Manmarziyan 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun saying he knows Radhika did not do anything, but how will she prove this, who will trust her. He gives her some nuts saying this is the price of your trust in this city, have this on the way to Rishikesh. He leaves. Radhika recalls Sam’s words and cries. Manmarziyan………….plays………………. Neil recalls his love confession to Sam. Sam comes to him and says she wants to talk. He says I have some work. She stops him. He says yesterday night… She says that’s between us, what you feel and why, we will talk later, I need my friend right now. He asks what happened, are you fine.

Radhika comes home and cries. She gets a call from home and talks to Dada ji. She says she is missing him and cries. Dada ji asks the problem and pacifies her. She says I m very scared, trust is lost somewhere. Neil says Radhika can’t do this, don’t you trust her. Sam says I don’t have time to trust, I can’t see failure in my mum’s eyes, I don’t want to lose my mum, whom I got after many years, I can’t break my parents dream, I want my idiot back for one day. He says idiot reporting. She smiles.

Arjun sees them working. Samrat gives coffee to Piyali. Its night, they all gather to show their works to Arjun. He says sorry guys, none of the idea is great to present to Maybelline, I m sorry Piyali. Piyali says I understand, its impossible to think idea for a big account, we will tell them that we don’t have anything. Arjun says this account would be of birdsong if Radhika did not cheat, don’t let Radhika go off easily. Sam says problem will happen now. She tells Neil that she has to go home and asks him come. Sam leaves with Neil.

Arjun tells Bonnie that if he breaks trust, their support will also break. Neil and Sam come home and talk to Radhika. Radhika says trust me, I did not do anything. Sam says what should I do of your tears, I don’t need your tears. Neil says Sam… Sam says you felt I will forget this so soon. Radhika swears she did not do anything. Sam asks how did this happen without doing anything. She says you can’t run. She says you ended distance between me and mum, I can’t forget this ever. She wipes Radhika’s tears and hugs her. Radhika gets relieved. Neil asks whats the plan to fight with this. Radhika gets thinking and makes some great lines.

Sam also does her work and sees Neil. Neil also makes some lines, and sees Sam and Radhika sleeping. Its morning, they get ready and eat curd and sugar. Arjun tells I m sorry, we don’t have any presentation and Neil stops him. He brings Sam and Radhika in the presentation. Piyali says Sam… Arjun is stunned. Sam says mum, lets give another chance to dreams. Neil sets the projector and they all see it. Radhika gives the presentation and again says on trust.

Piyali gets a call from Maybelline and tells everyone that they got the account. She says they loved the presentation. They all get glad. Sam hugs Radhika. Arjun looks at her. Neil says the credit goes to Radhika. Samrat thanks her for saving this company. Radhika says I did not do anything, Arjun Sir did all this. Arjun smiles. Radhika goes to him and says I would have not been here if he did not explain me the value of trust, thanks. Sam hugs Samrat. She gives back the nuts to him. He holds her hand in anger and looks on.

Piyali says tonight will be party, this one will be for Radhika. Neil gets a call from Sam, and a man tells him that Sam fainted on the road and runs to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Take that arjun…

  2. thnx amena… luved it!!! waiting to c more of rad-arjun….

  3. Wat is this precap true ?? ??

  4. You deserve it arjun

  5. Actually ka mast popat hua aaj toh :p :p rads will get on ur nervers dear 😀 maza aaya loved tdyz episode

  6. Radhu u gave a gud … No no ….a very BIG NOSE CUT … TO tht arjun …. He would not have expected this nose cut ….. Come on arjun u can’t easily get away with r RADHU ….. Got it …

  7. Actually arjun ka *

  8. hey guys…todays episode radhika ruled it…and sam neil supported her and made radhika waiting for arjun to face radhika..and radhika is such bold and now she can face anyone…and the precap is scary but neil will protect sam at any cost..he will be there at any cost…

  9. Killed it rads tdy toh yaar
    lov u neil n sam truly defined titile dosti yaariaan manmarzian tdy u three ppl. Hehe popat of arjun so sad poor boonie(bhootni) n arjun too. Rads will drive u mad arjun u can’t run frm her. Its nature s rule of opposite attract mirchi arjun n chasni rads . Sweetu neil n khati- meethi sam. Loved tdyz episode lov u manmarzian cast n serial.

  10. Lil worried …… But in this precap scene don’t want any arjun’s interference …. And also don’t want any trap for cute Neil ….

  11. I too thot same devgha I fear its a trap for neil
    btw hi all mfs (manmarziaan fans)

  12. guys what is so scary about the precap..i didnt get..

  13. I fear it may b a trap to Neil by arjun … May b he ( arjun ) understood abt Neil’s confession and he wants to separate Neil from Sam … 🙁
    Anything can happen just an imagination dear

  14. i dont think so…what trap he can do and now arjuns attention is with radhika …so i dont think so…and also i heard about the party sequence…

  15. 2days episode was a lyk grt mixer of fruit salad…every lil thing was so perfect.startng wit radhika her emotions while talking wit her grandpa was such an heart melting scene…u truely deserve to b d lead of dis unique show,neil-Sam combo is so cute even thy r in d awkward situation…when sam said 2 chashni tht “wht to do wit ur tears no need of tht” the way Neil reactd in amuse & called Sam out in a way of defending chashni & after their hug wen he said “aunty o” it was such an relieving way of making some one calm & make thm smile,wrapping bedsheets fr chashni & saminder singh shws his caring 2wrds thm….he is soo in luv wit saminder Singh.i wish she gets 2 c Neil’s pure & true luv soon,,,,,,Arjun radhika toh full on tashan.wen she gav d credit to Arjun his expressin ws worth watching,he ws totally embarrassed & dnt knw hw to react & jst shwing off his fake smile ? radhika carried away her faith in her xpressions …..its soo gud to c chashni happy. PRECAP : wen Neil pick d phn he said y r u calling me,I’m nt intrestd to talk abt my proposal now…. So it’s clear she called him many times so nly he pickd d call & reactd lyk tht,so sam might planned to faint fakely so Neil wil come to c her….I guess

  16. Kadoos arjun saheb, chashni radhika ji, swami neilkant baba, idiot ki pyaari saminder singh ji all u guys r rocking…keep up d gud wrk guys….#ArDhika & #NeSam

  17. Shravan is acting awsm!!!

  18. Hey sukriti missed u for two days

  19. Boring episode

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