Manan: true love never ends (episode 10)

Hey guys…


Nandini and Manik are in car..
On the way..
Nandini sleeping on Manik’s shoulder.. He adjusts the mirror and looks her face in the mirror… Nandini was sleeping peacefully!!

He thinks about the incident..and still in confused y she’s behaved in that manner!!

They reach home!!
Manik takes Nandini inside.. At that time Nyonika and dadi both r sleeping!!
He calls Nyonika but she won’t respond as she’s in deep sleep!

Manik takes Nandini to her room.. And lays her on the bed!!
When he was about to leave Nandini holds his hand..
Manik gets shocked!!
Nandini in sleep..
Nandini: Manik! Plz don’t leave me alone.. He killed everyone…. I hate him Manik!! he will take me if he sees me….I don’t want to stay with him.. I’m so scared of him.. Plz don’t leave me plzz Manik!!

Manik confused.. He simply frees his hand and leaves!!

Manik’s room:
He tries to sleep but he is disturbed!!
He thinks!
What happened to her suddenly!! About whom she’s talking? Is she dreaming? nd Manik how can u leave her alone in such condition.. Hmm.. Anyways I don’t care.. I hate her man!! I don’t need to care for her!!
(Saying this he sleeps)

Next day:

Manik gets ready… And he goes down..
He watches Nandini helping Nyonika in kitchen!
She is so normal!! No fear in her!

Manik is confused!!
All r having breakfast.. They was pin drop silence… Because of dadi!’
Manik looks at Nandini … She is soo normal!!

Dadi leaves after having her breakfast!!
After breakfast!!

Manik thinks to talk to her!! Coz how can she not normal after being so scared yesterday!
Nandini in balcony.. He goes near her!!

Manik: Nandini are you alright?
(Nandini turns back)
Nandini: (smiling) haaa Manik!! Y were u asking me like this?
Manik : actually Nandini I need to talk to u
Nandini: ha Manik Batao?
Manik: Nandini I don’t understand one thing? Why were u scared yesterday?

Nandini: (confused) scared?? For what Manik?

Manik: (confuse and angry) Nandini!! Yesterday you were frightened so much… You were literally crying!! Now ur asking me for what?? Are u gone nuts??

Nandini: (doubtedly) Manik r u alright?
Like seriously!! Did I cried yesterday?? But when Nandini!! You know onething!! Nandini doesn’t know how to cry!! She only keeps laughing!!!
Hahahahahahahh…. (She laughs) and now Manik Stop kidding okay!!

Manik shocked…

Manik: Nandini!! Don’t try to cover it!! You were hiding in that constructing building.. That too on top of the terrace!! You know how much i was worried!!

Nandini (confused) she goes close to him and smells!!

Nandini: Manik are u drunk?? (Nd laughs loudly) How can u imagine me going to that constructing building that too alone and that too on top of the terrace!! Omg!!?
What nonsense are you talking!!

Manik confused….

Suddenly Nandini keeps laughing!!!

Nandini: (laughs) ohh god!! Mr Manik you believed me!! Hahahahah!!! Manik chill yar I just acted yesterday!!
I felt bored when I called you.. But you were not coming so I just acted like that ?

Manik gets angry..!!
He goes close to her.. And pulls her towards him..

Manik: 😡 Nandiniii!! Are you mad!!!! How dare you fool me!! Be serious Nandini!!! Atleast in these matter !!! You know how much I was worried.. (He cups her face)
I searched for you nearly 1 hour.. And U were hiding in that terrace…
I was just lost and worried to see you like that Nandini!!!
And ya it’s my mistake to bring u home!! I should have left u there itself!! I don’t care how u get lost!!

He pushes her…
Nandini shocked!!!
He again goes to her and holds her shoulder!!

Manik:😡 Nandini!! Never ever do that to me Nandini!!! I will kill you.. If You ever dare to think like this!!!

(He holds her arms tightly)

Nandini: (tensed) m sorry Manik!!
Manik: just get lost Nandini!! Don’t talk to me!!

He gets angry and leaves…. Nandini looks at his anger and gets sad

She thinks..
I’m sorry Manik!! I don’t want to tell my past to anyone!! I’m really sorry!! I know that you will talk to me about this matter… That’s the reason I’ve lied it to u!!

She feels sad!!

dadi and Nyonika are talking!!
Dadi: Nyonika, I’ve decided Manik to get married this year!
Nyonika: (happy) is it true ma.. I’m soo happy.. But will Manik accepts? He is not interested in marriage..
Dadi: I know.. That’s d reason I came here.. He will listen to my words!!
Nyonika: I’m so happy.. I have a girl in my mind Ma!!
Dadi: who is she?
Nyonika: Nandini!!

Dadi is shocked
Dadi: what? Nandini?

Nyonika: ha ma! She might be bit naughty!! But she’s very kind hearted!! I like her soo much!! Yesterday.. When they both are coming together.. I felt very happy!! Don’t they look good together?

Dadi thinks…
Dadi: actually I have another girl in my mind..
Nyonika shocked…
Nyonika: who is she ma??
Dadi: Soha!! Haa Nyonika!! Soha is our relative.. She likes Manik from childhood.. She will be suitable for our Manik.. And I don’t have any problem with Nandini too… Will give the choice too Manik..
And tomorrow Neeta and Soha are coming.. Let’s ask Manik and decide..

Nyonika thinks and accept…

Manik is angry on Nandini …
He thinks!!
Nandini! How can you fool me Nandini!! I won’t spare you this time… You love laughing all the time ryt.. Now see I will always remind ur tears to u!!! Being good with you doesn’t mean that I like u Nandini … I hate you.. Nd I will hate you till my last breathe!! I can’t tolerate you anymore… I will do anything to send u out!! I’m done with ur fun Nandini!!!

Evening :
Manik comes home.. Nandini looks at his car and gets happy!!
She thinks to divert his mind… Nd plans!!

She smiles and goes down !

Manik gets inside.. Nandini looks at him, he is in very angry mood.. He looks at Nandini angrily and leaves!!

Nandini: oh god! He is soo angry!! Nandini don’t take any risk now!! But.. You need to go.. Just cool him down!!
(She supports herself and follows him)

She weeps inside his room.. And She knocks the door…
Manik: yes come in!!
Nandini goes inside his room..
Manik looks at her angrily…And again looks back at his file
Manik: (angrily) what you want?
Nandini: (tensed) vo actually!!…ha Manik do you want water?
Manik: No!
Nandini: (smiles ) do u want coffee??
Manik: a big Noo!!!
Nandini: (smiles) do u want whisky?? ?

Manik look at her angrily..(Nandini is shocked to see his eyes are red) he goes near Nandini gets tensed seeing his anger and moves a step back!!
Manik: (shouts) what’s ur problem Nandini!!! Why do u want to disturb me always!! Don’t you have any work!!
He holds her arms…
just leave me alone… OUT!!!?

Nandini is shocked!!
Nandini: Manik! I know ur angry at me.. But once listen!!
He pushes her!!!

Nandini wides her eyes.. Seeing his Anger and runs!!


Parth falls asleep beside Nandu..
After sometime Nandu wakes up… She slowly opens her eyes and watches sasha… She smiles seeing her.. And tries to raise her hand but she feels someone is holding it.. She turns her face other side and gets shock seeing Parth holding her hands and sleeping!!

Nandu is shocked!!
Nandu: Maddy!!!
Sasha looks at her and gets happy!!
Sasha: Nandu!! Oh god! Are you alright!! You know we were so worried for u..

Nandu tries to free her hand but Parth holds her hands tightly!!

Nandu: sasha… What Maddy is doing here??
(She looks near sofa and finds Dhruv sleeping)
Nandu: sasha… What are your guys doing here??
Sasha: Nandu… Yesterday where did u go.. You know we all r worried for u.. All our group boys searched for u.. Maddy and Dhruv dint sleep at all.. Finally we got u!!

Nd she remembers yesterday scene where she went and hide on the college terrace..

Nandu remembers the incident where she saw the minister… She again get disturbed and starts to sweat.. She feels scared!!

Sasha:(worried) Nandu Kya hua?? Are you alright?

Listening to her sound Parth wakes up and looks at Nandu..

Parth: Nandu!! Kya hua?
(He holds her arms and shakes it)

Nandu: He came!!.. He will take me, I hate him!! I don’t want to go with him.. Plz save me!!
(She hugs Her pillow and cries)

Parth and sasha look at each other… Nd gets shocked!!
Sanky: Nandu listen!! No one is here!! Your at ur home!! Ur safe!! Don’t worry!!

Nandu opens her eyes!!
Sasha consoles her…

Dhruv wakes up hearing Nandu’s sounds!!
Dhruv: Nandu!! Are you alright?
Maddy: Nandu! See we all r with you.. Don’t worry!!

Sasha gets water to Nandu!! All supports her.. And Nandu feels bit comfortable!!
Nd looks at Sanky!!

Nandu: (she remembers sasha words) Thankyou Maddy and Dhruv for bringing me here!! And I’m really sorry for yesterday for creating such a problem for you guys!!

Dhruv : come on Nandu!! U don’t need to say sorry!!
Maddy: haa Nandu! Actually i’m really sorry for scolding u …I shouldn’t behave like that.. I’m really sorry!!

Nandu:(smiles) it’s okay maddy!! I’m very happy to see all ur caring.. You all r very good!! Im glad to be in a part of science group!!

Parth, sasha and Dhruv get happy..
Maddy: so friends??
Nandu: (smiles) haaa friends!!
They both shake hands… Nd Maddy gives her a side hug.. Nandu smiles.. Dhruv and sasha also joins them!!

They share a cute hug….

Maddy gets a call from his mom Mukti..

Mukti: Parth where r u?? U left home so early..You dint had ur breakfast!! Come home… I want u to be here in 10 min!! It’s Mama order!!

Maddy: haa Ma!! I’m coming!!
(He cuts the call)

Parth: okay Nandu get ready…Nd we have some work!
Nandu: ?where r u going? U leaving me?
Maddy: (smiles seeing her cute expressions and holds her hands) no Nandu!! Sasha will be with u.. And We will again come at lunch time!! And we will get something to eat!! By that time you get ready and take some rest!!
Nandu: (smiles)okay!!
Sasha: maddy first u guys have something and take rest.. Il take care of Nandu!!
Maddy: Kk.. Fine!!
Dhruv: Nd Nandu don’t think about anything.. Be happy cute doll!!
Nandu : smiles!!

They leave…

Cabir: Navya!! Where did u go suddenly??
Navya: vo actually Cabir!! Nandu is not feeling well.. I went to her house!!
Cabir is shocked!!
Cabir: what? But Navya.. Y did u go she is a science batch ryt!!
Navya: haa Cabir!! But you know.. She fainted Nd she’s alone on the terrace.. So I’ve helped her!!
Cabir: (smiles) hmm okay!! Leave all that! Today after the colz meet me..
Navya: why Cabir? Any important?
Cabir: (teasingly) ya Navya… Actually I have… another… record …to… I thought to give to u

Saying this he laughs

Navya: (laughs) Cabir!!!!!
They both laugh looking at each other!!

Maddy and Dhruv goes to MM
Mukti: Parth where did u go??
Maddy: Ma actually my friend is not feeling well.. So we went to her house!!
Mukti: ohk!! Come have ur breakfast!!
Dhruv and Maddy are having breakfast..
Maddy: Maa! Can you pack some lunch for me and my friends!! Wil have it in her house!
Mukti: ya Parth! Sure!!

After sometime
They get fresh up and go to college!!

Music room:
Rahul: guys how is Nandu?
Dhruv: she’s good yar!!
Rahul: so Maddy what’s today’s program? When r we going to have practice?
Maddy: actually!! Today lets cancel all our program!! I need to be with Nandu yar.. Actually she needs us this time!!

Rahul is shocked..
Rahul: but Maddy today we even have a lab!!
Maddy: dats k yar!! We can do that later!

Rahul: Maddy it’s so strange yar!! Why are you getting so worried for her!!

Maddy: I’m feeling guilt yar..I’ve hurted her a lot!! Because of me she’s suffering I don’t like that!!
Anyways bye…we need to go, Dhruv Come..
They leave to meet Nandu!!

Nandu’s house!!

Nandu and sasha are talking… nandu started her funny jokes… They r laughing so much..
Maddy and Dhruv reach Nandu’s house..they are standing near the door.. Nd hears they laughing!!

Maddy: Dhruv did u see.. Is she behaving like a patient ?this girl na!! (He looks at him and smiles)
Dhruv: Hahahahah lol!!
Maddy and Dhruv goes inside… Nandu becomes quiet looking at them!!

Maddy: so Nandu! How r u feeling now?
Nandu: come on Maddy! Nothing happened to me.. I’m fyn!!
Maddy: (teasingly) achaa!!
Dhruv: Nandu! Did U had anything?
Nandu: haa Dhruv..
Sasha: (smiles) haa she ate her breakfast.. She thought to had chocolate.. But I scolded her!!
Nandu keeps a pout face…Nd looks angrily at Sasha
Maddy: arey sasha!! Let her have what she want.. (He gives her a fav diary milk silk )

Nandu gets happy and excited…
Nandu: (jumps with excitement) woww Maddy!! Thankyou soo much!!
(She starts eating it)

Maddy looks at her lovingly and smiles!!
Nandu starts eating it…with her style..
She looks at Maddy who is staring her…

Nandu: (confused) Maddy!! Do u want to have it!!
Maddy: (comes out of his senses) No..Noo…you have it!!
Nandu: (smiles) okay!!

She again starts eating it…

Dhruv: so Nandu!! How r u feeling now!
Nandu: arey Dhruv! I’m fyn… See im perfectly fine!! So don’t worry about me…
Maddy: (smiles) okay then! Challo lets have lunch now!! I’m soo hungry… Nd today my Mom prepared chicken curry!! She soo good at NV!!
Dhruv: woww NV.. I love it!!
Nandu: woww chicken! Dats my fav dish!!
Sasha: you all sit here!! Il serve the food!!

(Sasha serves the food.. And all starts eating it!!)
as soon as Nandu eats chicken.. She feels the same taste!!
Nandu: woww Maddy!! It’s soo delicious!! You know I’ve already taste this food somewhere!! It’s very very nice!! I really liked it!!
Dhruv: ha Maddy! It’s soo nice!!
Maddy: come on guys! I dint prepare this food!… Now stop appreciating it and start eating!!

After the lunch!!

Nandu takes a small paper and writes a small…letter!!
It is written as…

she gave that paper to Maddy!!
Nandu: give this paper to aunty!! A small thanks from my side!! Don’t forget okay!!
Maddy: (smiles) okay, sure!!

All started to talk!!

Dhruv: Nandu we r missing ur jokes yar!! Please 1 joke for us…
Maddy looks at him angrily..
Nandu: Yaa sure!! I will.. Okay listen
Ant and elephant are walking in opposite direction.. Suddenly while seeing ant.. Elephant hides near the tree..
Now tell me Why Did the Elephant Hide behind the Tree!!
Dhruv: I think elephant is afraid of ant..
Nandu: Noo!!
Sasha: I think.. Elephant and ant had fight!
Nandu: Noo..should I tell the answer??
Sasha: okay okay tell the answer!!
Nandu: because elephant and ant were playing hide and seek.
(Laughs) Hahahahahahahh nice na!!

Sasha and Dhruv laughs… Nandu gives hifi to Sasha and Dhruv… And Maddy looks at Nandu angrily…
Seeing his anger Nandu 🙊 closes her mouth with her hands!!

Seeing her expressions Maddy laughs loudly!!!
Maddy: hahahahahhaah Nandu look at you.. Why r u so scared of me? This is really so funny!! Lol!!
Nandu: Maddy! U scared me yar!! I won’t leave you now
(Seeing her anger Nandu runs)
Maddy: (laughs) arey Nandu! I was just joking yar.. Chill!!
Nandu: (runs back of him) no! I won’t leave you..
Maddy runs to escape from her.. Nd he goes near kitchen!!
Nandu follows him…

Dhruv and sasha smiles…

Nandu runs after him and they both go inside the kitchen!!
Nandu: Maddy!! (Nd she starts hitting him)
Maddy: (laughs) arey Nandu listen!! I was just joking!!

(He looks at the white flour..)

Maddy: Okay fine I accept my defeat..
Nandu: (smiles) okay! This time I’m leaving you.. But if u repeat this again I won’t leave you!! Il show u what I am!!
Maddy: (smiles) acha!! So tell me if I repeat this again what will you do??

He goes close to her..
Maddy: (teasingly) should I show you what I am??
Nandu gets tensed.. Nd moves a step back..

Maddy smiles and again goes close to her…
Nandu closes her eyes with fear…

Maddy smiles seeing her expressions..and He takes out the wheat flour nearby and throws on her..

Nandu is shocked!! ??
Nandu: Maddy!!!! How could you do this!!

Maddy: (laughs) Nandu! Again ur scared!! Lol!! And How could you think that I will accept my defeat so easily!! That too with a kid like u… So funny!!

Nandu: (laughing) Maddy!! I’m not a kid okay?? And she starts hitting him again.. She takes the same flour and throws on him!!

Maddy is shocked!!
Maddy: Nandu!! How could you do this to me!! I won’t leave you now!!
Nandu: gets scared and starts to run.. But Maddy holds her…He holds her hands.. And turns her hands back.. Nd pulls her closer!
Nandu tries to escape… But Maddy pulls her more closer..
She falls on him.. Nd looks at him tensedly..

Suddenly she laughs remembering what had happened…
Maddy gets mesmerised seeing her laugh… Nd Maddy starts laughing seeing her smile!!!

They both laugh looking at each other face!!!
Nandu keeps her leg on the felt over flour and slips…
Parth holds her at the time…

(Nd they both have an eye lock!!!)

Maddy touches her face and wipes the flour from her face…He touches her face with lots of love..
Nandu Closes her eyes feeling his touch…
Maddy smiles seeing her and blows air on her face…
They both laugh looking at each other!!
Maddy: oh god Nandu!! Being with you im also becoming kid!!
Nandu: achaa!!!!! Nd she agains starts beating him!!

They spend some time with each other!!
At time Dhruv comes
Dhruv: ohh god!! What’s going on here??
Kitchen is soo messy!!!
Nandu: haa Dhruv.. This is because of Maddy!! You know what he did!!

Maddy: what?? Is this becz of me?? What did I do!!
Nandu: don’t u know what u did!!
(They again start fighting)
Dhruv: guys plz stop fighting!! Nd Maddy.. Rahul and some other friends are coming..
Plz come lets go inside!!
Maddy:(smiles) okay!!

After some time Rahul and other friends joins them!!
Rahul: hi Nandu!! How r u??
Nandu: I’m gud!! Thankyou for coming!!
Rahul: ?have this and he gives some chocolates..
Nandu: Thankyou Rahul!!
Sasha: Nandu! U need to keep those inside!! Today u had 1 full chocolate!!

All laughs looking at Shona expressions!!

They all talk for sometime!!
Rahul: hey guys I forgot!! Did u check today’s newspaper.. Yaterdays our colz program was printed.. He shows them the newspaper!!

Dhruv: woww.. That’s so grt yar!!
Nandu: where show it to me!
(She takes the paper from them… And gets shock seeing the paper.. And throws it!!
Her face is again filled with sweat.. She holds sasha’s hand tightly!! and hides back of her closing her eyes tightly..)

All are shocked to see her!!

Maddy notices it.. And takes the paper from him… Nd checks it..
(The ministers face was shown)

Maddy: Nandu! Are you fine!!
Nandu: doesn’t respond!! Nd hugs Sasha more tightly!!
Sasha: guys she’s again soo scared!! I think she needs rest..
Maddy: haa wo.. Doctor gave a medicine.. He told to wear it when she feels tensed!!

Dhruv gives the medicine to Sasha.. Nd Sasha makes Nandu to have it!!

After taking the medicine.. She sleeps!!!

Maddy looks at Rahul angrily..
Maddy: Rahul.. Y did u show the paper yar!!
Rahul: what do I know yar.. Even u guys dint tell me that she’s scared of that minister!!
Maddy: hmm okay! But y is she so scared of him?

They all keep on thinking.. Maddy looks at Nandu who is sleeping peacefully!!
He remembers her laughs.. The fun they did in kitchen… Nd now he is not able to see her again in that scared position!

At that time Mansi enters!!!

Mansi gets worried seeing so many members Around Nandu and gets worried!!

Mansi: Nandu!!!
All looks at her…

Mansi: What happened to my Nandu??
Sasha: aunty.. Nothing to worry! She’s sleeping..
Mansi goes towards her and kisses her forehead and cries!!

Sasha: aunty don’t worry!! She’s perfectly fine!!
She looks at everyone..
Sasha: aunty they are Nandu’s friends..
Maddy: hello aunty!
Mansi: (smiles) hello!! Thankyou all so much for being with Nandu!! but what happened to her??
Dhruv: in our Freshers party we invited minister.. Seeing him Nandu is so scared..
She’s behaving very strangely!! (Dhruv tells her everything)
Maddy: haa aunty!! Actually do u know that minister personally??
Mansi: Noo!! We don’t know him.. Nd Nandu doesn’t know him too.. Nd y is she so scared seeing him!!
Rahul : ha aunty!! that’s what we r trying to find out!!
Yesterday.. The whole night she slept on the college terrace.. We all searched for her!!
Mansi: what?? College terrace?
(She gets tensed)

Maddy angrily looks at Rahul… Rahul realises what he has done..

Mansi: Ohh god!! Whats happening to her!!
Sasha: don’t worry aunty!! (She hugs Mansi) aunty till now she was jumping… Laughing.. Nd she even had full chocolate.. But suddenly seeing that minister pic she got scared…
Let’s not show his pic again.. She will be fyn and we gave medicine to her.. She may wake up again after couple of hours!!

Mansi: (smiles) okay beta!! She blesses her..
Dhruv: okay aunty!! We will go now! We will meet Nandu again tomorrow!
Mansi: (smiling)tickey beta!! Go home safely!!
Maddy: bye aunty!!

Before going he looks at Nandu.. Nd leaves!!!

Maddy is restless thinking about the Nandu!!
Suddenly he remembers the letter which Nandu gave and takes it..
He smiles seeing the note and goes near Mukti..

Maddy: Ma!! (Hugs her from back) Thankyou for ur wonderful food! You know all my friends liked it!!
Mukti: (smiles) Parth.. I dint cook ur food today! It was ur dadi.. Who prepared it!!
Maddy: what??
Mukti: haa Parth!!
Maddy: but my friend gave this letter to u.. I told her that u cooked the food!
Mukti: no problem Parth.. Give this letter to ur dadi.. She feel happy!!
Maddy: okay Ma!! Good night!! He kisses her and leaves!!

Mukti smiles..

Maddy goes near dadi room..Nd knocks it!!

Dadi: haa come in!!
Maddy goes inside..
Dadi: (gets happy seeing him) Parth! Come spend some time with ur dadi!!
Maddy goes and sit near her..

Maddy: wo actually dadi.. Today ur food was amazing!! You know all my friends liked it soo much!!
Dadi: really!! So sweet of them!!
Maddy: Nd dadi.. My friend gave a letter to u..
Dadi: letter?
Maddy: ha dadi!! Wait a min..
(He takes letter form his pocket and gives it to her)
Dadi smiles and opens the letter…she gets happy, shocked, emotion seeing the letter…

Maddy: dadi ur crying? But Kya hua?
Dadi: I remembered ur chachi.. You know even she used to give such letters to me.. Especially if I make anything related to chicken!!

She smiles..
Dadi: I’m so happy beta.. Bring ur friend home one day!! I will cook her favourite curry with my hands!!
Maddy: sure dadi!!
Dadi: okay beta!! Take rest.. It’s already late!!
Maddy: okay dadi!! Bye good night.. He hugs her and leaves!!

Maddy in his room..
He feels happy when he talked with dadi..
He message Nandu

Maddy: ur letter has been delivered ?

Maddy waits for her message but she won’t respond it!!
He thinks that she might be sleeping.. And he switch offs the light and sleeps!

Nyonika room:
She looks at the letter and thinks about Manan!!


Nyonika: Nandini and Manik come for dinner!!
Nandini comes out from Manik’s room and thinks to change his mood somehow!!
Manik comes down..

Dinning Table:
It was Asual pin drop silence!!

Nyonika serves food for Nandini.. She starts eating her fav chicken curry!!
She looks at Nyonika and signals her something..
Nyonika: Kya hua?? (Signalling her through her eyes)

Nandini says something but Nyonika doesn’t understand..

Dadi looks at Nandini..
Dadi: Nandini.. Eat calmly!!
Nandini: (tensed) okay dadi!!
Nyonika looks at her and smiles…
Dadi: Manik tomorrow Neeta and her daughter Soha are coming.. They are staying here with us for a week!!
Manik looks at dadi…
Manik: ji dadi!!
Dadi: Nandini!! I don’t want to hear any complaints from ur side!! Be quiet okay!! I thought u to send u out.. But I’m letting u stay.. Be in ur limits!
Nandini: (sad) ji dadi!!

Dadi finishes her dinner and leaves!!
All are going back to their rooms.. At that time Nandini looks at Nyonika and gives a paper to her..

She wishpers in her eyes
Nandini: Ma!! open this when you go to ur room!
Nyonika: (confused) okay!!

Nyonika goes to her room.. Nd opens the note..
It is written!
Thankyou Ma!! Ur chicken is awesome!!?

Nyonika smiles seeing her childish nature and smiles!!

Nandini goes to terrace and looks at the sky.. She spends some lonely time..
When she was leaving she watches a guitar..
She goes and touches it.. She gets excited too see the guitar..
She thinks herself as a rockstar and starts making sound!!
Nd enjoys herself playing with it..and get shocked seeing Manik!!

Manik looks at her angrily…
Manik: 😡how dare you touch my guitar Nandini!!
Nandini: (Tensed) vo actually!!
Manik: don’t talk!! When I’m talking to u.. How many times should I tell u Nandini … Don’t disturb me!! I hate ur presence..
Just go away from here!!

(Saying this he takes guitar from her hand)
Nandini: Manik listen! I know ur angry at me.. But plz forgive me.. I won’t leave until u tell that u forgive me!
Manik: Nandini!! I said just leave me!! I don’t want to talk to u..
Nandini: Manik listen! (She holds her hand and pulls him… With that force guitar falls down!!)
Manik gets angry and hurts her by holding her neck..

Nandini is shocked!!

Manik: (angry) how dare you Nandini!! Do U know how precious is this guitar to me!! This is the gift from my dad!! Do u know how much I love it!! Do U atleast know the meaning of relations.. No u don’t because ur an orphan!! Your unfit Nandini!! Ur may be useful to my mom but ur a useless girl to me.. And To this entire world.. Nd even to ur parents!! That’s y they left u..

Nandini eyes are filled with tears to hear his words.. All her hopes are shuttered!!

He leaves her neck and pushes her!!!

Manik:(angrily) still how many days Nandini.. Still how many days I need to bear you.. Ur using my mom innocence!! But I won’t let u do that anymore!!
Il give u 3 days.. Find a place and just leave this house and please leave us alone!!! Or else you will be thrown out by me!!.. Nd don’t disturb me this 3 days!!! Understand???

Nandini (crying) simply nodes her yes!!

He pushes her and leaves!!!
Nandini cries listening to his words.. She remembers her parents and cries!!!

She hide herself on the terrace somewhere and cries wholeheartedly..
She don’t want to disturb anyone with her crying sound!!!

Manik room!!
Manik feels disturbed but happy.. As he told her what all he wanted to say..

Episode ends!!

  1. Amazing episode and I so much like Nandu’s antics😅

    Thanks for the update hoping for next one soon 🙂

  2. Scarlett16

    wow amazing episode and thank you so much for updating the episodes ….

  3. Nice episode 🤩😍

  4. Nice episode 🤩😍. Pls update soon

  5. Nice episode 🤩😍. Pls update soon and if possible pls update regularly !! Pls 🙏

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