Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter 6 – MD’s Arrival)

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Heya guys, Sup?? Well, how r u n yah a bad news is that I guess this story vil be finishing very soon as I already had planned that, soooo sorryyy

Precap: Manan in small hut, sitting near the fire
Nandini wakes up bcoz of sun rays n find herself leaning on Manik’s shoulder n she smiles n

Nandini’s POV
Nandini r u mad??, y didn’t u think abt Mom-Dad n Manik, see how worried they got, u r idiot but I am happy that my wish is completed. My this wish was from forever but I couldn’t complete it bcoz of Amma-Appa (N’sParents), they both love me but at the the same time they both are strict parents n I could never complete my wishes, but after seeing Mom-Dad’s love, I thought I am free to do anything, but now I vil not do anything….
End Of POV

Nandini was lost in her thoughts when Manik woke up n saw Nandini lost, he made her sit straight which broke her trance n she was gng to say something but Manik stood up n wore his shirt which he kept for drying n said

“Come fast, I am waiting” he said coldly n left from there n Nandini knew he was angry….

Nandini ran behind him, both reached the car, n sat. Manik started driving after 5mins they were out of jungle n Nandini sighed….


After abt 30mins of silence ride, they reached Malhotra Mansion, both got down n Manik without bothering abt Nandini left inside, Nandini took baby steps n reached inside n was engulfed by a motherly warmth n she hugged Nyo tightly whike Nyo felt as she got her life back. Nyo said

“Where did u go?, we were so scared, if u wanted to get kidnapped, u could have tell us, we would have kidnapped u” Nyo joked still hugging her while Nandini giggled….

“I am sorry Mom” Nandini said, her gaze lowered….

“Never do this again” Raj said making her look at him n Nandini nodded….

“U both aren’t angry with me na” Nandini said….

“We should be” Nyoj said in union, looked at each other n chuckled….

“Means???” Nandini asked confused….

“Means we should be angry on u, but we can’t stay angry for long time” Nyo said….

“Hmmm, u both aren’t angry with me, but he is” Nandini said pointing towards Manik who is gng upstairs….

“He vil surely, he is hurted more than us ” Raj said looking at Manik….

“Manofy him, go” Nyo said patting Nandini’s shoulder n Nandu nodded….

Nandini first prepared brkfast n left for her room, she heard the water sounds, placed Manik’s cloth n left from there taking her clothes….

Nyoj n Nandini were already seated at dining table when Nandini spotted Manik n got sad as he didn’t wear the clothes she chose while Manik (thinks) well, I know u r hurt Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra n that hurt is not more than my hurt, so bear it….

Manik came n sat, Manik didn’t utter a word n Manaj left for office while Nandu n Nyo got busy in kitchen chores….

It was afternoon when a lady entered Malhotra Mansion, n shouted

“Nyonika, where r u??” Lady said n Nyo came running from her room….

“Maa (Mom) , you here??” Nyo asked confused + horrified….
(Introducing Suhasini Mulay as Reena Malhotra aka Manik’s Dadi)

“Yes me, can’t I come here??” MD asked lil angry….

“It’s not like that” Nyo said….

“Now I should teach you to touch me feets” MD asked Nyo n Nyo bended immediately mumbling a sorry while MD smiled….

“Nandini , come fast” Nyo shouted calling Nandini….

“Coming Mom” shouted Nandini coming down….

Nandini reached down n Nyo said

“Nandini she” Nyo got cut as Nandini said

“Manik’s Grandmom, naa” said Nandini grinning n Nyo nodded, Nandini immediately took MD’s blessing….

Hmmm, she is cultured , but her clothes aren’t working, who is she??
End Of POV

“Nyonika, who is she??” MD asked confused….

“Maa, she is Manik’s wife” Nyo said lil scared….

“What?? Manik married? When, where, how, I thought it was juz Harshad’s marriage” MD said angry n confused….

“Wo thing is —” Nyo got cut by Nandini as she said

“Actually Dadi, Mom-Dad also didn’t knew abt our marriage” said Nandini….

“What do u mean??” MD asked angrily….

“Wo, me n Manik loved each other n MomDad didn’t knew abt it, I felt insecure so I asked Manik to marry me, n we got married” Nandini lied + scared….

“What? Nyonika u taught this things to ur children , I vil see her later, where is Harshad n his wife??” MD asked angrily….

“They both went for homeymoon” Nandini said before Nyo could say anything which irked MD

“No one taught u, don’t speak b/w elders” MD said angrily while Nandini lowered her head….

“Maa, chaliye aaraam kijiye” Nyo said before MD could say anything to Nandini n MD nodded, both left for MD’s room….

Nandini also left for her room n sat inside thinking how to manofy her hubby n she thought to call Aditi….

Aditi: u remembered mean, there is some prob, isn’t it??
Nandini: very smart, how r u?? How is Raj n Avni??
Aditi: they r k, now say, what’s the prob?
Nandini: wo….Manik is angry with me n I need to manofy him, n who can give better ideas then u
Aditi: hmmm, good choice….
Nandini: now give an idea
Aditi: right, so prepare his fav dish
Nandini: I already tried that at morning but no use
Aditi: hmmm, so seduce him
Nandini: what, r u mad??
Aditi: what, u both r married, so
Nandini: shush, if u have other idea, give me
Aditi: k k, wait (after thinking awhile) ummm, u call his friends, he vil be in a good mood n ask his forgiveness, what’s say??
Nandini: amazing….thanx
Aditi: my pleasure
Nandini: bye, take care
Aditi: bye, u too

After finishing the call, Nandini changed her top n jeans as Nyo had said her to, Nandini changed into a light green punjabi suit….

She was leaving her room when Manik came n both collided n Nandini said

“I am soo sorry”

No response, Manik threw his bag on bed n shut the washroom door with a bang, Nandini sighed n left downstairs….

Raj was sitting on couch when Nandini came n gave him glass of water n said

“Dad u know, who came??” Nandini asked excitedly….

“Who came??” Raj asked….

“Da—” Nandini got cut when MD shouted

“Surprise!!” MD said smilingly….

“Maa, I missed u so much” Raj said hugging MD n she ruffled Raj’s hair….

“But I am angry” Raj said faking anger….

“Why??” MD asked being confused….

“Y didn’t u come in marriage??” Raj asked….

“Now I came, n ur saying as if u were in ur son’s marriage??” MD asked eyeing Nandini….

“Means??” Raj asked confused….

“Maa, we will talk after wards, first lunch” Nyo said changing the topic….

“K, but where is Manik ??” MD asked…

“He is getting freshen up” Nandini said…

“Kya kaha tumne??” MD asked….

“Manik fresh ho raha hai” Nandini said once again….

“Wo tumhara pati hai, friend nhi, respect him” MD said angrily while Nyoj gulped….

“Sorry, wo fresh ho rahe hai” Nandini said lowering her gaze….

“Better” MD said leaving for dining table….


After awhile Manik came down, checking his fone, not sensing a pair of eyes looking at him with anger n the person shouted

“Manikkk” MD shouted….

“Dadii” Manik said as his fone slipped from his hand n fell on floor with THUD n Nandini gasped….

“Kitni baar kaha hai, fone dekhte hue neeche nhi aate” MD said angrily n lil worried ….

“Sorry n I missed u shoo much” Manik said hugging his Dadi from behind n MD ruffled his hairs….

“I missed u too bacha” MD said turning back n pecked his forehead….

“Ab milna khatam hgya ho toh, lets have lunch” Nyo said….

All sighed n sat on dining table while MD stopped Nandini from sitting n said

“Tum baith nhi sakti” MD said….

“Par kyu Maa??” Raj asked….

“Kyu, ka kya matlab, wo iss ghar ki bahu hai, toh hum sab ko serve bhi yahi karegi” MD said….

“Oh, toh thik hai, Dad chaliye bthye” Nandini said happily as she wanted to do this from the day she entered their lives but they never let her, n now she was too happy….

Raj sighed n sat at his seat n as MD being elder, Nandini try thought to start from her but MD stopped her n said

“Pehle apne saas-sasur se shuru karo, phir Manik n akhir me mai” MD said smirking….

“Par Dadi, badi toh a–” Nandini got cut by MD….

“Maine jo kaha wo karo” MD said glaring at her while she nodded n Nandini started serving Nyoj, Manik n atlast she came to Dadi, she started serving her dal, n by mistake of Dadi or intentionally fell on Nandini’s hand n she hissed as it was hot n Manik ran to her….

“Nandiniii, r u blind?? Kese daal rahi thi??” Manik shouted angrily….

“Manik, chillane se kuch nhi hoga, usse ice lagao, go!!” Nyo said n Manik ran to bring ice, he started rubbing the the ice on her hand as soon as he returned back….

“Manik aap jao n have lunch, I am ok” Nandini said n Manik looked at her surprised but then his angry mode was back….

“R u blind?? How r u ok, see it has become red, I vil bring antiseptic” Manik said n ran to bring antiseptic while Nandini sighed….

“Tum thik to ho na??” Nyo asked….

“Mom, aap bhi, I am fine, it’s juz a burn, aapne pehle nhi dekha, I burned my hand many times before n it’s an habit now” Nandini said smilingly….

Kitni saaf dil ki ladki hai ye, itni garam daal girne par bhi ye keh rahi, it isn’t hurting, ab I am feeling guilty lekin I had to do this, mai yeh sab ke saath karti hu, I mean Nyonika se milne par bhi maine kiya tha, u know “Tests”, haa yeh usi ka ek part hai, juz to test.
End Of POV
(Agar anyone of you confused, please put ur que here abt tests but don’t ask kese kese tests honge ? :- )

MD’s trance broke when she heard Manik’s shout

“Kyaaa?? Kya kaha tumne Nandini, pehle bhi, kab?? Manik asked worried n angry….

“Manik, wo sab chodo- I mean chodiye, aap antiseptic laane gaye the naa, kaha hai??” Nandini said changing the topic….

“Haa, yeh lo” Manik said handing her the cream n she smiled….


All sat n had lunch, chit-chatting while Manik again started his ignoring game….

Moon n Stars had made their way in the sky n were resting while our Nandini was busy in her cell, sending message on the new grp made by N

Nandini: Hi guys, Wassup??
Alya: Nothing much, u??
Cabir: woah, new grp with new members, who are they??
Mukti: so Nandini where is ur husband, hume bhulgay hai wo
Manik: oye, yahi hoon mai
Dhruv: guys, ek que ek baar, Nandini kese ans degi
Unknown1/Navya: haa sahi kaha, hum bhi yahi kehrahe the
Cabir: Ooo, who is this new no.
Unknown2/Abhi: oo, tum jo bhi jo bhi ho, meri behen se flirt karna band karo
Mukti: oye, tumhe kisna kaha wo flirt kar raha hai
Unknown1/Navya: o tum mere bhai se aise baat nhi kar sakti
Cabir: bhut aayi bhai ki chamchi
Unknown2/Abhi: princess yeh do log jo bhi hai inse kaho jhagda mat kare
Mukti: oh, toh jhagda hum ne shuru kiya
Unknown1/Navya: ha tumne hi kiya
Cabir: oh madam, Mukti se aisi baat ki naa toh
Unknown2/Abhi: toh kya karloge
Mukti: hum Fab5 hai, kuch bhi kar sakte hai
Unknown1/Navya: hey bhagwaan, Nandu tumne ye grp hi kyu banaya?
Cabir: banaya bhi toh tumhe kyu add kiya??
Unknown2/Abhi: o Mr, kya matlab??
Nandini: bas, bhut hgya, mai kuch nhi keh rahi iska matlab yeh nhi hai ki tumlog jhagda karte rahoge
Alya: right Nandini
Dhruv: ?
Nandini: so maine ye batane ke liye message kiya ki aaj raat hum sleepover kar rahe hai, hamare ghar
Alya: Wowww
Dhruv: what wowww Alya?? We are not in college ki sleepovers kare
Nandini: kisne kaha ki sleepovers sirf college time pe hote hai n waise bhi hum bhut dino se mile bhi nhi
Dhruv: teen din pehle hi mile the, Reception pe yaad hai??
Cabir: n agar hum aa bhi gate, toh yeh tumhare friends nhi aayenge
Unknown1/Navya: o Mr, wo hamari bhi friend hai, hum zrur ayenge
Mukti: o Ms, woh Cabir Dhawan seedhe baat karo usse
Unknown2/Abhi: aur tum, wo Navya Naveli hai, seedhe baat karo usse
Nandini: guys, chup, plan is final, tum sab aarahe ho, bas, bye

Nandini threw her cell on the bed n came downstairs n instructed the servant to clean FAB5’s room which is like an suite, it has a living room, 5 bedrooms with washrooms, a kitchen n all equipments, 3 rooms are always locked, as girls share one room n guys one….

It was night, elders came down to have the dinner, the food was prepared by Nandini n everything was of MD’s favs. All elders sat when MD said

“Nyonika, Manik kaha hai??” MD asked….

“Apne room mein hai, zruri files check kar raha hai, badme khale ga” Nyo said….

“Hmmm, waise kya banaya hai khane mein Nandini” MD asked Nandini n she smiled listening her name….

“Dadi, it’s surprise, aap khud check kijiye” Nandini said smiling n MD started checking the food n her eyes were widen but she composed herself n

“Wow, mera favorite” MD said with a small smile….

“Ji” Nandini said….

All started having food when MD noticed Nandini still standing n said

“Tum kyu nhi kha rahi??” MD asked….

“Wo….Manik ke saath….khalungi” Nandini said lil scared while MD smiled inwardly….

“Acha” MD said….

Elders had their dinner n went to sleep, Nandini helped the servants with the chores n left to check FAB5’s room which is backside of the Mansion….


It was 12am, time for FAB5’s n Navbhi’s arrival, Nandini messaged Manik to come down n Nandini stood near the gate, all arrived n Nandini smiled n all tiptoed to backyard….

All reached the suite n sighed while Cabir asked

“Nandini, tum hume aise chori-chupe, kyu le aayi??” Cabir asked ….

“Wo sab so rahe hai, toh” Nandini said….

“Koi baat nhi chalo Nandu, hum kitchen mein jaate hai” Navya said n Cabir made faces….

Navni went inside the kitchen, Nandini placed the chips packet in a tray, then went to the freezer for the drinks, as she placed her hand in the freezer, she hissed as her burned hand touched the ice (well I know, abhi tak uska haath thik hgya hoga lekin yeh story hai, n stories sach nhi hoti, so ?) n suddenly she felt a pull, Manik said

“Kya hua, r u fine??” Manik asked worriedly….

“Haa, I am fine” Nandini said….

“Agar tum dono ka fine session hgya ho toh chale….” Navya asked after admiring the couple….

“Yah” Manan said n looked at each other….

The trio came out n found all the pillows on floor n Nandini said

“Yeh kisna kiya??” Nandini asked holding the pillow….

“These both” FAB3 said pointing Mukbhi….

“Isne shuru kiya” Mukti said….

“No isne” Abhi said….

“Isne” Mukti said….

“Isne” Abhi said….

“Shut up, bhut hgya, I shouldn’t have kept this sleep over, I thought sab friends thodi masti karenge but no, yahapar fights ho rahi hai, pehle hi ye (pointing towards Manik) naraz hai, aur upar se tum dono” Nandini shouted n collapsed on couch….

“We are sorry” Mukbhi said holding their ears….

Nandini chuckled n Mukbhi sighed, the both sat each side of Nandini n Mukti said

“Nandini, tumne aisa kyu kaha, Manik tumse naraz hai??” Mukti asked….

“Wo—” Nandini got cut

“Mai batata hoon” Manik said n explained them the matter, all burst out laughing….

“Nandini, u-r-impossible” Alya said between her laughs, holding her stomach….

All composed themselves n decided to watch a movie, all went with horror movie, after 3 hours of watching movie, all decided to play games, after 1 hour of games, all decided to sleep….
All 5 rooms r unlocked, Mukya one, Dhrubir one, Manan one, Navya n Abhi seperate….

Manan were in bedroom, Manik was standing near the window, Nandini went to him n said

“Kya hua??” Nandini asked….

“I am….sorry” Manik said….

“Sorry, but y??” Nandini asked….

“Wo I behav—” Manik got cut….

“Manik, u were right at ur place” Nandini said smiling….


“So, tumne mujhe maaf kiya na?? Nandini asked….

“Haa” Manik said after thinking n Nandini hit his shoulder….

Both giggled, lied on the bed n drifted to sleep….


Morning, Nandini woke up at 6am n started preparing brkfst for FAB4 n Navni, she felt two arms encircling her stomach n she felt ticklish….

“What are u doing Manik??” Nandini asked giggling….

“Ummm, what husband does with his wife….” Manik said….


Both straighten themselves n found Evil Twins with smirks n Cabir said

“Nandini hume itni jaldi kyu uthaya??” Cabir asked….

“Well, to have breakfast n leave for ur homes” Nandini said….

“Bhut jaldi hai hume bhagane ki” Mukti said….

“Aisa nhi hai, agar tumlog ko pata chala ghar par koi aur bhi hai, toh tumlog khud bhaag jaoge” Manik said smirking….

“Kyu aisa kon hai??” Dhruv asked coming out from his room….

“Dadi” Manan said… 

“What????” FAB4 asked, Alya coming out from her room….

“Dadi hai ghar par” Manik said….

FAB4 had their eyes widen n then they noticed each others clothes while Nandini said

“Isiliye have breakfast n leave as fast as u can” ….

“U are right” FAB4 said….

Nandini finished her work, all sat for breakfast, had it, complimented it n ran as fast as they can….


Manan went inside the Mansion, Nandini instructed the servant to clean FAB5’s room, n lock it….

Nandini prepared breakfast here too, elders came down n all had breakfast….

Nyo left for her NGO, Nandini talked with MD n MD was impressed by her studies ecectra ecectra….

Nyo reached home all tired, Nandini noticed it, prepared orange juice n brought it for her. Nyo smiled n blessed her, Nandini massaged Nyo’s head, MD watched this n was very happy.

It was afternoon, all were seated at dining table, having lunch when

“Mom, everything ok at NGO??” asked Nandini to Nyo

“Yah, everything is fine, beta” Nyo said having a morsel

“Dad, apki meeting??” asked Nandini again but to Raj

“It was Perfect” said Raj, having a morsel

“N Manik what abt ur dea—” Nandini got cut as Manik filled her mouth with a morsel

“It was great wifey, n I got the deal, n yah now eat chup-chap” said Manik filling Nandu’s mouth n Nandu nods

Dadi who was admiring them smiled inwardly, all got busy talking when Manik coughed but then drank water. A lil later Manik started coughing badly, Nandini ran to him n started rubbing his back n said

“Kese kha rahe ho, chote bacche ho??,  Nandini scolded him as if he is a kid

“Pa….Pa….Ni” said Manik in between coughing, Nandini made him drink water n said

“Chalo Manik, rest karo” said Nandini making Manik stand

All were worried not knowing what is happening, Manan headed towards their room but after reaching fourth stair, Manik fainted there itself n rolled down while Nandini shouted


Guys who wanted it in English, I changed some of it in English n further I can’t do, soooo sorrry, please forgive me.
How was it, do tell me

Lots of Love ❤️❤️❤️

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