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Samragni epi 48

Ragini and Laksh are looking at each other in red eyes. Both have love on each other. But, that have covered with fake hatred.
She is hating him because he has separated her from her son.. and he is hating because she has separated him from his daughter..

Ragini: why did you come inside..?? who has allowed you in..??

Laksh: I thought I have not lost my rights still. If Samragni herself is telling, why would I come again..??
He takes a deep breath.
Laksh: our kids 1st birthday is coming. You and I have been separated from them for one year… exactly to say 11 months..!! I expect, at least for 1st birthday I could see my daughter. And then only you can see our son..!!

He says and keeps going. Ragini looks on.

She later goes to secret room. Kavitha and dida are taking care of princess. Ragini takes her into hands.

Ragini: princess, the long wait has going to over. Just bear a little more time. Kavitha and Dida, you will also get freedom then..!

Dida: we aren’t thinking that we lost freedom. We are glad to do this service Samragni..!

Ragini: I’m trying to give freedom for you three since one year… I was about to reach my target…
(target is war with Chirag. The war scene is shown)

Ragini: but, Laksh came in middle.
(fb shown how Laksh fights with her)

Ragini: he thought, I’m the merciless empress doing war for extension of empire..!! if he knows the real intention of mine, he would have supported me. But, it is known only to me..!! which I can’t tell to anyone..!!

Kavitha and Dida looks on…

Ragini: now, I can’t war till my right shoulder supports. I was attacked by a poisonous dagger.
(fb shown Ragini saving Laksh from dagger)

Ragini: but, that target was not for me. It was for Laksh. Who wants to kill Laksh..??

Ragini after feeding princess keeps her back in cradle.

Kavitha: princess is crawling Samragni…

Ragini smiling: I know kavitha. Everyday, I come to see her every hour. Soon, she will learn to handle sword also. I wonder, what my prince is doing..?


In maheswari palace,

‘come on prince. Come..’ Ram is calling. Prince is smiling and crawling slowly on floor.
Ajay and Vijay are also playing with him.
Chandra is trying to feed the prince.

Chandra: looking after kids is really tough.

Ram: then appreciate this father..! he has looked after four monster sons..!!

Vijay: it’s our mother who looked after us..! you were busy in ruling..!

Ram has tears.
Vijay and Ajay shocks.

Chandra: why did you say that.? now, pitasri will start dialogues again..!

Ram: this palace once shined with smiles of my sujatha..! later her this palace became dull..
He wipes his tears. Chandra vijay ajay keeps looking with expression less face. The small prince is laughing.

Ram: I have looked after you all after her and you are telling that I was busy in ruling..??
Ram starts beating Vijay on legs with a stick.

Vijay: pitasri..plz.. I said jokily..!!
He starts jumping here and there. Ram continues his work. Little prince and Ajay are laughing. Vijay runs and holds Laksh who just came.

Laksh: pitasri, you also became kid after your grandson has come..!!

Ram: hmm, what to do then..?? this is a women less house..! you don’t know value of women. That’s why you have left your wife..!!

Laksh: what wrong did I do..? she has hidden my daughter from me. I showed her the same pain..!!

Ram: I don’t know when this palace walls also hear the anklets sounds of bahus and daughters. I’m fed up with this men population. A girl is only beauty to house..!! Chandra, get married soon and bring a bahu…

Chandra: this has become daily routine. At last, you conclude with my marriage..!!

Ram: after you only then other two brothers can get married.

Ajay: ya..! I’m ready for marriage..!!

Ram: that’s my son..!!
Ram goes away with Ajay. Laksh holds prince.

Chandra: bhayya, get together with bhabhi soon. Our prince also needs mother right..!!
Laksh keeps thinking. Then a maid comes in.

Laksh: what is the need of maid still..? prince has completed 6 months. He doesn’t need any milk feeding.

Chandra: prince doesn’t stay calm until he see this maid. He has become close to her.

Laksh sighs and leaves the place.
‘How cruel I am..! the boy who should get care from mother is getting care from some maid..!! I’m really a cruel father..!!’ he thinks and goes into room.

Maid removes her veil from head and it’s Ragini.
Ragini takes prince into her hands. prince is smiling happily in her arms.

Ragini kisses her son a lot.

Chandra: bhabhi, is this is not too trouble for you. Everyday, you are traveling from this palace to that palace.

Ragini: what to do..? I’m fulfilling mother’s responsibility.

Chandra: we have been hiding this from bhayya since one year…! If he comes to know..

Ragini: let him come to know..! what he will do..? he don’t have separate his son from me..!!

Ram: then why did you separate your daughter from him.
Who comes just asks.

Ragini: papa…

Ram: yes..! that’s my question..! as you have pain, he too has the same pain. The pain doesn’t change with gender Ragini..! mother and father are both same to kids. Not one is great or one is least.

Ragini remains dull. Ram keeps hand on her head.

Ram: I hope, you solves everything soon..!
Ragini nods her head and she makes prince sleep.

Later she is walking in corridor to leave palace. She hears Laksh’s voice.
‘ head is paining. Apply medicine..!!!’

Laksh was closing his eyes and holding his head. Ragini goes near him and takes medicine bowl into her hands. she starts applying to his head.

Laksh: pitasri…why are your hands so soft..??

Ram just comes and sees the scene.

Ram: what do you mean..? my hands are rough..?

Ragini shocks looking at Ram and about to stop. But, Ram gestures her to continue.
Ragini smiles and keeps applying medicine to Laksh..

Laksh: haha…not that pitasri. I don’t know, but I feel them as my wife’s hands.
Ragini chuckles.
Laksh: wait..I will open my eyes.

Ram shouts: no..! don’t open..! medicine will fall in your eyes..!!

Laksh: ok pitasri..I won’t open..!!
Ragini continues her work looking passionately at Laksh. She reminds all lovely moments between them. And even Laksh too…

She suddenly remembers how Laksh has taken away their son from her. she removes her hand and starts going away. Ram looks on…

Laksh: pitasri..why I have a feeling that Ragini is here..?

Ragini turns back and looks at him.

Laksh: hmm, why that 23 years old stubborn Samragni will come for me..??

Ragini gets angry with his words and she goes away.

Next day in sabha,

Ragini is on the throne.

Dp: we all know that war has stopped abruptly. But, when Samragni feels well, the war starts again.

All are calm.

Ragini: I know, everyone is not happy with my decision. That’s why, war will be between me and Maharaj Laksh again..!! there will be no loss of lives.

Sanskar and Swara looks on..

Swara: whatever, we have to stop this war..!! war between two lovers..?? this is bad..!!
Sanskar: I know, but our Ragini is too stubborn.
Swara: even Laksh.
Sanskar: we should make them realize that they both love each other still..!!
A voice from behind: may I help in this..??
Both turns back and finds Chandra. Three of them smirk..!!

Precap: plans to make Samragni and samrat together again..!!

/*guys, I’m I eating your brains by extending story more and more..?? haha, plz bear for a while. I will reveal some more mysteries tomorrow..!!*/

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