Major fight in Bigg Boss 15; Devoleena Bhattacharjee bites Abhijit Bichukale while he picks a stone to hit her

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 is all set to witness a major fight between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Abhijit Bichukale. During a task, Devoleena ends up betting Abhijit in order to save the balls.

Abhijit accuses Devoleena of getting physically violent in the task and complains to Bigg Boss saying, “Is biting a part of the game? Eliminate her. Open the doors.” He screams, “I will hit her with a stone.” He goes to a corner and picks up a stone to hit her.

Pratik rushes to hold Abhijit’s hands while Devoleena screams in fear saying “Dada”!

Another fight takes place between Tejasswi and Rakhi when Rakhi mocked Tejasswi who was crying in a corner after losing out on the sponge balls. Rakhi says, “Why this aansu card. You have lost on your own wish so don’t cry over it and act like a bechari.” Tejasswi says, “I don’t want to play that card. I want nothing. I am done.”

The promo also showed a major event where Rakhi has to take an important decision choosing between Devoleena and Rashami for the Ticket To Finale.

  1. This is violence biting someone is hurting a person. What action has been taken? If nothing then why Omar was targeted?

  2. This year big boss l don’t like they quarrel a lot even fight and abused each other now you can bite and Stone this is just too much

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