Manan – Unforgettable Love Forever 42

Recap : Fab 5 decide to follow Nandhini to her Native.
Next Morning Manik called Rhagav and tells him that Mr. Malhotra decided to get carnatic and classical training for Space students in chennai under Mrs. Manonmani Murthy who is Nandhini’s grandmother for 2 weeks. Rhagav is very happy to hear that it would be better to get the students well in music and dance, so he said yes and all the process finished 20 students is ready to start including Fab 5 and Navya. They going to start early morning after Nandhini.
Here nandhini is ready in evening she is starting at 6 and waiting for Manik’s call but Manik is busy in getting ready for his trip. Nandhini lost her patience and calls him.
Manik : Hai nandhini.

Nandhini : Hai Manik, i was waiting for ur call.
Manik : Oh i was in meeting, so u left.
Nandhini : No going to, i called to inform u thats all.
Manik : Ok c u after 1 week bye.
Nandhini : Just a plain bye.
Manik : Ya what r u expecting, do u want me to come with u.
Nandhini : No, i miss u Manik.

Manik : Me too nandhini, bye i have to resume the meeting.
Nandhini : Ok bye. Ayappa, he just said a simple bye, matlab he dont miss me, but ayappa iam already missing him what iam going to do in this 1 week, i dont know how iam able to be away with him. Chachi calls her and all 4 starts to chennai in eve 6’o clock flight happily except nandhini, she is little upset. They reached by night 11 in chennai Amms is very happy to c them.
Amms : Happy to c u all, now it will look like a house without u all its just a building and cries.
Chachi : Amma now we all came na dont worry.

Chacha : Ah amma we will make this building as house r u happy now.
Rishab : Hugs her and wipes her tears and say that he will be with her for ever.
Nandhini : Amms i missed u soooo muchhhhh.
Amms : Ok come lets have the dinner. They all starts there dinner, Nandhini is still upset abt Manik and missing him. Nandhu what r u thinking have na.
Nandhini : Ah amms and starts eating.
Amms : Nandhu ur frnds r going on asking abt u when u will come nu, morning u go and c them ok.
Nandhini : Ok amms even i want to meet them. After having dinner all went to sleep.
Morning amms gets a call from Space academy and they inform her abt the training and gives her the name list. Nandhini comes there and Amms informs her the same.
Nandhini : Training, what training and who all r coming amms.
Amms : Ah for carnatic and classical dance, here is the Name list and gives her she left 6 members name while writing, its Fab 5 and Navya.
Nandhini : Checks the list of 14 members and Rhagav’s name, Thank god Manik is not there in the list, but suddenly this trainig and all i dont know abt this. But y not Fab 5, Nandhini y r u thinking abt them u know na they love rock music not classical, so they wont come dont expect them. But whats there in learning, Fab 5 bina they dont even try to learn other types of music.

Amms : Nandhu, what happen go and freshen up and finish ur breakfast before they come go. U r going to assist me to train them.
Nandhini : Amms me.
Amms : Yes nandhu u r my old student, u r learning from childhood na now its time to ur another post my assistent

Nandhini : Ok amms if u want me to.
Amms : Now u all go and freshen up.
All reached Nandhini’s beautiful house where there is tree, plants and everywhere green and they all liked the place and enters the house. Amms welcomes everyone and introduces her assistence and servant to them.
Amms : Happy to c u all, if u all need something u can ask us without any hesitation, i want to know ur names, so one by one. Everyone tells their name and tells them music or dance. Rhaghav also introduces himself to her and takes blessing from her.
Manik : Manik Malhotra, music.
Amms : Manik Malhotra, Malhotra’s son.
Manik : Ah wo..yeah.

Amms : Happy to c u beta, When u r small Malhotra use to take u here, dont know u remember r wat, u were very small that time, how is ur dad.
Manik : He is fine. He takes her blessings.
Cabir : I have a question. How to call u?
Amms : Smiles.

Servant : Guruma u should adress her as guruma.
Cabir : Ok guruma.
Amms : Have ur seat, all ur rooms are ready one room for girls and one for boys and Rhagav for u one room. Be comfortable and feel free but not in practise session there u will get punishment.
Navya : Ok guruma, Nandhini.
Amms : Ah, i forgot her, she is gonna assist me in ur training.
Rhagav : Yes guruma, she is ur very old student right we heard her she is fabulous and iam happy that this students gonna get a best teacher ever.
Amms : Hmm, i will call her, Nandhu come here c ur frnds are here.
Manik is eager to c nandhini and watches the way for her to come. Chachi, Chacha, Rishab comes there.

Chachi : Hai Manik, u r also here, how r u all congrats for ur concert and album.
Chacha : Ah Manik congrats we saw ur concert, u all were fantastic.
Cabir : Thank u uncle, aunty.
Manik : Thank u chachi.
Navya : Chachi where is Nandhini.
Chachi : Nandhu, she is getting ready, i will call her

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