Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 7

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Sunday morning 6am
Krishna lazily gets up from her bed,she stares at the clock..
Krishna:do i really have to go today..i want a day off..she krishna,you got to find a place to stay..she forces herself into the washroom,freshens up,and gets dressed..
She opens the door and heads towards the dining room,when two arms pull her into a tight hug,
Krishna:man,you scared me…that was too much huh!!kab aaaya tum??duffer??
Yuvan:abhi abhi,just said hi to aunty and then straight to your room..
She hits him playfully..
Krishna:why didnt you tell me?
Yuvan:thats wats called surprise,buddhu!!

He hits her on the head and runs,she chases him…
Saumya:bas karo tum dono,bilkul bache ho tum…
Kishen:arey,bache hi toh hai..
Saumya:aap bhi na,bigaad ke rakha hai apne beti ko..
Kishen smiles looking at krishna:after so many days,i have seen her smile.
Both kishen and saumya get emotional watching their daughter laughing with yuvan…
Krishna:mama dekho na,yeh yuvan
Kishen and saumya quickly wipe their tears..
Yuvan:ur daughter is too stuborn..and she hits really hard..he says while rubbing his arms..
Krishna:mama,yuvan and I ll eat out today,i have gotta whole list of places to check out,moving out is a tough job you know..
Yuvan:dont worry,Im always at your service..he winks..
Saumya:acha beta,dont be too late,and look for a safe place,make sure the neighbours are good..
Krishna smiles..fine mom,bye..
Krishna and yuvan reach the appartements,they keep looking for nice ones,
Krishna:this is perfect,i love it…its beautiful
He looks at her and says:ya it is…
Krishna:so this one it is,its fixed..she gives a wide smile..
Yuvans lost in her..
Krishna:yuvaan,what do you think?

Krishna:i have chosen this
Yuvan:oh,thank god,u finally chose one..she makes a face..
They head to the mall amd sit at the food court,waiting for their orders,krishna tells him everything about sayyam..
Yuvan:thats it?he was nice to you,and you dont suspect him anymore??
Krishna:yaa,i dont know y,but i feel he is innocent,he has goodness in him..
Yuvan:krish,u r too innocent..what if he is pretending to be nice,so that you dont suspect him…
Krishna:no,he was rude to me the whole day,but when i was in trouble,he came for my help,thats what good people do right…i dont think he is pretending..
Yuvan:so,you think sharads death was an accident?
Krishna:i dont know yuvan…i need your help to find out..
Yuvan:mm,thats wat i have come here for,i didnt tell you about my job did i?he smirks
Krishna:wait,dont tell me you hv got a job there too???
Yuvan:well..he pulls out his appointement letter..joining tomorrow,birla industriesp…he winks at her..
Krishna:u are unbelievable…wow,we r gona work together..
Yuvan:ya,and im your neighbour too…he smirks
Krishnas surprised:omg,you have gotta be kidding me…this is the biggest surprise ever!!she hugs him…yuvan smiles and hugs her back…
They have their food,and head outside..
They walk through the roadside shops cracking jokes and teasing each other..

Sayyams parks his car and gets down,he looks around the market place,5 years ago,this was a regular weekend spot for his family..they would hangout together,have gol gappe and icecream…they were not the typical rich family that you see around..his mom was a middle class girl,and this was where she grew up..he felt their presence there..he could hear the chills of their laughter at the spot.and maybe thats why he still visited the place every weekend…he walks towards the chat stall..
The soothing laughter of a girl makes him turn towards her,he spots krishna clicking a selfie with the slumboys…he smiles watching her,laugh and play with them..he is about to walk towards her when he sees yuvan hugging her from behind and them clicking a selfie together..he clenches his fist in anger…he watches them angrily…

Krishna hugs sayyam..

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  1. Shaani

    Nice part yaar…waiting for next part…kriyam hug scene….keep writing…well done..

  2. Plx post the next part as soon as possible?

  3. So good. Waiting for the next update

  4. Aarti32

    Nice episode..N I’m vry much excited to see a jealous Saiyyam.. Yippie

  5. Please post the next update

  6. Shayal

    OMGG!!!! This is amazing…… Living it…… Please make Sayyam jealous as hell

  7. Shayal

    OMGG!!!! This is amazing…… Loving it…… Please make Sayyam jealous as hell……
    The story is getting interesting

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