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Shani 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vykthagandh (the butterfly Asura, thanks Santhosh 🙂 ) tells Shani he invited his death by challenging him. You wont go to Acharya alive. Shani attacks him before he can. Vykthagandh falls down and is in pain. Yam and Yami stop in their tracks hearing the sound.

Kakol blocks Yami’s way. She falls down. Yam turns to look at her. Kakol flies away before Yam can do anything. Yam rushes to his sister. She is in pain as she got hurt. I want to go home. Yam is in a fix.

Shani goes to Vykthagandh. It is good to follow Guru’s order but showcasing your strength is wrong. This is what happens to an arrogant person. If you make this mistake again then remember that Shani neither forgets nor forgives. Vykthagandh’s army of Asuras reach there. Shani looks at them and then at Vykthagandh before he finally leaves from there.

Chhaya is worried for Yam and Yami. Yam enters just then with Yami who is limping. Chhaya rushes to her side. How did you get hurt? Yami loses consciousness. Chhaya asks Yam where they both were. How did Yami got hurt? Tell me something. Why are you quiet? Yam replies that they went in jungle after her. Is there something which you want to tell us? Chhaya is taken aback. Why did you go there without my permission? Yam says we wanted to know why you go there. I answered your questions. Now you tell me why you go to jungle. Chhaya is about to reply when Yami says something. She gains consciousness and hugs her mother. I was really scared. There were many Asuras there. One Asura came before me seeing whom I fell down. He wont come here, right? Chhaya assures her no one is here. What else did you see there? Yami says nothing else. Chhaya gets relieved. Yami says I fell down seeing that Asura and got hurt. She cries. Chhaya blows on her wound. It means they dint see Shani. Yam asks his mother why she dint answer any of his questions. Why do you go there? Chhaya gets up and holds Yami. Elders do lot many things which they don’t think is right to tell kids. I do go in jungle. I never told you as that place isn’t safe. He says it is safe for you then why not for us. She says it is more important to take care of my daughter right now then answering your questions. She got into trouble because of her elder brother’s foolishness. Go and get herbs. Yam goes. Chhaya thinks she diverted Yam today but till when she will be able to hide Shani’s truth from them.

Kakol asks Shani where he is going. Shani says it is time for mother to come out. Kakol says mother, horse but then goes quiet. He thinks Shani will be hurt if he wont find his mother at home. I must do something. He praises Shani on his fight with Asura just now. Every Asura would have known I am your vahan if you had kept me with you. Shani again tells him to head home. Mother must be coming. Kakol thinks to hold Shani somehow till mother returns from Shani Mahal.

Chhaya is with Yami. Yam is sitting nearby too. She notices it is sunset. Shani must be waiting for me. She asks Yami how she is feeling. Yami replies that it is hurting less now. Chhaya wishes to leave for her prayers but Yami requests her against it for tonight. I am really scared. Chhaya says why be scared in your house. My daughter is very brave. Yam is also here. It is important for me to go. I will be back before morning. Surya Dev calls out for her and comes there. A mother promised me to do her duties towards her kids’ years ago. Surprisingly, she herself doesn’t remember them today. Is your prayer bigger than your kid’s feelings? Chhaya says it is for my kids only. You know it very well. Surya Dev says your decision is in your hands. Think of a mother’s duty when her kid is hurt. He walks away in anger. Chhaya is in tears. Yam and Yami see her thus. I wont be able to go to Shani today. Lord please keep him safe.

Shani comes back and calls out for his mother. He notices the curtain is parted. I closed it myself. Did someone come here in my absence? An Asura? Kakol blocks his way. Tell me about your encounter with Asuras till mother comes out. Weren’t you scared of them? Shani tells him to be quiet. He finally removes the curtain and is left shocked to see the place empty. Mother isn’t here! Where is she then? Did those Asuras abduct her? He asks Kakol to come. We have to find mother. She might get into some trouble. He suddenly recalls Kakol talking about mother and horse. He stares at Kakol in anger. Where is mother? Kakol says she must be around. She might have gone outside to look for you. There is nothing to worry. Shani demands to know truth. There is something that you know but I don’t. You were saying something about mother and horse but you diverted the topic. Tell me what you are hiding. Kakol fumbles. Shani insists to know only truth. Kakol says she isn’t here but I know where she is. Shani’s eyes widen in shock.

Yami wakes up suddenly. Chhaya assures her she is with her. She tells Yam to go and sleep in his room as it is late. Yam goes. Yami asks her mother to sing lullaby. Chhaya gets sad. Shani too must be waiting to hear my lullaby there.

Kakol brings Shani to Surya Loka. Shani is puzzled. I told you to take me to mother. Why did you bring me there then? Kakol looks down sadly. Shani says mother always tried to stay away from Surya. Why did she come here then?

Yami requests her mother to sing lullaby. I am not able to sleep.

Shani asks Kakol where his mother is. She isn’t here. Kakol says you are right. You know I fat from mind too. I might have made a mistake. Mother cannot be here. Let’s go back. They begin to head back when Shani hears his mother’s voice. He stops in his tracks in shock. Shani and Kakol turn to look back towards the door.

Yami is still bit restless.

Shani looks at the stone in his hand and is teary eyed. He starts walking towards the door. His hands shake as he finally opens it. He sees his mother there. Tears fall down his eyes.

Precap: Chhaya tells Surya Dev he has only two options. Either kill your wife or take back the curse from your son. Shani and Yam engage in a fight. Chhaya shouts at Shani to stop. You both are brothers. Surya Dev asks Chhaya to bring Shani to Surya Loka. Shani comes to Surya Loka. I agree to come here. I have understood why this happened to me but I want to know why Surya Dev did this to you (his mother).

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. I love this show very much.. ???

  2. last lohri scene was so touching PRECAP IS AWESOME yam & shani’s fight waiting 4 nxt week also 2 see suryadev & shani facing each other

  3. Semma semma..

  4. Really eagerly waiting for hearafter episodes..seriously young shani acting is very natural..semma acting..

  5. i love dis show

  6. Today I also cried when seeing shani acting.. Last 5 mins very emotional scene..

  7. Raina

    last scene was very nice, i never knew because of which god, everyone gets scared will have such a painful and dark childhood

  8. Vanshika

    Last scene, Precap is best bt we’ve to still wait till Monday..kakol is rally funny ?


    waiting for next week episodes….

  10. Actually it is kakor not kakol

  11. Nandhini

    Yeah last 5 minutes were so emotional! Kartikey did excellent job!! When i saw the precap to be telecasted on “agle hafte”,, i got nearly angry i have to wait for two days!??

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