Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev telling Ram that he will punish him, and asks him to eat whatever he give her. Ram asks what? Dev asks him to have palak and get ride of specs. He tells even he used to had specs before. Ram say no. Rajni spreads palak dish on roti and run behind Ram to make him eat. Dev smiles seeing a robot mum taking care of her son. He thinks surely there are no lines on Rajni’s hand, but that day she was not destined to end. A fb is shown, he recalls Shaan leaving Rajni in the factory, and the machine stopped when Rajni falls on it. Dev thinks if he meets Shaan then he will let him know what he has lost and what Rajni has gained. A fb is shown, Rajni reboots herself and finds an abandoned baby on the street and take him with her. Fb ends. Rajni makes Ram eat the food.

Amrish tells Surili, how can she think of selling the house like a filmy style while the scene is still black and white. Surili says we have just sweat and tells that girl Rajni ruined us, burnt our property papers and gave us shock. She says that girl gave us a big shock and says I don’t want to take her name. Amrish says we can’t really blame her, and says Sharmila wasted our wealth in parties, Dhyan wasted half wealth in becoming hero, and my truck business is ruined by Maggie. He says I had 500 truck in my company, but now 3 taxis are remaining. He says everyone have contributed to ruin this house. He says we can’t blame Rajni puttar fully. Surili feigns heart pain as he takes Rajni’s name. Amrish says he is feeling bad as he couldn’t get green tea for her. Surili says we will bring good days back…scene comes in color again. Surili says once Shaan marries Ria, we will get her multi millionaire bahu, and banks will trust us and give us loan. She says greener days will be back. Amrish says we are blackening Shaan’s life for our comfort.

Ram is excited about the party and wonders what will happen in it. He thinks about cake, cold drinks etc. He thinks to convince Rajni for coming to party. He comes to her and says I know you have no feature to love, but if you had, you would have loved me. Rajni says yes. Ram says will you let me do something. Rajni says it is called sweet talk. She asks him to get to the point. Ram says you are intelligent. Rajni says I know. Ram says that aunty invited him for party and invited her too. He asks her to let him go. Rajni says Dev refused to let her interact with humans. Ram gets sad. Rajni detects his sadness. He writes something. Rajni says majority wins and says we can go there. Ram gets happy.

Surili tells Amrish that she didn’t force Shaan to marry Ria. Amrish says you had emotionally blackmailed him. He says Shaan never smiled again, and that he was happy when he used to call him stupid scientist. Now he is not a scientist anymore. Ram asks Rajni about humans’ party. Rajni recalls party at Surili’s house, and says there are rules in the party. She says rule no. 1. You have to smile looking at stranger too. She says rule no. 2, people overload their food in their plates, and waste food but you will not do this. Dev hears them and asks where they are going. Ram shows him invite. Dev refuses to let them go to any party, and asks him if he wants to put his mum in trouble. He asks them to keep away from humans. He asks Rajni to take care of Ram. Rajni says I told you already that he is RAM, and not Ram. Dev asks her to take care of RAM, and goes.

Ram thinks they must be nice poeple, and asks how can I miss humans’ party. Rajni looks on.

Surili asks Gyan and Dhyan to keep their differences aside till Shaan marries Ria. The decorator brings the furniture and think of the gents of house as servants. He says you need more decoration than this house. Surili says it was a bad joke. She asks Amrish and Gyan to give money. They say they don’t have money. Surili says if furniture is returned then engagement will not happen. She asks Amrish to get money somehow…Amrish says I have no money plant inside me. He smiles. Surili sees his gold tooth and signs Gyan. Gyan asks Amrish to laugh, and says it was a good joke. Surili tells man that he will get his advance in sometime. They go to room and take his tooth out. Amrish shouts. Gyan brings tooth and gives to man as advance. Man thinks family is strange. Amrish comes out holding his mouth. Surili apologizes to him. Amrish says this work of yours have broken all past records. Dhyan says what we will do with garden, it seems like jungle. Surili says Amrish will solve this problem. Amrish shockingly asks what she will sell now. Surili eyes his specs.

Rajni apologizes to Dev and says you and Ram have a problem as I am slow. Dev says only 1 person can make you perfect like before, can upgrade you, but he had left you. He says khadoos scientist. Shaan throws something from his car. Ria asks why did you do this? Shaan says he was a scientist, but not anymore. He says when machine malfunctions, it shall be destroyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell shaan and surili still believe that rajni is culprit , even though doctor told them surili was saved by giving electric shock.
    Amrish didn’t tell shaan and surili about this or what?
    Such type of people are so non caring and mean that what ever u do good to them , they don’t bother .


    So this is how rajini was saved… and now its confirmed that Ram is not robbot… it was sooo good to see rajini with mother feelings and dev’s mamu wali smile…??????????
    And funniest part kanth family old black aand white story… ?????????????
    Show is getting back on track…..

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