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Hiiii all……its been a very long time, right?……but here i am with a special OS…yes, ur guess is correct….this OS is a small birthday gift to our sathya akka?…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY akka…..may u live long and prosper…………love u soooooooo much…..muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?????????……

ok, now coming to the story…akka, after reading the first line itself u will know what the story is…so, don’t kill me for that?…..i have typed this with loads of love and short time…. so, there could be many typos..guys please bear me????…….. and also, after reading last part no one should try to kill me…okay??…………

love u all…..HAPPY READING?:


“Malaysia….Truly asia.”…her lips curved into a smile mumbling those words that had always caught her attention from the tv advertisements….. well, now why wouldn’t she think of it when, she is going to be a malaysian citizen for the next six months…. she giggled and banged her head lightly making sure no one around her witness it, thinking of the crazy wishes she got from her sisters once she said that she was going to malasyia for six months….

even the thought of their wishes made her blush red…. they wished her to find her soul mate as soon as possible….. she smiled ,shaking her head at their craziness, that they even planned for a aeroplane lovestory just for her…but all that story became super flop, after a tibetian monkey sat near her in the flight….and more than her it was her crazy gang of friends who were disappointed to the core by that….yes, when she broke the news of the monkey behind her to the group, her whole were in the verge of jumping out of the screen to shoo of the monkey beside….but like always she shushed them off and turned her moblie off, before they coluld switch to their ‘leg pulling mode’…..with a contented smile that was formed due to the love her sisters showered on her, she closed her eyes to drift into sleep in midst of the clouds to fall into a beautiful dream with her prince…….

And as the robotical voice of the pilot ,woke her up for her new adventure, sathya walked out of the airport of that busy malaysian town…..she thanked her stars, of getting a taxi there whose driver spoke her native tongue, and with that she relaxed herself in its backseat and did her first and foremost job there, which is to inform her crazy gang first of her sound arrival there…. and as soon as she tapped the screen to send the message, from nowhere her group was flooded with numerous messages from her crazy sisters, wishing her a successful love story awaiting there……she giggled at their crazy wishing, while her heart fluttered with beautiful emotions….but what our damsel doesn’t know is that ,the destiny has already pulled its strings perfectly to land her into the arms of her prince…….

It was her first day in work there…she as a talented software engineer and the chief in her office was selected by her company to carry out a important project of there’s in malaysia…..and she was determined to bring the best out of her for the same… with the same thought ,she was working on her system with her eyes glued to her screen unaware of the surronding on her first day itself after a small formal introduction of hers to her work team by a seniour staff.. she never knew when the time flew away, until she sensed a gentle tap in her shoulder..though the tap wasn’t enough to bring her out of her reverie, it did catch her attention… with her eyes still on the screen, all she mumbled was a simple ,’yes’ and a small nod…..she heard a chuckling sound beside her and with it came the question, :”you are new here, right?”….. she knew now it would be rude, to not answer the guy who questioned her out of blue, and so she slightly moved her chair bit right to answer him….

but when she raised her head, for his answer she felt her breath hitch at her throt…. there stood he, with a height that towered her…with chiseled body that ripped with him leaning a bit towards her….her sharp marblecut features, made her sttuter ,but still she isn’t someone to swoon on a boy, for his features….she straightened herself, chiding her inner for the momentary imbalance and replied in her sugary voice ,’yes’.., with her signature sweet smile….. the guy smiled wider now and said :”well, i can make that with you working so sincerely even on lunch time… know ,its noon now” he said chuckling…..sathya was taken aback ,and scanned her surrrondings once only to find it deserted and him right…he chuckled seeing her giving a sheepish smile and asked:”so, would you join me for lunch?”…to which sathya accepted with a thankful nod and a smile… they walked in silence a few steps, and not able to bottle her curiosity anymore sathya said:”i didn’t see you in my introduction session, were u so busy now and then that you are even coming to lunch late”..she finished her sentence smirking, seeing him cocking his brow up at her statement…he answered still amused :”well, yes…i had quiet a work load today…you know being a project manager is indeed hectic..”..he chuckled…while she giggled asking:”what project’s manager are you?”….:”your project’s manager ms. sathya….”he said pressing his lips on seeing her spine go straight….her eyes widened at his statement and she mumbled ‘yes sir’ ,on reliazing her stupidity that indeed she didn’t meet her project manager, who had some work and that he would meet her during the lunch….her sheepish grin grew more wider, seeing him chuckling and she mumbled:”sorry sir”, cutely flashing her teeths…he just smiled amused at her childish gesture and said composing himself:”sorry, wasn’t needed ms. sathya….and u know the rule of this corporate world right?….no ‘sir’…no ‘mor’..”..she giggled at his dramatical gesture that he used at the end of his statement, she gussed his toungue through his accent ,but now she knew for sure that they both shared the same mother tongue….but she was confused of how to call him with his name, when she doesn’t know it at all…. she decided to ask the same, but before that he himself started :”am so sorry …i have been so rude…by the way am arjun…”…he said……sathya felt her legs jellying with his one word.. her heart that didn’t flutter for his greek god features now started doing its craziest dance moves ,by just hearing his name….she stood like a frozen statue with her eyes wide open, as fresh memories hit her….her craziness for a daily soap character, whose craziness gifted her a family away from her family which is her crazy gang…..her cheeks automatically coloured themselves in the deep possible shade of red remembering her longgg leg pulling sessions with just that name..’ARJUN’…..arjun was perplexed at her reaction of blushing for his name, while he stood with his hand extended to her for a hand shake…her black orbs, that scanned his face intently ,threatened him of drowning in them..but he knew ,he could do nothing about losing himself in that cute eyes……she found herself deeply lost, while suddenly her whatsapp notification came to her rescue…or to be exact, to make her situation worse…there was a notification from her crazzzyyyy group for her calling her with the pet name they kept for her, with is obviously ‘arjun’…she rolled her eyes at the screen, annoyed of its timely betrayal and shutting it off ,she turned to arjun who saw her with his wide amused eyes…:”hmm ms. sathya ,i think am waiting for something…”…he said with his eyes on his hand….sathya facepalmed herself mentally, and quickly mended her hand with his and said:”its a pleasure meeting you ,sir”… it was his turn to lose himself in the jolt that he felt, when her feathery soft palms touched his…but she addressing him as sir, instead in the way he wanted ,was a worthy blow to bring him out of his dream…he huffed:”ms. sathya… arjun is simply a sweet..cute name…. why wouldn’t you call me with that?”…..he spoke like a baby complaining its mom, about its annoying sibling….sathya stuttered with her words with the memories of her favourite scenes ran before her memory screen….

arjun whined:”its arjun…very simple name…a-r-j-u-n…that’s all ..why would you hesitate to spell it…”…he asked with a annoyed pout….and it was all needed to pull her off her memory…his cute pout ,gave her a urge to pinch his cheeks…and surging that ,she said with a sweet smile:”ok ARJUN… see, am calling you with your name now don’t whine like a baby…”….shge giggled when his eyes and lips widened hearing her addressing him as a baby….well, its not always the beauty one looks for in another right?… and she too was the same…. she continued controlling her amusement:”also its sathya for you…not ms. sathya…. i am ‘miss’….and i knopw it…no need to stress it…”..she said airquoting her word ‘ms’….and now laughed hard, seeing him looking at her like a ghost…..but within seconds, he too joined in her laughter session and both laughed their hearts out until they departed their ways into the cafeteria, with a note to meet each other the next day to discuss things about the project….. sathya sat amused staring at her food..

she was a easy-go girl…true that, but she has never found herself laugh aloud with a minute old collegue…’maybe the name did the magic’ , one of her crazy sister’s words echoed in her mind…. she chided herself for blushing so much remembering that, hiding her face inside the palm…..all she did was to tell that she met her project manager ,who was to her luck a tamilian and to her group’s wish named arjun…..and that’s it……….. she saw hunderds of messages which would be usually thousands, had it been night time, that made her blush deep beetroot shades with their sweet crazy leg pulling…. to be true, she literally ran away from there stating a interval while she have her lunch unable to take their craziness anymore… she shook her head hard, to wipe off those horrible memories…and when she raised her head ,to have a glimpse around her, she saw arjun laughing with his friends…and the second her eyes stopped at him, arjun raised his head to lock their eyes with one another…. sathya jerked, of the sudden unexpected encounter and turned down to her food, leaving arjun bemused…………..
arjun’s pov: “oh god, what is this girl?…. why is she blushing so much into oblivion, making me crazy with it?…… i just wish that, she wouldn’t blush this much while working around, or i may find it very hard controlling myself around her…”..he huffed with his thoughts, while his heart ached for her that shade… and the rest of the day went for him, with continous mission of stealing glanced from her, without her knowing………………….

the next day….
Sathya pitied her poor soul for her sleepless night being the only victim of her sisters’s craziness that covered the whole night…..but the main problem was that ,the pulling still wasn’t over that she was dead sure ,the next time she stands in front of arjun…her whole would become the colour that of a fresh bloomed rose, a perfect deep red….she struggled with her room lock, with the thoughts and the whatsapp notificaions flooding at her..the second she huffed all annoyed staring at the door lock, there came a hand from behind and a soft mumble:”allow me..”..there was no need for her to turn around , to see who it is….the arm that was extended before her, working swiftly in the lock…..and the form that stood next to her stowering her senses said its arjun……arjun quickly locked the door, and stepped back sensing her discomfort and handed her the keys ,smiling…. she smiled at him thankfully, all aware of the rising temperature of her cheeks…… arjun stood with his eyes fixed at her… his pov:”oh now why would she blush so much making me lose my senses in them……..?”..his mind screamed with a fake annoy ,while his heart ran with that of the speed a bullet train seeing her beautiful blooming face….. she smiled seeing him lost at her, while her phone vibrated aloud at her bag this time… both of them were jolted out of thier stance with it, making arjun blush too…..her eyes widened seeing a call from her group, and it take her much time to know that her crazy gang has grew tired of not getting a reply from her ,though she is online….she huffed, while arjun smiled thanking his stars for the time gap ,they gave him that he utilised for composing himself…back to his cool form, arjun offered sathya a ride till their workplace dropping a sweet shock that he lived just two rooms away from her in that company allocated apartment, and that he would always be available for any help she may need…. through out the journey, all she did was to lose herself in the beauty of the country they now lived in ,that she squealed and giggled now and then for many cuteee things they encountered on their way..arjun all the way smiled at her childish smile and innocent eyes, that churned his insides, from the very second he met those…..

though her friends continued with their many crazy ideas for sathya to succedd in her love, one of which is a very powerful bug that many believed as the reincranation of their hero……sathya and arjun, continued to work close making their project the best of all….and with time, they became bff…but not only them, their hearts too felt tied upto each others that a small distance made them bleed…they lived through the thick and thins of that short span with eachother, becoming the support , the family for each other, that they thought thay have missed long way back home……
she never knew how the time flew, that within another fifteen days her project and along with it her stay in malaysia too was going to end….though her heart cried over losing him then, her mind freezed her with unknown fear of losinh him forever.. and to who else would she cry out her heart, other than her soul sisters…and when she did the same with them, telling them how her heart ached with the thought of leaving him…they chided her for not speaking her heart to him….but she had a valid reason for her stand, which is his all time cool behaviour whenever she speaks about her leaving…even he was the one who accompanied her very eagerly to her shopping in which she bought gifts to take home back….she died at the thought of she being only a ‘friend’ to him…..unable to calm her, her gang started their crazy talks…and within no time she was laughing holding her tummy like there was no tomorrow, well that is what they wanted…she to be happy always, laughing in her own self………
she was in the cafeteria chatting with her crazy sisters laughing all the way..she at once felt blessed to have them ,and hence she recorded a voice message with full love filled “I LOVE YOU”…and sended it to them, and when they all reciprocated the same by calling her pet name, she blushed her own beauty red………. but the pair of eyes that saw them fumed….
Arjun with all his furious form entered his cabin, throeing away the things in his way.. the thought of his sathya loving another aroused the worst side of him.. he loved her so much that he even cancelled his contract with that malaysian company and got a new job in chennai, just so that he could live with her.. he had even convinced his whole family for her, who rejoiced the arrival of the princess for their prince…he thought of proposing her in a very romantic way, two days before her departure…as by that time, they would have submitted their project too…. he has always seen her giggling at her phone and chatting nonstop with her crazy gang whose biodata he had with her blabberings…. but still, the thought that he wasnot that reason behind her heavenly blush ,made him mad….. he never thought he would lose her, the very thought of which killed him mercilessly….. he was about to storm out of his cabin, when his love entered in her all elegant form with a soft smile radiating at him…. arjun don’t know what spell, they had on him that he felt so loved with her eyes locking into his……. but the hell he went through minutes before flashed in front of his eyes, and with that he forcefully pulled her caging her between his arms and the wall.. sathya gasped at his animal form…

she has always seen the sweet side of him towards her, while he was furious only on others when some tend to hurt his loved ones….but today standing as the victim of his anger, before his prying eyes shook her hard…..he with a voice deeply coated with fire asked:”who were you talking to?”…… his stare all accusing…… she was enraged..confused wouldn’t be a understatement to his him behaving like that too her… she felt wounded of his no trust on her… and with that thought fueling her anger, she hissed:”why would you care?”..with her eyes spilling the love she had for him as hot tears…. arjun was unaffected..he roared with his grip tightening aroung her wrist:”i care… coz I LOVE YOU…LOVE YOU…ONE AND ONLY YOU…. and your this smile ,i own this….your this heart, it belongs to me…. and your this beautiful blush, is mine to play with… i love u….U R MINE….”…he mumbled the last words into her soul, and stepped back jerking his tightened grip from her wrist, witnessing the tears that adorned her eyes, now taking their glory ride down her cheeks….. he stood ransaking her hair with hands that swiftly combed through them… he mentally kicked himself, for losing the control of his temper to her… he cursed himself for being harsh on her, that the eyes he had forever wanted to twinkle now glittred with the tears ,with him being the sole reason behind them… he loved her too much ,to hurt her…he didn’t knew how within this short time he fell for her so deep, that her single drop of tear killed him deep….but as they say ‘its just a matter of seconds to fall in love…. while a lifetime to live with one’…, he believed it now…….. he turned around to see her standing still like a statue at her place… he once knew that he had hurted her so much , but still feeling possesive about her isn’t something he could control, and he knew it well of all… walking towards her, he cupped her cheeks to make her look into his eyes….he touched her forehead with his and looking deep into her ,he spoke sofly:”sathya, am sorry that i behaved like a animal to u… but i love you., and i could never be sorry for that,…. coz i love u for something u make me when am around you…to feel as if am born from heaven…..”…tears rolled down her eyes, at the truth from his confession and of finally knowing that her love, loves her…she smiled with the same and held his hands that were in her cheeks and asked:”do u wanna know whom i was talking to?”….arjun who was all the time looking at her intent for her answers, who rejoiced at the love her eyes shoved on him …now felt trapped ,as he thought that she is mad at him now… she smiled reading his thoughs, with panic filling hims… she held his hands in a firm grip and said:”well, they were yours SIL’s… i was narrating them our love story, and that is why i blushed arjun…. coz I LOVE YOU….so much that even i couldn’t even tell u about it…”…arjun smiled seconds after her words settling in him….he hugged her tight burying her inside him, and smiled like a mad man of atlast having his love as life with him… in his arms………………….

exactly 5months later,

It was a simple and elegant wedding reception with guest flooding from all around to wish our princess on becoming his queen..yes from yesterday, she is mrs. sathya arjun……They both had their eyes fixed to the entrance, awaiting the arrival of a bunch of crazy people, whom you couldn’t find anywhere else…. a crazy gang, that loved sathya like their soul sister, to stand and support with her through thick and thin…and atlast ,their wait was over….and the special guests arrived the venue dressed in their best ,with a radiatig smile plastered on their faces that showed how much their heart rejoiced for their sister’s big day…..
They were all welcomed warmly and were led to the stage, were they started doing their monkey stunts….. they hugged sathya ,like there was no tomorrow leaving the guest in awe….. but arjun just smiled at them and their bond ,and when they broke their hug…he asked in a innocent voice:”so u girls ,wouldn’t hug ur jiju?”….. sathya made a horrifing expression with that, while the girls smiled mischieviosly… out of them all, a girl peeked out and chirped:”ofcourse, mamu..”…and pounced on him hugging him tight making others to do the same….now it was time for the guets to bang their heads, as they did the same…. and arjun and his SIL(s), broke into fits of laughter seeing sathya rolling her eyes at them hugging… after all the hugging session, the photography session started… well, not only for the pair but for all.. there were many selfies….weirdos…groupies all gala up stage making the guests and relatives go mad… and after all the masti, the crazy gang let the bride and groom to take their seat, while silently a girl among them pulled sathya to whisper in her ears:”hmm, satz u know u have a big thing tonight.. need any of our help or suggestions?…”…making sathya all read…but another girl in the group came to her rescue, she banged the head of the girl who asked the question and said:”are u crazy girl?…. she herself is a big romantic queen.. then why would she ask ur help?..”…..she said throwing sathya off guard…arjun who heard the first question ,pretended like he didn’t hear but the next question caught his attention.. he asked them shocked:”what?”… making the girls laugh hard seeing the widened eyes of their jiju and offguard puppy look of their sissy… girl composing herself said:”nothing jiju..”….while the other mumbled audiable to others:”you will know it all tonight…”….making arjun scratch his head and sathya blush hard that made others laugh hard holiding their tummy again……….and when it was time for their dinner to which they were led by the groom’s father off the hall, one of the girls stood at some distance adoring the couple….. when arjun’s eyes caught her watching them he asked her what through his gesture…but that girl simply nodded her head as a no, and then with a mischevious look gave him a flying kiss making sathya jolt and arjun smother his laughter…that girl giggled winking at sathya, who gestured a ‘i will kill you ‘ look….and then walked backwards with her eyes on them, and made a thumps up smiling wide and ran out of the hall holding her skirts in hand…..sathya smiled widely at that girl, while arjun side hugged her forgetting himself in his bride’s orbs…….

:”uffffff” sighed the god in the heaven at the sight of the newly wedded.. :”aren’t they lovely?..” asked his wife…..:”they are” said the god wiping his sweat…his wife laughed at him:”why do you look so tired?”……the god have his wife a bored look and said:”only i know how much those crazy girls pestered me for their own dream boys and also for one another..”…..his wife giggled:”so, u finished ur job right?”…the god pouted like that of a baby and nodded his head for a BIG no..:”only one down…still…..”…his wife cocked up her eyebrow catching his tone and asked:”still????”…..the god peeked through the clouds to see the deewanis enjoying their time being chatting with each other, and unable to take more… the god fainted staright at the feet of the godess, making her blink wide eyed at the crazy girls ,holding her fainted husband in her arms…..

*****************************THE END****************************

So, how was the story guys?… good?… hehe, did u like ur arjun akka?….i hope so…and from others, am expecting comments…and with it some bad quality slippers and shoes too?… but no worries ,i will accept anything from u guys wholeheartedly.?…lol???…..i was kidding…ur comments value me the most… good or bad ,i would accept it……love u all soooooooooooo sooooooooooooo much….muahhhhhhhhhhh… bear hugs…??????

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  1. Dhara

    Hey Sree it is amazing.

  2. arti viswanathan

    Sree darling superb,excellent,outstanding episode.. I loved it…i liked all scenes….tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug….

  3. Brin

    Outstanding story, Sathya will be on cloud 9 getting married with Arjun, love it, Sree you nail it, well done. 🙂

  4. Sulbi

    So lovely sree…

  5. Kavina

    Loved it

  6. Rossy

    Ohk….u wanna sleepers , joota, tomato….I’ll give u….but not for story , for u….somu cutie pie how could you say it has bad quality…???? u need some ??? and don’t dare to mock ur story…little one u wrote it beautifully….and m really expecting you to write moreeee…i know everybody is gonna like it?? the way u moulded the story from beginning to end was WOW…..fantastic…keep it up ?

  7. Gauri

    Sree awesome….I loved God wiping his forehead…he must be having a long list of girls demanding Arjun 🙂

  8. Dipika

    Sree darling m so sorry for coming late yar… Goddd meri pyari nanad… What a amazing n cute story.. Ay every point u made me adore you yarr… Our crasy group chats n how we teased satz hwr malysia trip n mission find arjun there.. U brought it so naturally… I was laughing hard.. Satz reaction after hearing arjun name.. So natural.. Lol.. Her constant blush made me blush hard.. Haha.. Arjun’s proposal.. God u killed me yar.. Haha.. I just loved it so much.. His possessiveness.. Ufff.. N reception.. N our grp hugging jiju.. N satz romantic Queen so need to tell her abt night. Lol.. Haha.. Awsomeeeee.. Sree darling u ur self is cute angel.. I love you loads.. A tight huggg
    ? ? ? ?

  9. Gianna

    Sree just superb darling, why the hell do you say it’s not good, I love it dear because is more than good, I really enjoyed reading it. Amazing os from the beginning till the end, just loved it

  10. Roma

    Wowwww Sreee…it’s really superbbbb n awesome mind blowing os….so sorry for being late my sweeeeeetheart. …I just loved it to the coreeeee. . ….u wrote flawlessly, marvellously, beautifully…so realistic that it was really very interesting n lovelyyyyyy. …the narration and the plots…dialogues wowwww so excellent. …sathya arjun….their lovely journey n her crazyyyyy sissyyyysss…the gang n their continuous banter. …lol…very cute…arjun made plans to propose satz. ..leaving his contract in Malaysia n shifting in Chennai. ..wowwww. …Poor arjun got jealous of his sil’s…….the confession was the loveliesttttttt….n then the wedding n the crazyyyyy gang’s lil gestures very veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. …sayz, he romance queen n her arjun….so sweeeeeet n beautiful, incredible. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. ..n God fainted seeing demand of more arjun’s for every girl of the crazy gang….lol…rolf….wowwwww awesome story, very lovelyyyyyy. ..u nailed it my honeyyy. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart. ….once again. ..Happy belated birthday wishes to our lovely Satzzz… ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

  11. Aasthu

    Hey Shree…….cute love story……

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