Manmarziyan Argh… I love her… few shots.. Shot 5 (final shot..)

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The wedding preparation was in the full swing and all the time she was avoiding me…Radhika… she was looking gloomy… damn she loves me i can say that… when the bride was called she helped Sam to come and when she saw me her eyes were red… man when did she fall for me this much… thinking so i saw her…
Placing Sam in the stage she stepped down and slowly i made my way to her…. when the kannika dhan was done and Neil tied the wedding chain on my to be sil no no my sister in law’s neck… i slowly wrapped my fingers with her… she saw my with teary eyes but i was busy watching them… she tried to remove her hands from me… that was hurting me but i never left her hand…

she gave one breathe out and stood there but when Manya saw us i gave one smirk which was making her even more angry…
The marriage was done all good the bride and groom were so much happy and i was happy to have Sam as my sil and i took few selfies with them but not to miss i never left her hand and she gave a fake smile and was there with me all the time..
Leave my hand Arjun… she hissed.. i gave the maximum level of better smirk i can and said… if u wanna leave my hand u can never hold em back.. her eyes widened… she immediately wrapped her fingers in mine… damn this woman is so much in love with me… rest of the time went as always normal coz of gossip aunties….


I purposefully called my band so that i can sing and propose her… and also a reception for the wedding… we were enjoying the time… yet again the lawn was filled with beautiful lightings and all were enjoying the sweet music… i purposefully danced with Manya poor her she was all happy with hopes… there she came… my queen in a dark blue gown… she was wearing a single pearl set and her ears were adored with a cute single drop stud… slowly she descended and she was looking at me… my eyes were scanning her… when i saw her she was blushing but then her face changed coz of u know who…

she was about to step another side but my mom pushed her to the stage…
She saw me only me like her eyes were directly piercing my heart… this much hatred…
She took the mike and closed her eyes… and the focus light was on her…. her lips parted and she sang the song which was always my fav when i used to ask her to sing and i will sing with her…
She loves me more than me… i was overwhelmed… her sweet voice recited…
Neeyum Naanum Sernthey Sellum Nerame.
Neelam Kooda Vaanil Illai, Engum Vellai Megame.
Poga Poga Aeno Neelum Dhoorame.
Maegam Vanthu Pogum Pokkil,

Thooral Konjam Thoorumae
During a time when you and I walk together,
The sky is losing its blue tint, such that there is only white clouds.
Wonder why the destination is never ending, as we keep moving on,
The clouds come and throw a drizzly shower, as they pass on.
En Atcham Aasai Ellamae Thalli Pogattum
Enthan Inbam Thunbam Ellaamae Unnai Saerattum
I order my fears and likes, to move away, afar.

All my happiness and sorrows, are now yours to care.
Oh Naan Pagal Irava, Nee Kathir Nilavu
En Veyil Mazhaiyil, Un Kudai Azhagi
Am I the day and night?, And are you my sun and moon?
In my summers and rains, you are the shade that makes it beautiful.
she opened her eyes and saw me with teary eyes… enough of all the drama… she closed her eyes again… and my friends were singing the chorus part…
When the male voice was about to sing i snatched the mike and started to sing…
Oli Illaa Ulagathil Isaiyaaga Neeyae Maari,
Kaattril Veesinaai, Kaathil Pesinaai.

In a dark world, you became the music in it,
and blew with the wind. And spoke in my ear.
She saw me and her eyes were fixed only on me… then i continued to sing….
Mozhi Illaa Mounathil, Vizhiyaalae Vaarthaai Korthu
Kannaal Pesinaai, Kannaal Pesinaai.
In the silence sans language, you stitched words together in the looks of your eyes,
and spoke with your eyes. Spoke with your eyes.
I stepped a few steps back and went on my knees….
Nooru Aandu Unnodu, Vaazhavaendum Mannodu,
Penn Unai Thaedum Èndhan Veedu.
A century with you, I should live in this world,
My house years for you, my lady.

Her eyes widened but her lips were singing the song… i was still on my knees when she raised her hand and sang those words…
Nee Vaendumae, Entha Nilaiyilum Enakkendru, Nee Pothume
I need you, in all my situations, all I need is you.
I had tears in my eyes… she spoke her heart to me… i pulled her to me and she saw me and when she was about to say something i husked all are yes to us… we will get married soon u happy… i asked and her eyes widened… the music behind was still going and she placed her hand over my chest and i grabbed the other hand and we danced to the tune and on the last bit of the music i twisted her and hugged her tight….
The whole place was shaken by the claps and we blushed looking at each other and Sam and Neil came and hugged us… when i turned i saw Teji and Manya were looking at us and i knew teji had crush on Radhika but i cannot help for that…
Few years later….
I came back from my office… when i entered my house all i was able to hear was her sweet voice… she was singing a cute lulaby for Ruhi… my brother’s daughter… 1 and half year old… she was just like her aunty… like my queen…and her way to sleep is Radhika should sing… and i should say she turned my life more lovable with her sweet voice… we used to sing dance and always she will make my heart flatter with her presence….

hey when did u come ?? she asked me by placing Ruhi in the sofa of the hall and was about to stand…. i immediately went and held her and made her stand…
A month for ur date and u r still not taking care Radhika not done… i said with a fake anger tone… i thought she would pacify me but when i turned i saw her picking ruhi in her hands and started to walk… i rushed and pulled ruhi in my arms and gave one look to Radhika and said ; ok im sorry…
Hmm saying so she sat on the couch and was drinking the juice and was watching some thing in the Tv… i placed ruhi in her bed and came back and found my queen sleeping in the sitting position…

I thought of myself… one kid done next one to go come on Arjun u can do it… thinking so i picked her in my hand and walked towards our room….
Taddaa bunny back.. this is the last part… how is it ?? nice thats how they are living happily ever after… so my dear readers can u share me your views ?? Love u all stay blessed and always smile… muhhaaaa One over next one to go… lol will come back soon.. trust me now… ha ha ha

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  1. Akka that song was my favourite.thank you for that.I loved it final arjun’s care to radhika.this gonna be one of my favourite ff.thank you once again luv you take care

    1. S.v

      chashni thank u so much awww thank u so much muhhhaaa baby doll… bear my tight hugs… muhhhaaa

  2. Sulbi

    OMG… SV darling… today u were with full energy… May be boost…. is that jazz kutty suggested you… lol… just for fun darling… really am smiling wide and jumping in happiness… you gave back to back and you ended so cutely… and lovely… loved it darling… one kid done next one to go come on Arjun… ha loved…. SV darling thats my favvvvv song…. wow perfect couple and lovely song for them… loved it… love you aloads and aloads darling….stay happy and tc 🙂

    1. Sulbi

      Am first…. so happy… yahoooo… 🙂

    2. S.v

      sulbi ha ha ha jazz kuttykaga than idha ezhudhinadhey she loves that song very very much… he he he …. Awww even this is my fav song… semaya irundhucha ?? thank u so much sulbi love u so much….

  3. it was very delighted…very nice and cute…enjoyed all five shots…thank you..come back with more cute stories…lots of love

    1. S.v

      Krishna thank u so much dear will update more love u stay blessed

  4. Dipika

    Omg cutieeer m do overwhelmed.. So much love.. Now u make me feel to have arjun beside me.. Holding me tight in hug… I love tht song so much.. What a deep meaning it holds.. Sacj me.. U msde mr really overwhelmed… This love story is so cute n lovely…. I fell for it.. Rather i fell for writer.. Love u lots….. U rocked it babe.. Tight huggg.. Muhhaaa

    1. S.v

      Dheeps thank u so much my hands are wide open to hold u dear… woo see i made u fall for my ss im great ha ha ha collars up… eeeeee tight hugs to u too love u so much… waiting for ur updates…. both….

  5. arti viswanathan

    Sv darling superb,excellent,outstanding,awesome,mind-blowing episode…. I loved it… I liked all the scenes dear… The part was ardhika’s scenes and singing and proposing was excellently written dear… loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…….

    1. S.v

      arti thank u so much…. ha ha ha the proposal part was the base of this plot dear… glad u loved it…im happy love u so much and teddy hugs tooo…. muhhaaa

  6. Superb nice one

    1. S.v

      thank u so much meenakshi

  7. Jewel

    sv, continuous updates, wow…. bt the story get over : ( …. the chapter was really nice…. the song that was my favorite song, this one and enai matrum kathalai also….. i love that part…. bt as arjun i also wanted to know when she started loving him…. bt its ok u left something for me to imagine, now i am imagine how rads fall for him…. the last part also really nice…. chapter was really beautiful sv,… waiting for such stories…. and plz post other ffs also…..

    1. S.v

      jewel thank u so much ha ha ha there is a surprise for u as u asked me about rads Pov im writing it will update both here and there… but can type only one chap…. will complete one by one like this so that i can come up with new ff… love u so much muhhhaaa bear hugs…

  8. Brin

    Outstanding , the ending was too good, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. S.v

      thank u so much brin and once again belated happy bday this was ur bday treat remember… eeeeeee

  9. Really nice..

    1. S.v

      thank u so much Anika

  10. Hey Dear SV
    Just finished all 5 shots… first I read the 5th shot and it was so interesting that it made me read all 4 shots n then again the 5th shot…
    It’s really really AMAZING and very sweet love story….
    I don’t know how many times again I’ll read..
    Thanks my dear for such a nice story… be HAPPY always n…
    Happy Republic DAY

    1. S.v

      thank u so much savera… im so much blessed to read ur words…. god u make me feel so much high with ur words…. love u so much and stay blessed and dont forget to smile… yup belated happy republic day…

  11. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww speciallllllll…u wrote marvellously flawlessly beautiful. …arjun made everyone ready for his n rads marriage n tried to pacify her…n she so deep in love with him didn’t leave his hand…awwww
    ..the song was really beautiful n soon lovelyyy the meaning of lyrics touched my heart so deeply. …this song n ardhika’s lovely romantic moments made this story even more special. …just like you…it’s adorable n phenomenal….nesam in back drop were soooo cute n manya…lol…arjun gave her tit for tat…ardhika were fantabulous. …rads singing lullaby to ruhi…n arjun took his queen in his arms…its the bestttttt place for her…wowwww awesome plot n outstanding narration. ..very lovely story. .loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ..I’m very luckyyy to read this unique amazing awesoooooome piece of art. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling special… ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 ;*

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