Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the court hearing. Raman gets angry seeing Suhail. The court proceedings start. Laywer accuses Suhail for making Ruhi’s MMS and blackmailing her, he acted to be her friend and took her to blackmailer, he killed that man saying he is the blackmailer, but Suhail himself is blackmailer, he gave drug overdose to Vikram and tattoo artist to stop them from giving statement, Pihu is Ruhi’s younger sister, she is the witness, she has seen Suhail doing the murder, she is 8 years old and is brought here. Judge asks them to get Pihu.

Raman asks Pihu not to get scared. Lawyer asks Pihu to tell judge whom did she see that night. Pihu sees Suhail and recalls. She points to Suhail and says I m sure I have seen him. Pihu is sent out. Lawyer says by Pihu’s testimony, its clear that Suhail killed that man, but just Suhail knows the truth, he can tell who was that man, Suhail has shot that man. Ruhi comes and says no…..Suhail did not murder him. They all get shocked seeing Ruhi in court.

Ruhi says I have to give statement, Suhail did not murder anyone, I have done it, I m the murderer. Everyone get shocked. Suhail smiles. Ishita and Raman ask Ruhi what is she saying, is she mad, she knows Suhail is playing games. Ruhi says I came here to accept my crime, I have killed that man. Raman and Ishita stop her. Ruhi shouts she has done the murder.

Romi holds Raman. Judge stops all of them and asks them to sit quiet, let Ruhi say, she is free to say. Ruhi goes in witness box and swears to just say truth. She says that man died by getting shot, he was the blackmailer who made my video, Papa and Ishimaa were worried, there was just one guy whom I could trust, Suhail… Raman says she got mad. Ruhi says Suhail and I went to give money to that blackmailer, but blackmailer threatened us, we fought and I shot him, Suhail did not do anything, I m the culprit. Ishita says she is lying. Raman says don’t know why she is lying. Judge asks Raman to sit quiet, else he will be send out. Suhail’s lawyer says its open and shut case, my client is innocent. Raman’s lawyer says we have eye witness Pihu. Ishita says Ruhi is in love with Suhail, he was cheating all of us, you have all proof. Ruhi says Pihu gave that statement as she is asked to say this, Pihu is unwell, she is undergoing counselling, she imagines things. Raman and Ishita ask Ruhi what is she saying. Judge says let her speak, I will dismiss this case.

Ruhi says if you don’t find my words true, talk to Pihu’s counselor. Judge asks them to call Dr. Bohra. Dr. Bohra talks to judge. He asks is Pihu Bhalla your patient, I m judge and this is a legal procedure. She says yes, she is my patient. He asks how is Pihu, she is prime witness in this crime case. She says no, how can she become prime witness, her state is fragile, its better to keep her away. Suhail’s lawyer asks did Pihu block that incident if she has seen someone dear doing the crime. She says it may happen, Pihu is a little girl, she is going through trauma, keep her away from this, else she can get unwell. Judge thanks her. Ishita says we could not take Pihu for counselling again, after she recalled everything. Suhail’s lawyer says she has taught this to witness.

Judge asks Ruhi what happened that night. Ruhi says I got blackmailer’s call that night, he asked for 20 lakhs, I did not wish to hurt my parents, Suhail told me that he will help me in arranging money, he accompanied me, but I did murder. Raman says she has gone mad, Suhail has brainwashed her. Lawyer says Ruhi is 17 year old, I want permission to talk to her. Judge says fine, we will resume case after 30mins, till then you can interact with Ruhi.

Ananya waits for Simmi. Lady asks did your mumma not come, shall I drop you. Ananya says no, mumma will come. Gaurav comes and says Simmi had work, she asked me to pick you, come. He says we will have icecream or something on the way. She says no, you are not my dad. He says I don’t want to become like your dad, he is a bad man. She says you are lying. He says I m not lying, your mumma did not tell you truth, its high time, you should know it, sit in the car. She refuses. He asks her to sit.

Raman asks Ruhi what is she doing, if she makes confession, they will send her to jail. Ishita says you know Suhail is Niddhi’s brother, I took you to him to end ties, then…..Raman gets shocked and asks Ishita do you realize what…. Lawyer says wait, let me talk to Ruhi. He says Ruhi, all proof is against Suhail. Ruhi says no, I know my parents told you Suhail is guilty, truth is I truly love Suhail and trust him, he did a lot for me, its my turn, when Ishi Maa told me everything, I felt Suhail did this to take revenge, I went to ask him an answer, I slapped him ad asked him why did he cheat me, but he gave me a letter when I left. FB shows Suhail giving a letter to Ruhi, and asking her to read it once if she loved him, maybe you will understand I m innocent, don’t tell anyone about this. FB ends.

Ruhi says when I reached home, I was scared and read that letter, Suhail wrote he truly loves me, and they are punishing him to love me. Raman looks at Ishita angrily. Ruhi asks why does Ishita hate Suhail, what if he is Niddhi’s brother, is Niddhi is criminal, will he be criminal too. Raman says how to explain you. Ruhi says he truly loves me. Ishita says he does not. Ruhi says I love him and will do anything to save him. Raman says listen to me Ruhi. Ruhi cries and goes. Raman and Ishita run after her. Suhail smiles seeing this and thinks to ruin Ruhi’s life, as Raman ruined his family.

Judge says Ruhi did murder, but she is 17 years old, she will be sent to juvenile remand home, she will be shifted to central jail when she turns 18. Judge announces 10 years of imprisonment. Everyone cry. Suhail acts like defending Ruhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. mag girl!ruhi had just gone mad ..her isha ma did so much for her n there she is dfndng suhail,, that rubbish..



    2. Totally agree with you … Yesdoll

    3. Love Doll

      Yes totally agree with you

      It’s total crap

    4. Khushiarvind

      Completly agree with you…
      Yhm is going thru the most worst phasr now with no come back

    5. Shreya shetty

      Love Doll,i am with u and yes I too totally agree with u r opinion.nowdays this show is turning out to be a fictionous one and not nice.even I too am very crossed out with all those annoying spoilers and leaps,just end this show once and for all.had enough of tolerating such nonsense created by those mindless wirters and directors,in fact why did the have to create such a show where only evil exists and not good

    6. Yes I agree with you..

    7. I can think of a lot of words that would describe what the cv’s have done to YHM. But lets not go there and just stick to fedup. Totally agree with you.

    8. Fed up to the max! I feel you girl. this is so stupid and BS, Ruhi cannot see anything but her “love”… stupid ruhi doesnt remember all the hardship Nidhi gave her, and even then ISHITA save her, and now she isnt trusting her. Please just finish this rubbish drama now, its been over a year we are seeing nidhi and ruhi bullshit. Atleast Ashok was better !

  3. hi all yhm fans. go to hell u brainless writers.u dont have a story. rest in peace yhm

  4. WOW ???

  5. Adejoke


  6. RIP YHM Divyanka & Karan start finding a new serial

    1. very true hi … atleast if KP and DT can pack their bags and go home and stop acting … appreciate them and understand them ..

  7. Hi Riya, Sindhu, vp, Shivani, magic, Vrish, Isuri, tia, shreya , bagya, priya, rithushree, rithu sharma, valpa, rishitha, reshmi, mino, saba, marin, ridika, zaiba, ahs, tvfan1, priyamvadha, parichary, Hp, sachin, Hansi, shirani, mp, Ananya, jassi, Sana, mona, leila, leelee, kushi, Adithya, Madhu, Siddi, jaz,susan, jay, Raghu, smitha, Tom, kaira, Gaurav , Devakhi, Sarika, Nisha ,Raj, super girl, sia, Gloria, isaaq, azizah,.. hope you all doing fine..

    Riya my friend.. how are you.. I really miss you.. sorry for not commenting regularly…

    Episode is worthless. CVs are useless.. how could the drag this show soo much. I mean it’s too much.. I’ve had enough of this stupid track.. Always problems. No love and peace.

    Magic,, I have replied to your comment..??

    1. Hi Priyaa totally rubbish very true

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi priya..
      Doing gr8 dear..
      Juz fed up with the current track…
      Missing that charismatic old yhm

  8. this show which was almost a reality is become boring stupid not worth watching.

  9. Hi all

    What a drama. This will be the final nail in the coffin for YHM. Already it has dropped out of the TRP ratings.
    What a waste of DT and KP acting talent. This serial should have finished long ago. and retained that beautiful storyline, however 1045 episodes later it has turned into pure bakwaas.
    Given it is a serial and certain “only in the movies “scenes are allowed but seriously what do the CV’s think, idiots are watching.

    I don’t see YHM getting any awards this year. really very sad.

    1. very true Jay … waste of talented and gifted KP and DT .. they should stop acting atleast for fans …Both parents together if worked together to save their daughter without this melo drama , cvs cud have done . This judge can punish for one year till Ruhi is 18 yrs he has no right to verdict it for ten years and that too 9 years in central jail . what cvs r thinking viewers are idiots ..too much freedom is given to Ruhi … she has forhotten the pain and torture Nidhi did , either she is black mailed again . How come sohail cud write a letter nd give Ruhi . Ishithas big mistake … Kp acted so well … his anger on Ishitha is justified . Seriously hope Ishra will not seperate … Mrs Bhalla may call Shaghun to take care of Pihu … oh such illogical way the storyline is going … cvs pls stop it .today was the worst episode …

    2. No VP….

      Pihu refused to stay with Bhalla and Shagun because she is much close to Ishita. If Raman and Bhalla throw Ishita out of Bhalla house then Pihu will get angry and pack her thing and move in Pati (Iyer’s house) that will shattered Bhalla family and Shagun irked.Toshi will tell Ishita to send Pihu back to Bhalla house in front of Pihu and Ishita breakdown. Raman and Pihu witness this and get worry about Ishita condition. Pihu stop Toshi and yell at Raman for hurting Ishita. Pihu tell Bhalla family that she don’t want to stay with them because I made Ishma promise that she will not leave me and she keep her promise that she will not leave me and you tell Ishma to leave house and me. Raman agree with Pihu and tell Ishita to take Pihu with you and don’t worry about Toshi. Toshi fumed and tell Mr Bhalla to stop Pihu leaving but Mr Bhalla refused to help Toshi and blame on Raman. Mr Bhalla support Ishita and so is Adi and Pihu. Romi feel bad and he loves bhabi and so is Mihika. Raman will send Mihika to check Ishita if she is okay. Pihu, Adi and Mihika will give Raman update about Ishita’s health.

  10. It is true girls nowadays behaving like Ruhi never believe parents n advise . They think they know everything n act smart n this stupid arsols brain wash this stupid girls who grow up in this freedom country.
    Yes frustrating at the end parents get old n die due to stress. That’s the reality in this new world

    1. very true Arshani … Hi all … Mino where r you ? Hope you r ok .., miss your comments .

    2. Khushiarvind

      Your evry word is true arshani.. These days kida are easily got affected by such type of infactuations and goea against parents whogive away their entire life for them.. In the end they will fall in to bitter situations. In some cases being blind in love they evn lose their mental stability… Feel really bad while reading or hearing abt such incidents…
      Yhm is pointing out a social issue bt not in a gud sense at all

  11. Mad ruhi feel like killing her doesn’t understand what is right

    1. Shreya shetty

      ritika,me too I do feel the same my friend.take me along too I too wish of giving one slap on that ruhis face!!!a 17 year old girl,even after being told the truth about sohails real colours,this spoilt selfish little teen girl is driving all of us crazy and nuts.better she should stay in jail itself only because that’s her actually hell home where she deserves to be rotten there
      pagal ladki jo ek gungeghaar apni aap ko saabhit kiya aur us kamine sohail ko be chod diya.kitni besharam ho gayi ruhi ko,use wahi par rehni hogi tabi uski maansik satoolon teek ho jaayega

    2. Shreya … I too feel one slap not only Ruhi but to the Directors too . 17 year old infatuation is like that shreya … I have vitnessed a few … wont listen to anyone .. but parents cant lose their children … this is unwanted freedom is given to girls ..but I feel Sohail has back again threatened her and now Ruhi is doing only to save Ishra and family . I feel

    3. Shreya shetty

      Ur point is absolutely correct Vp,but I don’t understand what mustve gotten into these directors mindests on creating such an unexpected worst scene ever where that 17 yr old ruhi goes to prison that too in such an early age for committing a murder
      I hope ishita will come to save her precious little girl ruhi from that shameless guy evil Dracula sohail whos none other than nidhis brother to seek revenge from the family.i was guessing that something is fishy about that guy at first and now my suspicions are true,sohail is really a wicked man who tries to blackmail girls especially ruhi to this stage
      let ruhi stay in prison for a few days and she ll learn some good manners on experiencing how it feels to be a faulty criminal by defending her fake love for this havoc matter.also this show is turning creepier than ever these days and hoping that it shall end soon otherwise we all the yhm fans out here would be obsessed by this disgusting dramas created by those writers
      yes I too feel like that VP,these writers and directors have gone completely insane on making this show,they should ve thought of presenting a good on at the first place.

  12. I heard that raman will blame ishita for ruhi condition raman will leave the villan and blame ishitha for everything he tells that he love ishitha very much but he wont trust or care for ishitha a bit love first step is trust and caring and raman never give respect to ishitha feelings he loves ishitha and praises her when situtation is good but when sitution becomes bad he blames ishitha for everyting and says she is a badluck for him and his family he never supported ishitha in tough times if ishra get sperated again then ishitha shouldnt unite with raman again

  13. How to wite fan fiction i want to wtite fanfiction on YHM

  14. What a stupid logic, the juvenile rapist of Delhi Raoe case was 17 and he is now roaming free, not serving additional 10 or life term after serving the juvenile prison term. The show makers should get their basics right.

  15. Raman should punish Ishita for her crime against Ruhi. Why Ishita always hide important matters with Raman. Today I felt if Ishita will be the real mother of Ruhi she would have not allowed Ruhi to meet Sohail going against Raman. Some times parents have to be strict for their chiidrens safety. Ruhi 17 years but Ishita is mature enough to understand the seriousness of this matter.

  16. Anybody agree with me.plz let me know thank you.

    1. Shreya shetty

      I am sorry but to be frankly speaking I don’t think so summi.the first line u have mentioned that raman should punish ishita for her crime against ruhi was so wrong and authentic.
      I am not at all judging ur comment my dear,but why are u blaming ishu.what has she done to ruhi???ok I agreed that ishitas mistake was giving a whole lot of freedom to that stubborn and spoilt ruhi girl which rottened her mindest up!!!
      is there any crime did ishita ever commit??tell right,then why do u expect raman to punish her after all,he has no right to raise his hands on his wife or either divorce her because the entire bhalla family stands in support with ishita only and shortly with raman
      perhaps u r right summi,ishita is very truly mature woman whos perfect to be a mother of 3,but she should have told this truth to ruhi earlier before itself otherwise this wouldn’t have happened like this at all

    2. I wouldn’t agree with you. Raman still love Ishita so much. Raman did not know the reason why Ishita take Ruhi to meet Sohail. Ishita will tell Raman about Ruhi drama that night where she want to spilt her wrist in front of her and told her truth about Sohail relationship with Nidhi as sibling that Ruhi had breakdown and cried. Ruhi demand her to see Sohail so that Ruhi will end everything but did not know about why Ruhi changed her mind. Wait a minute, Ruhi did mentioned that Sohail send Ruhi a letter. Raman and Ishita will look for sohail letter and could not find it.

      Raman and Ishtia will beat Sohail badly. Ishita warn Sohail and tell him that they are not responsible for his father death and they have nothing to do with his father’s death. sohail get confused but act ignored. Sohail ask Ishita to free Nidhi then Raman and Ishita refused and give their condition also that make Sohail breakdown. Sohail beg Ishita to get Nidhi free. Nidhi will give Raman and Ishita a condition that if they want to save Ruhi so that they should get divorce. Raman and Ishita get shattered. Raman and Ishita discussed how to save Ruhi and do the small separation. Pihu and Adi will be angry on Ruhi for Raman and Ishita separation.

  17. Wth seriously ruhi only met suhail for a few months n knew her parents for her life she is so ott n overreacting n ishita no t doing much too much freedom agree with u guys so bad u can tell she is soplit she is just so in love with sohail but wat about the tatto nothing against tht the ctv cameras shows tht there was a man with tatto n he had it as well n he was in Australia both if them wtah so overdramatic ott. YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH PARDES MEIN HAI MERA DIL its so good its after yhm i really like it n recommend it for guys really like a lot of scene.

  18. Totally rubbish episode influences teenagers to copy like carbon copy. This is what freedom in this. Ountry influences to talk to parents. Teenagers nowadays think they know everything and never listen to parents. It is stupid story live is blind!! It is true. Stop this dumb episode forever I’m gonna cancel this channel forever !!

  19. kuch v dikhate ho yaar… dimag kaam nai kar raha kya. ye Nidhi off screen reh kar or kitna dhamaka karegi.. stop it now n plz show some happy wala momentsss

  20. Poor Ruhi she is blackmailed by Suhail to take the blame on herself otherwise he will kill her parents…In the upcoming episodes it will show how she is badly missing IshRa but behaving very badly when they come to meet her as she can’t share the truth with them coz she don’t want to risk their life… Just hope IshRa soon finds a solution to this and takestheir daughter out of this mess

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