Code Red 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

April 2015, Milk Colony, Goregaon, Mumbai:
Some people are looking for a kid named Munna in the jungle. They look in every corner but in vain. They feel that the leopard might have taken it. it is unsure if Munnawill be alive or not. Bhura (munna’s father) cries out loud for his son.

Kabir is with the policemen. He discusses about the case. Approx 22 people have been killed in a similar accident. Inspector too has been living in that area since long. It takes only 4 hours to find the prey of a leopard. A leopard cannot take its prey too far.

Bhura’s House, Milk Colony:
Bhura’s parents are distraught. Kabir looks at them from a distance. Bhura goes out to talk to ths Inspector. Munna had gone to the fields like every day but he dint return. People feel it is a leopard. A forest official denies. We have searched the entire place but have found no footprints.

Goregaon police station:
Bhura shares that Munna was the apple of their parents’ eye. He is our everything.

Flashback: Bhura and his family are celebrating Holi. A few (Dubey ji and two more guys) neighbours also come to wish them. Munna talks about his new cow, Jersey cow. People tease BHura if he is planning to put an end to their tabelas. They talk about the new additions in BHura’s house – the tv, the new bike. Bhura’s wife can sense it that they are envious of Bhura’s accomplishments. Bhura gives credit to Munna. Everything became good since he was born. The neighbours leave.

Munna calls the other two guys (Mahi and Billa) devils. They look just like the ones in my books. He shows his book to his parents. Bhura’s wife too feels the same but Bhura denies. They are normal people. What do you see in us when you look at us? Munna replies Ram ji and SIta Maiyya. The happy parents hug their son.

Next day, the new cow comes to Bhura’s house. Munna is very excited. Mahi and Billa watch Bhura enviously. Dubey ji congratulates Munna for his new cow. Munna asks his mother to put a kajal mark on the cow as well. She does so. Munna is jumping continuously and he calls his new cow Munna’s cow!

Present: Munna was very happy. He used to feed the cow himself. We had no idea that our happiness was short lived. His school was closed down for vacations.

Flashback: I used to take him with me whenever I used to go to the customers’ houses to deliver milk. Munna is awed with the big city. Bhura comes to give milk at someone’s house. Munna looks at the kids inside the house. They are playing on Xbox. The kids too eye Munna curiously. Munna looks towards the tv eagerly.

Milk colony, Goregaon:
Bhura tells his wife to put the money in savings bank account. I have started saving money for him already. Munna goes outside to feed the cow. He notices two people trying to steal the cow. He calls out for his father. He recognizes one of the guy as he tries to flee. Munna’s parents come out but the guys run away. Munna shares that one of them was Mahi Kaka.

Dubey ji warns Mahi to stay away from Bhura’s house. Mahi vows to take revenge from BHura.

Present: Munna went missing 2 days later. Do anything but please bring him back. Kabir asks about Munna’s routine. Bhura says Munna dint go to play that day. Kabir and the Inspector realise that Munna was picked up before he could reach the fields. Bhura leaves. Kabir too leaves.

Kabir is sure leopard hasn’t picked up Munna. I have doubt on those 2 people. Sakshi adds that Munna too used to see them as devils. Kabir adds that Mahi had threatened BHura too. I have a doubt that they might have kidnapped Munna. Sakshi urges him to fulfil his responsibility.

Inspector beats Mahender Yadav (Mahi) and Billa. Dint you threaten Bhura? Weren’t you jealous of his good luck? Inspector threatens to give them shock when Mahi agrees to tell him everything.

Flashback: Munna tells his mother that she gives him good milk, cream and paneer since Jersey cow has come. What will Baba sell if you give everything to me? His mother tells him not to worry about it. Mahi is watching everything from far. Munna goes out to play with his friends. His mother tells him to be back before sunset. Mahi informs Billa about Munna heading towards the fields. Billa tells him to go home and he covers his face. He has his gun ready to shoot at Munna but he disappears before Billa could do anything.

Present: It wasn’t Munna. He dint come to play that day. We haven’t picked him up. Kabir too comes there. Inspector tells Kabir about it. I don’t think they are involved in it. Constable informs him that a dead body has been found in an old well. Kabir and Inspector leave to find out who it is.

They pull Munna out of the well. He is long dead. Bhura and his wife reach there too. They are heartbroken by their son’s death. Kabir is in thoughts. The body is taken away by the ambulance.

A.G.P. Hospital:
Doc shares that the kid was attacked multiple times. He had a head fracture plus there are cut marks all over his body. It was some kind of a stick but it wasn’t sharp. It cannot be an animal and not even a person who is mentally fit. It is easy to kill a kid but who will kill a kid so mercilessly?

8pm, old well, Goregaon:
Kabir comes towards the well. He thinks of everyone’s statement. He starts looking around for some clue. He finds something in a nearby bush and picks it up using a handkerchief.

Bhura’s house:
Bhura’s mom caresses her son’s photos. She cannot stop crying as she thinks of her son. She thinks of their happier times. She thinks of the unfortunate day and of how they found Munna’s dead body. She looks at the ceiling fan. She picks up a duvet and is about to put it around her neck when Munna walks up to her. She gets down and hugs her son lovingly. Where did you go? You wont go anywhere leaving me right? He shakes his head. what were you doing? She says I was just trying to come near you. He advises her against it. who will give food to Baba then? She agrees. You wont leave me ever right? He wipes her tears. Everything will be fine. She hugs him again. Someone knocks on the door. She goes towards the door but Munna disappears by then. She removes the duvet and keeps it back. It is Kabir. He is looking for Bhura.

Kabir tells Bhura to think if he can recognize this toy. Is it of Bhura or of some other kid in the village? Bhura denies. This is a toy of the city kids. He realises that he has seen this kind of toy with Mehta ji’s kids. He is my customer.

Mehta’s House: Inspector shows the toys to Mr. Mehta. Do they belong to your kids? Mr. Mehta says it might be but its possible that someone might have stolen them. Inspector addresses the kids. Tell me what happened with Munna. I wont do anything to you. The kids start crying. We only have killed him. Their mother tries to cover up but Inspector tells her to let the kids speak up. One of the kids say, Bhura uncle used to come to our house daily. He used to bring Munna with him sometimes too. We also used to go to his house when he dint use to turn up.

Flashback: Mrs. Mehta talks to her husband about the thin milk. Bhura says that Jersey cow’s milk is thin. Mr. Mehta still feels Bhura is doing some mix up in the milk. The kids overhear their convo. They even change the names of their characters in the game as Munna and Bhura (devils). They decide to do a real stunt that day.

Munna is going out towards the fields when he notices Mehta’s kids in their usual dress up of the game. He gets happy. He agrees to play with them. They make him their target. We are superheroes and you are the devil. Munna declines. You maybe the superheroes but I am no devil. I will look on from a distance. He tries to walk away but the kids are all set to attack. They start hitting Munna badly. Munna cries out in pain and falls on the ground. The kids continue to attack the so called devil. Will you mix water in the milk again? They sense no movement and try to wake Munna.

We couldn’t understand anything. The devil gets up in the second round but Munna dint even move. We got scared. We threw him in the well. The kids hide their toys and flee from the spot in their bicycles. Mrs. Mehta tries to protect her kids again but Mr. Mehta is distressed with what they have done. He tries to hit them but Bhura stops him from hurting the kids. They are kids, they are innocent. They are not at fault. This bad game took my son’s life. I lost my everything. He decides to do the last rites of Munna now. The kids are taken away by the police.

Bhura turns to Kabir. What was my son’s fault? What did he do wrong? Honesty cost us dearly. Kabir too is in tears.

A charge sheet was filed on Akash and Sagar in under Juvenile Justice Act. They were sent to some kids care centre. Court ordered Mehta’s to pay 1 lacs to Bhura but he refused to take it. IT industry respected the PIL filed against it. Government is also working on making new strict laws on the same so such crime is not repeated.

Such crimes are very much prevalent in America and Japan but the government there has made strict laws now. In our country too, government is taking immediate action after knowing about such cases. Gaming industry is actually selling violence in the name of entertainment. They have actually taken the kids from the playgrounds to their rooms. Instead of teaching Self defence they are teaching kids about fights / killing people. Parents too should think before fulfilling the demands of their kids. Choose their video games too. Take them back to the playground. Explain to them that violence, whether real or virtual, can harm people. Think before buying a video game for them. Think if it is snatching their childhood from them?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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