Chandra Nandni 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says Nandini I like you,Nandini is shocked to hear this,Chandra says I’m happy and proud to have you as my wife,Nandini about to say something Chandra stops her,dadi ma knocks the door and says can I come in,I guess I’m here at wrong time,Chandra says no dadi please come,dadi says it’s important so I came here,dasi keep it here,Nandini says these jewellery and new clothes,dadi says its teej tomorrow and it’s first teej and Chandra what did you get for her,anyways you know on this occasion the gift you give she has to wear it so choose it wisely and I heard nothing you two speak like you two love each other and Chandra is proud to have you Nandini bye now and leaves,Chandra says Nandini I said it just because dadi was here and while leaving thinks about the night he told Nandini about loving her but she had fainted already and Nandini also thinking about telling maliektu that she likes Chandra.

Amartya sees padmanands youngest son,and asks how are you here, few men says we found him in forest and so hot him here, Amartya thinks I shouldn’t take him to maharaj it again must be Chanakyas plan to reach maharaj through pandugan.

Dadi says tomorrow is teej and so married women should fast but Chaya and durdhara you two shouldn’t as you are pregnant,Chaya says dadi even I wish to but,maliketu says Chaya dadi is right you may fast next year,Nandini stares at maliektu in anger,Chandra mistakes it and thinks she has no shame starring in front of everyone,dadi says mora, helina must not be knowing about teej fasting tell her about it, mora explains about fasting to helina and dadi says says and teej nights it’s very romantic one and so Nandini and Chandra I want you and Chandra to be together, Maliketu thinks how did Nandini not tel, about yesterday’s incident to anyone is it because she has started liking me.

Nandini in her room,Chandra says Nandini these clothes and jewellery are from my behalf for teej as dadi asked me too and you can act as if you are fasting and I will make arrangements for you to eat and have water,Nandini says enough i know this is just for dadi you don’t have to remind me every time,Chandra spa Sidney shout we both are on same track and this is all for someone’s life and that to my dadi,I will do it,and you can do it as you wish, and leaves,Nandini starts crying.

Helina says ma why did Nandini come back I don’t believe it, I worked so hard to throw her out what will I do now,say something ma,or else I will lose Chandra,Sunanda walks in and says can I have a talk with you,helina walks away,Sunanda says I know you must be thinking how Nandini is back and I have a plan and I need your help for its achievement and you need to walk with me to see what it is. Ma and Sunanda hide themselves and go to the secrete room.

Sunanda closes the door, and says look who is here to see you, ma is surprised to see the girl,Sunanda says I hope you liked my plan,ma says marvellous I have solutions to all my problems.

Helina says ma I can’t fast please this is stupidity,ma says helina if you fast whole life Chandra will be behind you, Indians have stupid rituals and we have to just show Chandra that you are fasting for him to make way to his heart. Nandini changing, Chandra walks in,Nandini says can’t you knock,Chandra says I’m king and this is my room and I have no interest seeing you change and goes to bed,Nandini sits beside and starts reading books aloud,Chandra says I’m trying to sleep,Nandini says I’m reading sorry,Chandra puts of lights,Nandini says why did you do this,Chandra says my room my rules and this isn’t time to read go to bed.

Nandini slowly goes off to sleep,and Falls on Chandra, Chandra thinks dadi had asked her to wake up early tomorrow and if she had kept reading tonight she wouldn’t have woke up tomorrow so I had to act cruel and when I know your father killed mine, why do I fall for you, when you always keep troubling me why do I get attracted to you even when I know you love maliektu,oh god am I the same Chandragupta who thought love was week and isn’t this weakness that I’m thinking of Nandini and am awake for her.

Pre cap : Chandra says yes Nandini it was entertaining, your face had entertaining expressions, Nandini says yes must be very entertaining,Chandra says indeed entertainment like today you have to act as if you are fasting for love for me but you have no feelings for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. So Roopa is ready to make confusion between Chandra and Nandini with the help of mothers .

  2. Jayani

    ? nd nandini r getting closer but dis stupid helena, her mother nd sunanda will spoil d whole thing… Nd hw can helu’s mother says dat d indian rituals r stupid… Ekta Kapoor plz remember dat u r also an indian nd even d ppl who r showcasing d roles r also indians… So pls improve ur dialogues… ??? Freaking idiot ???… Nd ? nandini scenes were gud but there wasn’t any scene of ? nd dd or dd nd helu… Not many hillarious scenes except sum chandini… Hoping for roopa’s entry asap…

    Jai Siya Ram

  3. One more bakwas episode…serial is becoming BAKWAS,,and boaring…becos of..stupid reason…,yek bakwas reason pe..itne kuyn episode dikha rahe hai pata nai…I think rajats future will be..danger if he works in such a serials,.,

    1. Jayani

      Hahaha… Dat’s so true

    2. Chandra gupta was very intelligent king. Here he is shown little more than jocker. That is not acceptable. I have stopped watching.

  4. Vanshika

    Oh my goodness…, Helena and her ma.. ? this Helena’s mother is lyk shakuni of Mahabharata, manthra of Ramayana and maham anga of Jodha Akbar.. Full plotter,. Dadi ma is good character ?.. Finally what I had expected, durdhara is pregnant, she’ll die because of poison, and Nandini Chandra will get close after her death and she’ll help in upbringing Bindusara.. Lets see what Ekta Kapoor is upto.. N Helena needs to b exposed soon

    1. Jayani

      I hope she gets exposed asap di… Nd I do want chandra nandini gets closer asap

  5. Maliektu…hate this character..I think the only problem is this.. even Helena hates bcoz of this man..

    1. AparnaPrasad

      Actulayy i kinda like malai.. the hero gts more annoyed and protectiv fr d gal nly wen dr s smoen els who has eyes her. But wen d whole wrld turns evil.. dats kind of bakwas… aftr al wat can one dady and moora do to make des both adamant souls to approve of dr love? I thnk d main thing chandra and nanadini enjoying more dan being loved is back answering to each odr…

      1. Jayani

        I agree wid u di?

  6. Preethi12345

    cn u broke my heart
    i thought chandra had really started liking nandini
    i pity nandini
    everytime she is being scolded by the person whom she loves
    waiting for tomorrow s episode

    1. Jayani

      Poor girl… I feel dat Chandra is bit of a nutcrack

  7. Chandra nd nandini scenes r too gud But thr s lots of boring aspects .. I think roopa’s entry totally vry danger fr nandini nd chandra relationship ..feeling vry bad fr nandini .. I wish that chandra soon know all d truth nd nandini’s love also.. . Thn only serial be more interesting . .. Now Vry boring nd looks like a normal family serial ..

    1. Jayani

      I want Chandra 2 know abt namdini’s truth nd helu, her mother, roopa nd Malay get exposed asap

      1. AparnaPrasad

        Dr s no wrd asap in ektas dictionary dear.. ?

      2. Jayani

        Dat’s so true di??????

  8. I hate Helena her mom, fake nandini,Malay etc just go to hell love dadima.chandra and nandini pls become chandini . Come on confess ur ?fast . We r waiting . I don’t want durdhara to die. Instead I want Helena to die durdhara is such a good character. Pls increase romance. Between chandini waiting for tom episode

    1. Jayani

      I was sooooo HAPPY wen Chandra said dat dd faced a miscarriage but he says dat it was just 2 het d culprit 2 l8

  9. Indian rituals r very valuable nd v have our own trust nd hopes.. So pls at any cause don’t bring dis useless dialogue in ur serial… V r all Indians.. Hope 4 d better episode…

  10. Nice episode . loving this serial day by day . It has some similarities with jodha Akbar

  11. I cannot understand how does Chandra reach only when Nandini is talking to Malayketu & later misunderstands her, but he never reaches when Malayketu troubles Nandini or when Nandini behaves in an arrogant manner with Malayketu. Poor Nandini is helpless. I hope this story line will have some change soon else we will be forced to move on to some other serial. Rupa’s entry is strange. How does she knows or how does she identifies people in the Mahal whereas she was always kept hidden. Looks like Nandini’s step mom whatsapped everyone’s pictures to her during those days.

    1. Haha lol….whatapping pics…hw funny….I liked ur comment…..dis idiot malai is same as sharifuddin in jodha akbar…..

    2. Jayani

      ? NEEDS 2 improve his tyming of his entry… Nd I luv d idea of whatsapping d pics??

  12. Just a Love Story

    I’m very sure that in real Chandragupta maurya would have been entirely different than this portrayed stupidity. Such a great emperor who was the root of mauryan dynasty is shown as fool and stupid.
    The conversation between nandhini and chandra are much beyond the era supposed to be portrayed.
    This just looks same saas-bahu drama.
    Nandhini who is strong character keeps crying crying crying.
    Chandra is not less than ekta’s serial husband.Doubting,insulting and always talking in mind voice.

    I was glad that I watched JHANSI KI RANI, It portrayed (although many facts were for serial) well the era in which jhansi Rani was there. Palaces, communications, dialogues, characters everything.

    Here it’s just an imaginary love story. Even durdhara calling Chandra as tum, mmm ekta maiya, u have good script dialogue writers.

    1. Jayani

      Probably, dd calls ? as tum coz they r gud FRIENDS RATHER DAN HUBBY ND BIWI

    2. Not only Durdhara calls Chandra as tum but Nandini and Helena also calls him as tum only. Dialogue writer has not put any effort as per period drama. He just writes using current hindi..

      1. Jayani

        Helena calls ? as tum coz she was considered 2 helping him in d dream of attaining magadh.
        Dd does so coz dey r gud frnds.
        Nd nandini does bcoz there hasn’t been ANY1 who calls their with respect?

  13. You people are doing a great job. If hindi dialogues are also included here, with your wonderful English translation, will be so thankfull to you. Because cant understand certain dialogues while hearing, since I m a new Hindi learner. if you add hindi dialogues, helps to enjoy the serial more and also helps to learn the language.

  14. indera sanichara

    Ekta are we getting another kumkum bhagya. Cone on writer we need sweet and short serial not one with a whole lot of rubbish in it. Why another Nandini that’s evil, so boring.

  15. Nandini will fall sick after teej however Chandra will take care of her. Family will also celebrate Moora s birthday. Despite all these Roopa is enough to create conflict between Chandra and Nandini.

    1. Jayani

      I wish ? finds out all dis even b4 any1 wud know dat he knows… Just lyk in d scene where nandini nd team wanted 2 let dhan escape but dat plan was also a flop… So in d same way dey can also show dis nd prove dat ? DOES hav sum bit of brains left wid him nd not dependent

  16. Chandra Gupta Moriya was a great and strong personality and we Indians have a great respect for him. Don’t spoil that by projecting a stupid love story on him. Love here and there is ok. Continuous nonsense love is not acceptable at all…

    1. hahaha.. Ekta Kapoor can do anything.. its like Saas bahu type saazish in historical story. moreover, Chandra looks good but his voice is so bad and dialogue delivery is poor that makes him weak instead of a strong emperor.

      1. Sab ekta maiyya Ki krupa,just showing another saas-bahu drama in the name of history, someone said Chandra is no less than ekta serial husband…agreed,he is another abhi,raman,ranveer…and list goes on,and I bet the great CGM wouldn’t be like this,nanidini is no less than pragya,ishaani,tanu….ya list goes on and according to history there is no nandini at all..this is a imaginary carecter and pissing of the audience by SaaS bahu drama…and dadi no on earth and where did she come from and don’t she have any work instead of playing cupid for CN this carecter also relates to ekta’s imagination,I can hardly say this is another kkb,pavitra rista,matsh….nothing to do with history,its better to change the name of the series and entertain the audience who are encouraging ekta maiyya to continue this stupid drama,iss se manan samrat Chandra Gupta mourya Ki izzath Bach jayegi…seriously

      2. Jayani

        If u ppl hav noticed, rajat says डण्ड (dand) instead of दण्ड (dhand) nd there r ACTUALLY many more coz d list goes on… ???

  17. Geetanjali mishra, playing Sunanda is superb nd natural actress. I love her acting in Crime Patrol and Savdaan india. First time i saw her in daily soap.

  18. I feel so bad for nandini. when chandra realize all clashes between them are created by helena, malay & helena’s ma?.
    Can he realize nandini is innocent?

  19. ya me too

    1. actually nandini is not a real charecter it was known that durdaras other name was nandini

      but i dint knew that chandra was this cruel

  20. @Pari, Absolutely correct.. 😀 😀

  21. Chandra Nandini: Dadi does fake drama to make sure she does not leave and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) & Nandini (ShwetaBasu Prasad) stay apartStar Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will soon showcase some new hurdles in Chandra and Nandini’s path to come closer to each other. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Chandra and Nandini will start getting closer to each other but this will not go downwell with Chandra’s mother and Dadi.Viewers will get to see that both Dadi and Chandra’s momwill make a plan to make sure Chandra remains away from Nandini and the two are not able to spend time with each other. Dadi has been living in the palace since a long time and it is now time for her to leave. However, Dadi does notwant to leave just as yet and Chandra’s mother also wants her to stay back. Therefore, Dadi does a big drama where she suddenly complains of getting pain in her leg.Dadi cries in pain and Chandra is worried seeing his Dadi’s condition. Dadi will complain of being in severe pain and will tell Chandra that she cannot leave just as yet. Chandra too will not want Dadi to leave as she is in pain.Dadi and Chandra’s mother will succeed in their plan and they will make sure Chandra and Nandini don’t come closer. Stay tuned for more updates on Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini.I copied it from a spoiler

    1. Jayani

      But y doesn’t dadi nd moora not want ? nd nandini 2gether??? I don’t seem 2 understand dis logic… Sumtymes dey want dem 2gether wen dey don’t want 2 nd wen dey want dey won’t let dem… Uff… Dese ppl r ACTUALLY MAD!!!

  22. You r ri8 jayani di .I was also shocked after seeing this .So i thought to share with u all.

  23. U can also see the spoiler.U have to click ‘tvserialnews chandra nandini’ on google.

  24. U can also see the spoiler.U have to type ‘tvserialnews chandra nandini’ on google.

  25. Thanks Tanaya di for the update……..???????

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