivanya: I hope nothing comes in shivangi wedding
Shivanya is tensed
Ritik hugs shivanya and tries to get intimate
Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays

Ishita: shivangi wedding wow what a pleasure
Raman: we will have a blast in it the wedding is tomorrow tonight is Sangeet and engagement
Ishita hugs Raman and Raman kisses her on the lip and gets intimate
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Khushi is seen picking out her dress
Arnav: we should have a kid as well
Khushi smiles
Arnav: it should be matching
Arnav kisses her on the lips
Iss pyar Ko kya naam Doon plays

Pragya is talking to abhi
Pragya: I love you Abhi
Abhi: I love you too
Abhi kisses Pragya on the lips nonstop
Kumkum bhagya plays

It’s night rocky comes in a Kurta while shivangi comes in a gold gown and looks stunning
They exchange rings

Precap: couples dance on Sangeet Punjabi wedding song plays Shivanya sees yamini and is stunned Yamini kills some people that see her and Scream

  1. Rivanyafanforever

    Nice dear ! But the rivanya’s tune is tere sang pyar main nahin todna?????

  2. Good episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    All romantic scenes were nice.thank was only yamini’s dream.hope it doesn’t become real like in the show.pls don’t kill rivanya

  4. Jasminerahul

    Rocky shivanya appearance and their ring exchange was good

  5. Siddhi

    To be honest it was a okay episode please don’t take me wrong

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