Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We (Character Sketch)

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Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We <3
Character Sketch

Nandini’s Family – very protective about each other.. they fight but love equally.. When its family time business is not at all discussed.

1. Nandini Murthy – the main female lead, the third child of the Murthys, a doctor by profession but has all qualities of a business woman. She used to head the Murthy group of hospitals.

2.Venkatesh Murthy (VM) – Nandu father and a big businessman in London and head of the Murthy Group

3. Renuka Murthy – Nandu mom and a housewife

4. Rishabh Murthy – Eldest Son of the Murthys and great businessman like his father. One of the directors in Murthy Group.

5. Mukti Kumar – is the second child of the Murthys and is a psychiatrist by profession and she also is a director in Murthy Group and Shergill Group.

6. Nisha Murthy – the youngest child of the Murthys.

7. Of course you have Navya – wife of Cabir and a sister like to Manik
8. Cabir – cousin of Nandini and a very successful businessman and loves his wife Navya a lot
Manik’s Family – the entire family except the mother is totally into business.. They all are intelligent and very hardworking towards the business. The kids are scared of their father and they do not talk their hearts out in front of their father.

1. Manik Malhotra – second child of the Malhotras and a ruthless business man. Friend of Navya and CEO of Malhotra Industries. The Male lead

2. Raj Malhotra – Father of Manik. The head of Malhotra industries. Very strict person when it comes to business and he cannot tolerate even a single error in business.

3. Nyonika Malhotra – Second Wife of DP and Step mom of Manik and Mukti but loves them a lot more than her own kids.

4. Mukti Khanna – eldest in the Malhotra Family. She is a director in both Khanna and Malhotra Industries. A very ambitious person. She has 3 kids. Two boys who are twins and one daughter. Kavya and Manik are children of DP and Suhasini (First wife of DP)

5. Aryaman Malhotra – part of Malhotra industries. The third child of Malhotra Clan and first child of Raj and Nyonika

6. Harshad Malhotra – fourth child of Malhotras and second of Raj and Nyonika again a part of Malhotra Industries.

7. Dhruv Malhotra – Youngest of all and he admires Manik a lot.

8. Veer Malhotra – Head of the Family, Grandfather of Manik and his siblings. He is founder of Malhotra Industries. Father of Raj Malhotra
This FF as already said will revolve mainly around Nandini and Manik aka Raglak. This story is how both will fall in love but they won’t express their love. One mistake made by Manik will make Nandini leave everything and how she will run from her family. Then how Manik will confess his love to her and how they will come back together. One thing is common like all stories that they are pole aparts.. but the storyline is not the same… Both will face lots of ups and downs in their personal as well as professional life. How they overcome everything and become one will be the journey

This story has already been published under another name..

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  1. Hiiiiiii….so nyc start…charactr sketch seems realllyy interesting….olll brothrs or sm reallly frnds…nd harshad bro if Manik…ohhhhh…tough situations may arrive…n e ways..really likd it..keep going…t c

    1. Crystal

      Don’t worry story revolves around only Manan there are no negative characters

  2. Keep going Crystal

    1. Crystal

      Thank u Aswini 😀

  3. Amazinggggg character sketch nice plot updatesoon pls

    1. Crystal

      Thank u Piya 😀

  4. Naaz21

    Amazing character sketch, do u write on wattpad too??

    1. Crystal

      Yes…. My wattpad id is @crystalff and thanks for liking the Character Sketch

      1. Naaz21

        My pleasure

  5. Strong_girl

    Your both stories on wattpad but the titles are different….. Hope you update it regular on wattpad

    1. Crystal

      Yes I update regularly…. I kept the titles different because there were titles that were repetitive that’s why…

      1. Strong_girl

        Ya when I read title I also thought that may be both are same but then I realized that both stories are different….
        You write well….Continue it…

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