Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 21)

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Thank u so so much for ur lovely comments dear 🙂 Hope you all have enjoyed the promo which i gave…and yes you will be witnessing the Ardhika moments and RaSam bond
soon. I suppose to post it on Saturday but just got some time and finished it soon.

And don’t forget that Neil is still in fault…he too betrayed Radhika right..though he changed now..he planned his meeting and Sam’s entry in that house is everything done by Neil with Sam. Do you think if rads get to know all this..will she forgive him? Or She will hate him? Any guess? will move on to today’s chapter.

Manmarziyan – Enemity to Love – Season 2 (Episode 21)

Recap: RaSam’s birth truth revealed by Nandini.

Arjun pacing around the Hospital ward impatiently looking the ward where Radhika gets admitted. Neil stands few steps behind him watching his cat walk and he prays god silently for Rad’s health. Soon Dilip also rushes there and goes to Arjun to ask about Radhika, instead he just gets a silent nod from him. He too stands there worriedly and waits for someone to come out and update about her health.

As expected, Doctor came out and tells, “The wound is little deep but we saved her. And looks like she is stressed a lot…pls make sure that she is not getting depressed again and it will cost her health. You can see her now”, she leaves from there informing them…but to exact word..she warns them before sending them inside.

Arjun is the first person who barges in to look at her who lies on the bed lifeless starring on the otherside. He walks to her and tries to get her vision and he succeeds in it. She passes him a look and it does have only pain…tears form the next moment when Arjun touches her and it finds it’s way down to her cheeks. He gently wipes it and says, “Ssshhhh…now you should not cry again.”

Radhika just nods her head and gets alerted observing another person walk’s Dilip who yearns for his daughter’s one look. She stares him blankly and moves her sight away from him finding Neil behind him.

Dilip walks to her and tries to touch her but before that Rads speaks, “Arjun, i don’t want to see anyone other than you. Please tell them to go”

With Dilip, Neil also gets shocked hearing it and tries to speak, “Radhika” but he gets cut off by Radhika again, “Arjun, pls tell them to go from here” her voice chokes.

Arjun helplessly looks at them and just nods his head asking them to do what she says. When they both goes out, she feels another person entering inside and this time she gets pissed off and shouts unknowingly, “I tlold you to go out” and she realises after she finished her statement that she is telling this to Sam who stands there in shock hearing her.

Sam stands in shock with tears in her eyes, she stares Radhika with guilty and says softly, “I am sorry for whatever happened. Even I don’t know..” before she finishes Rads interrupts saying, “I know”

Sam smiles lightly feeling the relief in her body after listening Radhika but it washed away the next moment when Rads tells her to leave her alone and not to disturb her. Sam just left from there without saying anything and outside she meets Neil with tears in her eyes. She goes to him and holds his shoulder, “She is alright and spoke to me…Y r u crying now?”

Neil, “I think she got to know about me being with you”

Sam shockingly, “How?”

Neil nods his head as if he don’t know and silently sits in the chair beside the room. Sam’s worry is increased seeing him and her gaze moves towards Dilip who sits there as a lifeless body having his head down.

Sam kneels down infront of Dilip hold his hand saying, “Papa” in a sobbing voice

Dilip lifts his face and looks at her, tears rolling on his cheeks, he gently hugs her to his words coming from his mouths and Sam too hugs him gently.

After few mins Sam moves away from Dilip asking, “Y u asked Nandu maa to abort the kid even knowing that was your blood?”

Dilip looks her sadly saying, “Because i got to know Nandini’s obsession on me”

Sam shockingly, “What?”

Now Neil too turn to his side and listening him carefully when Dilip started saying about their past.

Dilip’ POV:

I know how hard it is to ask someone to kill my own baby. But i don’t have any other way than this to stop Nandini from spoiling 3 lives. Yes, i told her to abort the 1 month baby in her womb is just because i got to know her obsession on me.

Me and Mala was happy knowing that we will get our child from Nandini and i was really proud of having her as our best friend. But soon, by god’s grace Mala also got pregnant due to the continuous treatment we have taken and this time we both were double happy thinking we gonna have two babies. And when we get to know this we were in out of station as i went for a business meeting and taken Mala with me. We thought to inform this to Nandini once we return home.

After two weeks, we returned to home and Mala wants to give a surprise to Nandini…so i called decided to call her home. But then i thought to pick her from there thinking why to make her trouble. I informed Mala and goes to Nandini’s home to pick her up. I parked my car aside little far knowing there was no parking facility. My arrival was oblivious to her and when i reached her door..i happened to hear her evil side when she talks to herself. I heard her voice and is about to call her but stops hearing her talking about Mala. Something made me curious to listen her talk and there i got the most shocking thing in my life. She was talking to the 1 month baby in her womb by seeing herself in the mirror. She says that she will use the baby as the trumpcard to get me back in her life and thrown Mala out from my life. My anger was at the peak listening her but somehow i controlled my anger and listen her full conversation. Unknowingly she spilled out all her obsession she had on me from college and how she used this surrogate opportunity to get me back. I felt betrayed and She betrayed her close friend Mala. I was about to barge in but stopped thinking about Mala’s safety…to be frank i did not even care about the baby but for me my Mala comes first. I very well knew that i cannot live without her and don’t want to put her lift at stake and after knowing Nandini’s truth i don’t want mala to get hurt knowing her best friend’s deeds and i decided to handle this matter in my way. I couldn’t stand there anymore and silently leaves from there. After reaching home, i called Nandini and told her to come home to tell her about the good news since Mala was forcing me to do so.

Nandini came and got to know her life’s biggest shock hearing Mala’s pregnancy shattered her the most and it was evidently visible in her eyes..or probably since i got to know her reality i could easily observe her each and every reaction. Her eyes shows the utmost hatred when Mala hugged me happily and she went out from there. I decided to stop this right there and called her to my study room and told her to abort the baby. My only intention was to stop Nandini framing anything bad against me or mala using this baby. Even i was deep hurt while telling her to abort but i don’t find any other options to stop her bad motive and i gave her a warning when she refused for it. She left from there without even seeing Mala and i was pretty much sure about Nandini’s activities, so i kept a spy to follow her and as i expected she tried to contact Mala and inform about my warning to her. I warned her again and again to abort this child as soon as possible before it gets trouble for everyone and later she agreed for me and told that she did the abortion. The worst part is she made all fake reports and showed me to make me believe. After that i stopped seeing her and decided to inform Mala about this without hurting her by telling Nandini. Mala got angry knowing it and as i expected Mala refused to talk to her and not even ready to see her again in her life. And that’s what i far as i know Mala won’t easily forgive the one who betrayed her and she will completely avoid them to the core. She completely ignored Nandini and not even once she thought to talk about her. None of us know where she went after that and i least bothered to give a damn care about it.

Me & Mala forgets everything and lived our life happily expecting our baby soon. I did not even know Nandini exchanged the babies…even it was a news for me when she herself came and told me all this. I was also shocked..yes i told her to abort the baby but it’s not that i don’t want it…it’s just to protect stop Nandini doing bad deeds to hurt Mala. My intention was only to keep Mala with me safely at any cost.

Radhika, she is my child…my only child who i love the most after Mala. Mala died due to her ill health when Radhika was 5 years, and from that time, Radhika is my life…my everything. I will go to any extent to keep her happy, but now she is hurt..the most. As she said, she is not an unwanted baby…she is the most precious one for me…yes she just resembles Mala in her every activities. I see Mala in her…Mala’s smile..Mala’s anger…Mala’s cute antics…Mala’s stubborn. How can i live my life having her hatred for me?

POV ends….

Dilip cries vigourously, NeSam who looks shocked seeing Dilip in this state, Sam felt very bad seeing him and yes she feels low of not having any of her mother’s Mala’s habits in her. She exactly gets what Nandini had in her heart…HATRED and REVENGE and that’s what makes her to land in Misra mansion to torture them. Sam cries silently thinking about her and Neil holds her hands tightly as if showing his support to her. She smiles at him, gets up and walks out from there. She goes out and places herself on the bench in the lawn outside the hospital and lost in her self thoughts.

Radhika, Arjun, Neil, Sam, Dilip and Nandini…all their hearts filled in a dead silence…which is running with so many they gonna tackle each.

Inside the ward, Arjun comforts Radhika after Sam goes out and says, “Radhika, i am sorry for hiding the matter about Sam”

Rads without looking at him, “I know why u did it? I know how much u respect Pa…” she supposed to Papa but stops and immediately closes her eyes where tears drops out the next moment. She lets out a heavy breathe and says, “I am angry on you too..but still i can think to forgive you”

Arjun smiles slightly seeing her shrinking face, he moves the hair aside from her forehead saying, “I will do anything to get your forgiveness”

Rads moves her eyeballs to him saying, “Then don’t leave me at any cost. I don’t have anyone with me now. I know am being selfish but i really can’t stay without you now”

Arjun leans forward and plants a kiss on her forehead strongly intimating that he will be with her always.

Soon the doctor comes to checks her health and tells Arjun that she can go home. Dilip & Neil waits outside and gets happy seeing her.

Arjun gets Radhika outside the ward and holds her by her shoulder, Suddenly Rads leg gets slipped and Dilip lends his hand to her shoulder to hold her but she shoves away his hand saying, “Don’t touch me. Your Daughter Radhika is dead for you”

Without even looking at him, she walks out with Arjun. Arjun turns back only to nod his head assuring him that he will handle it.

Ardhika reaches Misra Mansion first and faces Nandini at the hall with Tintu & her friend Lucy. She tells Arjun to take her to her room. They both goes there and locks the door.

Mean while, Dilip, NeSam reaches there and waits for Arjun atleast to come down. But to their shock, Ardhika comes out having a big bag in his hand. Dilip understands everything and is in urge to stop them but Neil holds his hand and calms him down.

Ardhika comes down and looks at everyone who gathered there including her favourite Kaka.

She looks at him saying, “Kaka, i am leaving from this house. Don’t worry i won’t go anywhere, i am gonna stay with my husband in our home. If you want to see can come there at anytime.”

Kaka, “Beta, y u want to go from here. It’s ur house”

Rads, “Nothing was mine here and won’t be also. I can’t stay here anymore” she gently passes a smile to him and moves her gaze to Tintu & Lucy standing behind others.

Arjun silently follows her and she goes to her friends saying, “We planned something and whatever happened is something else. You should also leave from here now”.

Tintu & Lucy without saying anything goes out from there…followed by Ardhika. Nobody has a guts to stop Radhika now and they all know the consequences after that. And the most important is Arjun is with her and that’s y all maintains silence.

After few mins, Ardhika reaches their flat and Arjun helps her to get settled in. He makes her comfortable and goes out to get the groceries from nearby shop. He comes quickly and starts preparing for their dinner. Rads silently lies on the bed and stares outside the window. She gets her sense when Arjun calls her and takes her out for dinner. She gets surprise seeing her husband doing all this and gets more when he feeds her. She gives no reaction and having it whatever he gives. After both finished their food, he cleans everything and arranges the bed neatly & helps her lay in the bed. He is about to move towards the couch but Radhika holds his wrist saying, , “You promised me that you won’t leave me. I need you now..please don’t leave me alone”

Without having a second thought, he slides himself beside her and holds her in his arms. She puts her head in his chest and he covers her whole body in his arms. Before going asleep, he place a soft kiss on her forehead and hugs her tightly. Both acts to sleep but they are awake thinking about the incidents happened today.

Soon, Ardhika falls in sleep hugging each other forgetting their worries.

Precap: Sam’s POV about her life with Nandini. Radhika avoids Neil and tells him to leave from her sight.

That’s it for today and I gave Dilip’s POV here..i don’t whether it can be acceptable or not. What i thought is his love for Mala is more than anything for him and that’s y he decided for the abortion. Though it is wrong but his love made him to do that. Want to know all your views on Dilip’s view whether he is right or not.

Next will be Sam’s POV her lifestyle, how she suffered and why she developed hatred on Radhika.

Any guesses why Rads avoid Neil?

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  1. Dhara

    I believe no one has rite to give or take anyone’s life. specially unbord child. So Dilip is wrong here.

    And Ardhika is so adorable. Poor Neil. feeling bad for him but he is responsible to some extent.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u for ur comments Dhara 🙂 Yes Neil will be ignored by Radhika for his betrayal.

  2. Dipika

    SAtzzzzzzzz hats off dear..I’m bowing my head..This is brilliant..I thought preveious was block buster but no this episode is marvlous…You know reading dilip’s pov i remembered the line from jab we met that pyar me kuch sahi galat nahi hota hai..pyar to pyar hota hai na….right….i would go for Dilip intension..he was right making that innocent child being use by some obssesd woman it would be good to abort him..but i’m glad that Radz n Sam come out as good human being thorugh sam lost her path for while…n yess neil too stand guilty..thodsa punishment uske liye….Arjun god..he is the best husband ever yarr…kitana care karta hai vo radz ke..m jealous now..their sleeping hugging each other was candid..i’m damn excited for next..ab kya honga..what abot nandini’s motive now? n all..plaese update you..muhhhhaaa

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling…i am so overwhelmed seeing ur comments. Don’t worry Neil will be punished. Yep Arjun is the best husband …aww how caring na… we also will pray god to get a person like him.. lol 😛

  3. Jewel

    For a man become a father when he see his child infront of his eyes. Bt a women become a mother when he/ she is there in her womb. I read this some where. Bt I think it is true. Before he become a father he was only a husband who loves his wife a lot. So I think what Dilip done is for his wife’s safety, and is forgivable. Ya I know aborting a child is a wrong thing bt may be if some one else is there in his place also do the same thing. It is not becoz he hate that child it is becoz he loves his wife more….. About raneil I think she guessed that Neil is with Sam. Or is it becoz of any other reason?? Feel sad for everyone. Sam, she thinks she didn’t get any habit of mala, feel really sad for her. She also going through a worst situation. Waiting for her pov…. Post soon…

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot for sharing ur view Jewel.Yes u r right..she guessed about Neil and she will tell him on his face. RaSam bond will grow good from now on..and soon happy moments are awaiting.

  4. Sarayu


    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sarayu dear 🙂

  5. S.v

    this is short u cannot do this ?? it is so superb lovely and mainly my fav my ardhika part so rads slept hugging arjun awwee so cute lovely how did she get to know about neil and dilip was true to his wife superb dear love u so much muhhhaaa wanna hug u tight

    1. Sathya

      Thanks SV. I know it short but pls adjust panu ma…About Neil..she will confront him and ignore him for his cheat.

  6. Myra

    Satzz akka….so finally you updated….i dont know why…but this manmarziyan page is going really slow these days….days pass with just a single update…wonder whats the metter…

    Anyway, this is was super power packed episode…loved it to the core….

    As far as dilip’s pov is concerned….i dont know…i just dont find myself qualified or you know, matured enough fine to comment on that….moreover, i dont believe in love and that just adds the browny points…so am a little dicey here, considering his love for his wife…his action seems justified but at the same time what was the fault of the unborn baby….i dont know…you tell me…

    Update mr. And mrs mehra soon naa…and my second love as well….waiting!

    Love you loads ?

    1. Sathya

      Hey Sweeto..thanks dear 🙂 yep even i know …nowadays ppl r getting indulge in personal things and couldn’t spend much time on this and more over..writers need good comments from silent readers also…day by day when the comments r getting lesser..writing interest also will get reduce na…

  7. arti viswanathan

    Sathya what a story yaar. I liked it because the way radhika expressed arjun to stay with her. And arjun too supported her…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Arti dear 🙂

  8. arti viswanathan

    This is so short sathya dear… Next time i want longer episode excellent job of writing dear….

    1. Sathya

      I know it is short..sorry yar 🙂 pakka next one will be big one for sure with cute romance 🙂

  9. Wow…. u rocked it sisy…. sema episode…. bt i feel its little short chap… eagerly waiting fr nxt part dear… tc…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Humera 🙂 will post next one soon

  10. Brin

    Outstanding episode, I blame Nandini, it was because of her that Dilip had to take this decision, I hope Radhika will forgive him when he explain why he had to do it, Sathya you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next up date . 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thanks for sharing ur view Brin. About forgiving him…not so soon but it will be definitely.

  11. Aradhika scenes were too short….The way arjun supportd her nd hugging while sleeping cute…..add more aradhika scenes nd next one soon….m also feeling k day by day manmarziyan ffs are decreasng on TU….feeling sad with swept off from Star plus it is day by day sweeping off from TU too???

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Alex dear 🙂 sure.. i ll give more ardhika scenes in next episode.

  12. Dev

    Dilips pov is totally acceptable here satya…u know a person is so much in love dat too colg love..dat got dem married..n aftr waiting 4 a long time d thought dat dey wud gt deir own child without a 3rd persons help is a dream come true 4 any man..
    So wen dilip heard d way nandini was speaking 2 hr child in d womb made him protective abt his love n even knowing dat abortion is a crime he asked nandini 2 do it…its completely acceptable on his part…

    N wen radika got 2 know it ,hr reaction was d most dat she cud do…knowing hr own dad whom she lovd 4 yrs askd d mother 2 abort d child n dat child according 2 nandini is radu made hr trust on hr lovable dad breake into pieces…
    She loves arjun as hr own n asking him 2 b with her is nt selfishness bt fear dat if he too left means she wud b an orfan…
    N i think she gt 2 know abt nesam relation dus avoids him..
    Arjun shud b worried dat radu is in dis state partially bcoz of him n happy dat d truth is out n radu undrstud him…
    Bt all in all a superb n emotional epi…
    U surely did justice 2 each character over dis ff buddy….
    Keep it going n update d rest n dis 1 too…
    Love u like always…hugs…n tight pecks….??????????

    1. Dev

      Rumba perusa pochh le…??

    2. Sathya

      Dev..oh god…first i see ur biggggggg comment. nejama rombave perusa

      But all ur view and point are exactly what i have it in my mind. I totally agree with you. About Neil, she will confront Neil and shoot him questions. he will be ignored by her for sure as a punishment. Thank u so much dear … love you 🙂 ??????????

  13. Nayan

    Nice epi … it was too emotional … dilip’s pov was outstanding … I hate nandani … because of her selfishness other suffered a lot … plz don’t make neil suffer a lot … he betrayed radhika … For that he need a punishment .. radhika should get in to his place and think about his situation … the reasons for neil supporting sam in her plans … plz end nesam and ardhika’s sad moments soon and make them happy family … waiting for next update eagerly … God bless you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Nayan dear 🙂 Neil has to suffer atleast little bit na..he cheated Radhika and he should be punished for that. but don’t worry he will make her convinced. Ok probably from next episode…other’s POV and cute romantic scenes will be there in both the pairs.

  14. mindblowing update…….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Subha 🙂

  15. Jessie

    Super.!! Dilip pov acceptable…!! You a completely different angle..I cud understand Dilip n mala characters der…ur style der.!! That part was good…Sam Neil…Ardhika..all emotional..nice…and tell us how she got original knife…Will be waiting 4 next one…

    1. Sathya

      Thanks Jaazzziiii 🙂 My style 🙂 my style? 😛 about the original knife…it will be revealed in next episode. Coz that should be asked by Tintu to Rads. He got trauma seeing her blood from the dummy knife (As per him)

  16. Gauri

    Sathya blasting episode….kuddos to you..u are brilliant Dileep’s action cannot be justified…he could have spoken to his wife…but I agree in some situations a human takes decisions which their heart thinks to be the best….but his one decision bought pain to both daughters ….now he is also in pain….radhika’s anger towards Neil is justified…there is no relationship as pure as friendship …. but one thing hats off…you bought human emotions out so perfectly…..imperfect decisions seemed so natural here … Loved it keep writing you are very talented ?????????????????????

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a ton Gauri dear 🙂 About RaNeil…he will be ignored by Radhika and how she gets to know it will be in nxt episode. Aww…u made me smile wiodely by ur last line dear …thank u so much 🙂

  17. Satz Mindblowing POV, Actually yaar orutharum, kannukku theriyadha jeevaney vida kannukku theriyara jeevanay thaan mukkiyamnu ninaibanga, adhuvum dilip mala mela uyirey vachirukkar, how he’ll refuse? so he did correct, …..this is my POV.

    And inni neraya Romance paarkklamnu ninaikkiren ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Naaga dear :). Yes u r right and yep inime rendu couples kum our nalla understanding RaSam bonding also will glow now

  18. Meen

    Amazing episode sathya…..I loved d way Arjun stood by radhika’s side…..a bear hug to him…..rads is so in love with him…..I feel bad for rasam…..& Neil too…..but still he played with radhika’s trust……lovely episode Darling …..muuuuha

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot Meen dear 🙂 yep rads is madly in love with him.Neil will be punished and RaSam wil be growing now. love you dear …

  19. Mica

    Sathuu,,huh! i almost missed this part..huhuhu, thank god i saw this ff in recent comment box..
    well about Dillip, he was wrong and he is wrong..he was selfish and he is selfish even now…
    i know he loves Mala too much, but what kind of love if you able to harm someone’s life ? that too their own blood ?..and even now, he is still selfish..
    both Radhika and Sam are HIS DAUGHTER… if only he loves both, he will thinking about his both daughters’s feeling, Radhika and Sam…
    but, see what he did ? he hides everything without thinking about Sam’s feeling or Radhika’s feeling, he thinking about his pain only…
    before Nandu’s truth, he only think that Sam was the baby from Nandu’s womb, he is somehow more thinking about Nandu instead thinking the FACT THAT SAM IS HIS & MALA’S BLOOD too, he just thinking that Sam is his unwanted baby…
    that why he only think about Radhika’s feeling instead his both daughter feeling.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Micu dear for sharing ur views. Don’t worry now Dilip realised his mistake and he don’t have any hatred towards any of his daughter except Nandini..initially he was scared of Radhika that after knowing tht he asked a lady to kill an unborn baby which Mala also wont agreed for it and that’s y he did not want rads to know about Sam. But now all turn ulta and he will rectify his mistake. He love his both daughters.

      Now u can see Rasam bond too here.

  20. hey Sathya di…superb chp…very emotional…and about Dilip’s decision ..he took decision thinking of betterment of Mala and his child but our decision turn out to be right or wrong when the consequences are out….so now there’s no point what decision he took…but now he should make Radhika realize that she is not an unwanted child…he would had both of daughters with him if Nandini wasnt selfish…now Dilip should apologise to both his daughters and start a new life afresh…… i think have written much with the flow….please ignore if its too much…
    and am waiting for next chp…post it soon di…love you di… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Aastha dear for sharing ur views 🙂 yes past is past and now he want his both daughters with him and he will rectify his mistakes soon to get back Radhika. love u too 🙂

  21. Aasthu

    nyc………..Rads emotions are justifiable…..Dilip’s too in a way…………eager to read abt Sam….Neil loves sam but shouldn’t have backstabbed Rads………….

    I’m a bit busy……..that’s y i COMMENTED late and gave a short reply………….

    love u…………….tc……….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Aasthu. Yeah next is Sam POV only and for Neil Rads will confront him and will not forgive him so soon.
      never mind of short 🙂

  22. Awesome, marvellous, lovely, outstanding episode my sweeeeeetheart satzzzz…n I liked the way u presented dilip’s view….after knowing nandini’s evil intentions…he had to save his wife from her…n that too he confessed was really hard decision for him to make. ..I read all this n got your emotions n thinking for dilip’s situation at that time. ….nandini batrayed dilip n Maala too…..she lied about abortion. ..ahhh…rads is in so much hurt n pain…she shouldn’t forgive neil so easily as he was partner in crime with sam n with all their both planning he entered in rads life again…his motive was to help sam by betraying rads, his best friend. …so rads should not let him go easily. .
    N ardhika…..awwww they were very beautiful….arjun took very good care of her. ..n even cooked n feed her….she so luckyyy to have him as her life partner. ..they’re coming close …it’s very interesting twist. …let’s see how neil pacify rads n if rads forgive him or not….eagerly waiting for sam n rads bonding. ..n sam’s pov after knowing the real truth n her past with nandini….keep it up honeyyy. ..this story is getting very interesting…. love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeet darling Satzzzz ☆☆♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Sathya

      Romaaaaa….my sweet darling, sissy and best friend….i am sooooooo happy reading ur comments. You caught me exactly with the dilip’s POV. I am glad for that 🙂 Yep Neill will struggle a lot to get rad’s forgiveness but it will be very hard time for him. Next will Rasam bond and Ardhika bond will take a new dimension. Thank u so much Romaa darling 🙂 love u love u love u so much

  23. Hemalattha

    sathya di you made it.really awesome.feel concern for radhika.the way she behaved to dilip really hurt me.amazing di the way arjun love and care for radhika.radhika get to know about neil’s true colour.the last Ardhika scene superb.they hug each other too nice.

  24. Sree_deeksha

    sathya di….why did u end this so fast….that is the only thing i dont like,….i was so engrossed in it that mujhe pata hi nahi chala kab khatam hogayi……and coming to dilips decision i cant decide about it…but the situation was so justifying….it was clearly showing dilips love for mala and i loved it….so knowing this what he did is wrong ill go with dilip….and im on radhikas side….it hurts a lot when u get to know that ur best frnd who is so close to does all this with u….i loved it di… it twice already cause i was not satisfied and was feeling it ended so early……and soooooooo sorry for being late not getting time hope u understand…..any way ill not eat ur brain more….luv u di…bye take care……mmmmuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh

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