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Heya Lovely People ?
How are you ?

I am back with reprised version of ‘ MAIN PHIR BHI TUMKO CHAHUNGA ‘ this time ? This is specially on request of Vibhu who was eager to read this story ?

It has some required changes and addition of scenes as per requirements ?

It’s a really long episode so you can read it patiently and enjoy ? So let’s hop on to episode without wasting much time.

Those who haven’t read this story can rejoice on this reprised version and catch up the story so far ☺


Story started as per the basic plot from show. Twinj got married due to their parent’s wish and the misunderstanding created by yuvi that Kunj attempted to rape twinkle. They got married to each other adverse to their pleasing’s and suffered alot of hurdles thrown by their enemies but each hurdle brought them closer to eachother , strengthen their LOVE.

They fell in love with eachother and confessed. They were leading their lives happily when Yuvi once again attempted to break twinj apart but during that attempt as twinkle saved yuvi from the fatal accident he realised how wrong he was and changed into a person no one believed he could. He regretted and did everything possible to earn Twinj’s forgiveness and after alot of attempts he was finally forgiven by Twinj.

Everything was going smoothly. Kunj and Yuvi were slowly developing a friendship bond. Yuvi promised himself to become sheild for Twinj and save them from his mother’s wrath and revenge.

Twinkle and Kunj were happily leading their married life. They had small coffee and chocolate dates , dinners , surprising eachother was a very normal thing for them. They consummated their marriage when twinkle was comfortable and ready to take their relationship to another level. Their physical and and emotional relationship surpassed a level of admiration. When everything was going smoothly a storm invaded their lives when two enemies stood against their LOVE breaking them apart leaving them shattered , hurt and vulnerable.

Then what happened that left them shattered ?

Darkness came like the thick velvet curtains of the theatre. It was as if the daytime had been one part of a play and the rest was to come after this intermission of night.

Outside was nothing but moon speckled darkness, but at least it was not the kind of utter blackness that swallowed a person whole, it was instead a shadowy world painted in grey-scale.

Just then this darkness wasn’t enough to make Kunj’s heart sunk in fear he heard clouds thundering violently scaring him more. He was getting a vibe of something negative was about to happen.

Each passing second and his breath hitched that’s when he heard clinking of bangles. Each step closer to him and he could recognize who was the owner to the melody of clinking bangles. It was HER.

Why was she here ?

Why ? Why after five long years ?

When he had composed his shattered pieces of heart why was she here ?

He had learned to suppress his pain and hurt himself then was she here to again refresh his unattended wounds he had long left unattended or healed.

Kunj shouted in fear and agony to brush away the noises of her laughter , clinking of bangles and her melodious voice. He wanted to runaway from this pain that pierced his soul like thousand needles being pierced in his soul at a time.

He casted his eye’s at a photo frame that hung across the huge wall of the uncomfortably large room. It was of him and twinkle back-hugging eachother. They both were looking at eachother lovingly.

He closed his eyes with a heavy sigh that vibed his pain , hurt and betrayal he suffered. Tears escaped the confines of his eye’s reminiscing all the past memories , her allegations , his pleasing’s to her to once let him clarify his side of story , his suffering’s , his pain.

Everything was like a cold bucket of water that was poured everyday on him daily in the blood iced cold. He could never forgive her. It was impossible for him to let go of everything he suffered just like that.

Kunj opened his eyes that turned into shade of crimson red. He mumbled in hoarse voice “Why you came back twinkle ? Why ? I had learned to live my life in this darkness then why are you back ? You hurted me. Broke me inside out with your allegations. You said I was betrayer. You failed to trust me than why are you back now ? Why do you want my forgiveness now ? Wasn’t I your betrayer ? The one who cheated you ? Then what forgiveness are you asking for ? ”

” I craved for you to be by my side. To trust me and hold my hand to assure that you won’t leave me like anyone else but what you did ? Pushed me away from you. Questioned my love for you and then left me stating I wasn’t worth of it. I was despicable and Infidelite person. Then does my forgiveness is worth for you ? ” Kunj ended with a heavy pain in his soul.

He would never be able to forgive her or be able to give their relationship a chance after all what happened five years ago. He doesn’t have the strength to bear everything again.

He passed his hand thorough his hairs. He was remembering what happened in last five years.

His and twinkle’s Seperation. Her word’s ringing in his Ear’s , her blames. Everyone’s taunts , his pain , hurt , lonliness and suffering’s.

His inner turmoil was killing him. He want’s to mend their relationship and want to once again expect those happy moment’s but was he was scared.

What if that lonliness invaded him again ?

What if she will leave him again ?

What if she will broke him again?

Will he be able to bear this all again?

No ! No ! He can’t bear this all again.

He knows he isn’t that strong.

He will fall apart this time.

He won’t be able to gather himself this time.

He will fall apart to death this time.

He wasn’t that strong anymore to face every pain inflicted on him.

His soul was damaged and wounded beyond repair. His wounds were unattended and he have lost that strength to bear something like this again.

What happened that day has badly inflicted his life , his wounded heart and shattered soul is what’s hidden to everyone in the fake mask of stern , rude and arrogant person.

His life is just a burden for him , he is a mere lifeless body , his soul is shattered , his heart is broken , his soul is full of scars and deep wounds that seems impossible to heal , his exisitance is a mere question mark ?

His Smile lost behind the darkness his life had invaded , there seems no possible way out of that darkness.

He been living as a corpse in those years working as a machine with no emotions and feeling’s , his routine was what a person says how a machine works he sleep barely few hours to recharge himself to again stress and hurt himself.

His selfless nature of helping everyone has never changed but it was hidden under the mask of arrogant , stone hearted person.

He would never forgive her !

Kunj fell on his knees breaking down into tears as memories from there past came running down his lane of memories.


” Twinkle Stop…” Kunj shouted running after twinkle.

” I won’t leave you once I catch you… ”

“Catch me if you can Mr Kunj Sarna ” spoke twinkle giggling and teasing him, running all around the house.

Kunj was behind her trying to catch her. She was laughing and smiling teasing him and dressed in his shirt while he was shirtless trying to catch her.

They had been living separately in a lavish pent house in one of the most expensive state buildings of India after mayers between twinkle and Usha took worst turns and never solved.

Within few seconds, she was caught in his embrace pouting while kunj laughed seeing that innocent face. He pecked her lips making her blush as a red tint with the shades of pink made its way on her chubby cheeks.

He picked her up in his arms and moved toward’s their bedroom. She wrapped her hands around his neck, planting a long wet kiss there.

” I LOVE YOU!” muttered twinkle teasing kunj with her hands that moved sensually on his face.

” I LOVE YOU TOO MRS SARNA ” Kunj replied somehow bearing her teasings.

” Don’t do this princess…” Kunj spoke as it became difficult for him to control when twinkle’s hand came down all the way to his manly chest tracing patterns over it sensually as she kissed his neck giving goosebumps to him.

” Don’t do what Mr Sarna ?” Twinkle spoke innocently yet with a naughty smile playing on her lips.

“You will pay for this Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna..” replied kunj with a smirk.

“I am ready to pay for it Mr Sarna.”

Their life was happy.

They were contended.

Everything was as they wanted.

But as it’s said, happiness doesn’t lasts forever.
A storm was waiting to embrace them.
And to destroy their happiness forever.

Her happiness knew no bounds but their was someone ready to limit them.

To cage them.


Twinkle was dressed in beautiful pink crop top and grey shorts. With her brown silky hair cascading down her back , that was dancing with the breeze and her head held high, she waltzed on with an effortless saunter. The clinking sounds of her anklets added rhythm to the soft chirping of sparrows that played on the background without pause. Her eyes scanned the surroundings when they met with him , Love of her Life.

For kunj his eyes holding the eyes of his beloved was the most mesmerising. She seemed beautiful and her smile was like the stars themselves, that were resting behind the soft cushion of her lips.

She was lost in him. He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerising deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite.

He had deep ocean blue eye’s , which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His usually playful smile etched at the end of his face. His perfect lips ripe for the kissing. His smile that fluttered millions of heart. They gazed at eachother intensely.

” I LOVE YOU. ” they exclaimed together.

Setting Sun witnessing their confession , shinning brightly with mixed hues of red and blue disappearing in the darkness at the beautiful couple gazing at it , couple was revealed to be our heavenly couple twinj.

Beautiful smiles adorning their faces , their eyes closed both savouring the moment , adding one more beautiful memory to the lane of moment’s they had spent together till know and will spent in future.

Kunj opened his eye’s slowly and looked at twinkle lovingly , breaking the contact , he placed a loving kiss on her forehead making her smile.

” HAPPY TWO YEAR’S OF TOGETHERNESS MY LOVE ” kunj spoke with a smile cherishing two years of their togetherness.

Twinkle’s face broke out in a smile remebering those beautiful memories. Ever so slightly twinkle leaned in capturing his lip’s in a passionate kiss , kunj was shocked and numb to react what just happened , his Siyappa Queen kissed him herself without any tantrums. Twinkle’s one hand was on his neck pulling him closer while other was caressing his hairs softly to calm him , she was kissing him slowly and passionately.

Her passion was invading his senses , his eye’s closed and he closed his eye’s and pulled her closer by her waist and kissed her back with same passion and love.

They were so invaded in eachothers passion that they forget about their surroundings , kunj pulled twinkle a more closer to him , they were snuggled against eachother as a jigsaw puzzle , his hands made their way to her bare waist and caressed her ever so slightly and sensually making her moan between the kiss. They pulled out of the kiss breathing heavily and rested their foreheads against eachother.


Everything was going smoothly in their lives. Each moment they spent together was an addition of beautiful memory to their albums of live.

It was another happy day in their life. Twinkle was sick suffering viral fever , cough and flu and Kunj being the doting husband took off from his office to take care of her and he made her a healthy vegetable soup to which twinkle made a ‘ YUCK ‘ face acting all like an irritated kid and demanded for a chocolate.

” Kunj ! I won’t eat this. Take it away or give me chocolate first. ” Twinkle said determined to not even glance at the soup.

” I will but first finish this food. You need nutrients and healthy meal to recover quickly and avoid weakness. ” junk replied.

“Promise you will give me ? ” twinkle asked with a gleam in her eyes to which kunj nodded his head and twinkle somehow while making sulking faces finished the soup. All the time Kunj was trying to suppress his laughter seeing her cute baby faces.

As twinkle finished the meal she quickly demanded her promised chocolate to which she was silenced by his passionate kiss. It continued for a long time and once they were out of breath they broke the kiss.

” This was your promised sweet. Can any other sweet be better than this ? ” Kunj replied and walked out of their room to keep away the utensils back in the kitchen leaving a crimson red twinkle behind.


Everything was going smoothly as they wanted. They were falling in love with eachother more and more. It was a Sunday and Twinj had invited whole Taneja and Sarna family over a lunch.

Today twinkle was more than happy and glowing in herself. She was excited and happy to share something with Kunj. It’s only thought made her crimson red.

They were spending some happy family moments when bell rang that time. Twinkle opened the door and was stunned to see Alisha who stood there with a smirk. Infact everyone who saw twinkle standing at the door was shocked to see Alisha.

But they were left shocked and numbed with the pictures she showed them left them stunned. The allegations she put on Kunj was as if someone snatched floor beneath them.

Twinkle could not believe that Kunj could do something like this and slapped alisha in anger and refused to believe anything which relieved Kunj that she trusted him but his father and her father were the ones to raise fingers on him and question him which shocked and hurted him but as if that wasn’t enough Anita made an entry and took the turn to show something more.

She played a video of Kunj and Alisha spending some intimate moment’s but what no one noticed was that the man’s back in the video was facing all the time and it was little blurry to. It left everyone shocked and angered at Kunj excluding Bebe and Leela who still chose to believe Kunj over anything.

But twinkle was numb all the time. Her eyes moisten with tears and face showed the pain of being betrayed and hurt. Kunj walked towards her and held her by her shoulders and spoke with a hope that she will atleast believe him ” Twinkle trust me this is all fake. I just love you and have never met alisha after our marriage.”

” Why are you lying Kunj ? You love me and promised me that you will divorce twinkle and marry me. Why are you lying Kunj ? Please don’t do this WE have no one else in this world other than you to depend upon ” Alisha spoke acting as if sobbing and hurted badly.

Twinkle looked at her with dead cold gaze and asked in a hoarse voice ” WE ? ”

” Yes twinkle ! We.. me and my baby. I am pregnant with Kunj’s child. ” Alisha spoke sobbing though an evil smile crossed her face which everyone failed to notice other than Bebe and Leela.

It was like the last string of hope for twinkle that everything was a lie but when Alisha showed her pregnancy reports she was left shocked and hurt.

Kunj vigorously nodded his head in no and was about to speak when twinkle jerked his hands from her shoulders and slapped him leaving Kunj and everyone else shocked.

She held his collar and spoke angrily ” How can you do this to me Kunj ? You are a blo*dy cheater and Lair Kunj Sarna. How can you expect me to believe after all these proves ? How will you justify yourself Kunj Sarna ? ”

Kunj stood numb and shocked. He felt breathless. She didn’t believe him. Her words pierced his soul. He felt unable to stand. His knees felt like giving away yet he managed to speak and stand somehow trying last time to clarify himself.

” T…twinkle believe me. I haven’t done anything like this. It’s all a plotting against us. I.. I can never do something like twinkle.. I won’t ever do this.. ”

” I HATE YOU KUNJ SARNA.. I HATE YOU.. YOU ARE A BETRAYER.. I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING A DESPICABLE AND INFIDELITE PERSON LIKE YOU ” twinkle blurted out in anger not realising that these words shattered his soul beyond repair.

They would forever a leave a scar on his soul. She failed to trust her love.

” I HATE YOU KUNJ ! I HATE YOU… You are a BETRAYER. ” twinkle said sobbing and left with RT who glared Kunj with disgust.

Yuvi who came there was left in utter shock before he could react or say anything in Kunj’s defence what he saw left him horrified. The slap and accusations from twinkle were less expected but she did that. She mistrusted Kunj and spoke harsh word’s.

Everyone else including his father , mother , brother and rest of the family members. No one showed trust on him and saw him as if he was some culprit. But the only persons to stand by his side was bebe and leela. Kunj fell on his knees breaking down into tears.

Alisha and Anita still stood there smirking Evily. As everyone left alisha came and bent beside Kunj who was sitting numb on floor as if someone snatched his soul. Alisha spoke cupping his face.

” Come on Kunj baby. Accept me and our child. See twinkle doesn’t trust you but I promise to love you baby. BE MINE. ”

Kunj looked at her with anger and jerked her hands of his face and spoke ” This would never happen alisha. I will never be yours. I Love twinkle and will forever love her. ”

” But she doesn’t trust you Kunj. She has left you baby. Come back to me. ” alisha said seductively.

Leela held alisha by her elbows and abruptly made her stand and slapped her not one , twice or thrice but multiple times. Within a blink of eye yuvi was by Kunj’s side. Kunj looked at yuvi with numb and void in his eyes.

” I…I didn’t cheated her yuvi. Believe me I didn’t do anything like that. ” Kunj spoke stuttering in haze as if trying to convince himself he wasn’t alone.

Yuvi looked at the pitiful state of Kunj and spoke assuring Kunj ” I believe you Kunj. You haven’t done anything wrong. ”

” But tt..twi..twinkle… ”

” Kunj she is just angry and heartbroken. She will surely believe you.” Yuvi assured Kunj but little did he knew he was wrong this time.


Kunj was sitting on cold floor lifekessly as if he has no will power left to move or react. His head was resting on babe’s lap who was caressing his hairs but kunj sat expressionless.

His eyes have frozen over like the surface of a winter puddle, robbing them of their usual warmth. He’s in there but it’s like he just took a huge step back from life. He wanted to console himself that everything will be okay. But his inner self is shattered badly.

His insides are too damp with uncried tears. He always had pain inside, but now its visible on his face. He was badly broken inside out. He could do nothing but see his life shattering to unrepairable extent.

” Believe me bebe I haven’t done anything. Trust me ” Lunj mumbled hoarsely. This was what he had uttered umpteenth time in last few hours.

He was broken badly today. He was no more the same Kunj anymore who used to smile without a reason. A storm swiped away his smile along his happiness.
Time passed Kunj tried ever possible way to talk to twinkle once but always returned empty handed or would receive alot of bashing’s from RT.

He bore ever insult throwed at him. He beared twinkle’s ignorance and taunts in hope that one day she will listen to him but he was left shocked and hurt when she left to London but what she left behind shattered his soul.

Kunj was left with no chance at happiness. She took away his smile and happiness along her. She killed a part of him the day she left to London leaving ‘ DIVORCE ” papers for him.

He was no more the same happy-go-lucky smiling person.
His life felt a burden for him , he is a mere lifeless body , his soul is shattered , his heart is broken , his soul is full of scars and deep wounds that seems impossible to heal , his exisitance is a mere question mark ?

His Smile lost behind the darkness his life had invaded , there seems no possible way out of that darkness.

Leela tried every way possible to make twinkle understand but each time twinkle’s anger and ego was increasing more and more whereas Anita left no chance to manipulate Twinkle and RT against Kunj.

This was the last time when leela confronted twinkle before she leave for London to once give Kunj chance to clarify his part of story but twinkle refused to listen.

” Twinkle please once listen him what he wants to say puttar ” Leela said in a pleasing tone.

” No Maa ! I don’t want to listen anything or even meet that betrayer. He is a cheater. He broke me. He broke US. ” Twinkle replied in broken voice.

” Please twinkle listen him. Else you are gonna regret your doings twinkle. You will be left with nothing at end to cry over. Don’t do this to him. To yourself. Listen him once ”

” No ! I won’t and I won’t even regret that. Twinkle Taneja never regrets her decisions. ” twinkle shouted with a slight tint of proud and believe on her doings.

” And you are believing that betrayer over your own daughter ? Are disregarding all the proves ? Or disregarding the presence of his illegitimate child in another woman’s womb ? ” twinkle screamed with hatred.

” You don’t know the truth twinkle. You don’t. It’s not leela aunty who is disregarding anything but it’s you who is pushing away the truth and accepting a bitter lie ” yuvi said who heard whole twinkle and Leela’s confrontation and could not stop himself from taking stand for Kunj.

” I hope twinkle you see the truth soon or else you won’t be left with anything to regret over. I just hope it’s not to late or else you will end up losing him FOREVER ” yuvi said with a heavy sigh and left with Leela leaving twinkle in a fear with his last words but soon twinkle brushed away his word’s as each time Alisha’s allegations came in her mind.

Time passed twinkle ignored Kunj as if he never existed and soon left for London without even once looking back at Kunj leaving him completely shattered and hurt.

As time passed Kunj transformed into a quite person who spoke only when needed. His chirpy nature was buried into the depths of his painful past. His face lost the charm that once use to enlightens everyone’s day.

He made the walls of loneliness and pain around himself as he made himself busy in work. He suffered from nightmares and slowly it turned him into insomniac. He could not sleep properly or would barely sleep for 2 or three hour’s. He often skipped his meals and deserted himself completely.

No smiles and laughter was heard anymore in Twinj now Kuni’s pent house. His usually playful smile had drawn into a hard line across his face. No more the same it used to be but then came a selfless happy souls in Kunj and Yuvi’s live who took important places in their life. Who made Kunj a bit lively again. Who taught him to atleast go on for himself and his Loved one’s. It was ” ADITI “.

She embraced yuvi’s heart when he thought he would not be able to love anyone after seeing Kunj’s condition. She stood by yuvi’s side to help Kunj in his dark phase of life. She became Kunj’s bestfriend or more like a sister who unknowingly became a dominant part of his life.

And at the same time yuvi and aditi fell in love with eachother but something held Yuvi back which was noticed by Kunj that’s when he pushed yuvi a little more toward’s ADITI and convinced him to give one chance over Love and they never knew that time would passed quick enough that they would get married in next few month’s.

Kunj was contended that his friend yuvi and aditi more like his sister were about to be settled in their life. It was CONTENT and not HAPPINESS that came in his Life.


A new day , A new hope for life but it was same for one soul whose existence became a mere question.

His presence screamed to come at life but his past pushed it away everytime. The darkness around him was suffocating for others but the only possible way of his survival.

Like anyother day Kunj wokeup early in morning but this time Kunj woke up with a heavy headache. He could not remember anything that happened last night. He emphasized on his brain to make out the happenings only to wince in pain.

Kunj sat up straight and rested his back against the headboard of his bed. He blinked his eyes few times to clear his blurry vision and control his headache but when he could not without opening his eyes he opened the bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of pills.

He was about to swallow the pills when he was stopped by a hand. He was about to shout when he opened his eyes but then stopped seeing the person glaring at him and quickly averted his gaze.

” Uh huh ! Yuvi you here ? Kuch kaam tha kya ? ” Kunj spoke looking here and there but not at yuvi.

” Didn’t I restricted you to avoid them ? Or have you forgotten what doctor said last time ? ” Yuvi shouted at him angrily and handed him over a cup of coffee which he brought for him but then saw him waking up with a severe headache and groaning in pain.

He was disheartened and hurt to see his friend suffering so much without any mistake but as soon as he saw him again taking those pills he could not help himself but get angry.

” Uh…yuvi woh ” kunj tried to dismiss the matter without getting any scoldings from yuvi but failed miserably to find a way out of it.

” Why the hell are you adamant to ruin yourself Kunj ? Why are you making yourself suffer this way cause of a person who doesn’t even cares about your existence. Will you please stop destroying yourself for the person who no more wants you to be a part of their life and start living for those who love you ? ” Yuvi spoke agitated trying to convince Kunj to think about himself rather than destroying himself for a woman who ignored him like he never existed.

Kunj listened everything what yuvi said with a numb expression but all what he said was truth which he could not deny. A bitter truth of his life that killed him inside daily. Tears escaped the confines of his eyes as his hold on coffee mug tighten to an extent leading it to shatter into multiple pieces. Some pierced his hand and blood started oozing with a heavy flow.

Yuvi’s eyes widen in horror as he saw Kunj shivering and once again falling into state of panic. He was mumbling senselessly. Yuvi tried to hold onto him and calm him but failed and soon Kunj was out of control.

He was breaking whatever came in his hand’s and was mumbling senselessly. Bebe and Leela came in his room hearing voices of shattering pieces of vases and thing’s. Yuvi tried to hold onto Kunj but he jerked him away.

” I am not a betrayer twinkle. I am not please don’t leave me ” This was all what Kunj mumbled shouted leaving Leela and Bebe in tears seeing his vulnerable state.

Left with no other option yuvi searched for Kunj’s prescribed medication by doctors in condition of uncontrollable panic and finding it he injected to Kunj. Within seconds black spots invaded Kunj’s vision as he held his head but before he could hit ground yuvi held him by his shoulders and helped him lie down on bed while Leela called doctor.

In a while doctor arrived and checked on Kunj’s current state and his face fell in seriousness and disappointment. He checked on to his pulse rate and once finishing his examination he warned yuvi who was by Kunj’s side all the time tensed.

” Look Mr Luthra I have warned you many times that these panic attacks are getting worst by the passing time which is dangerous for his health and with his current condition if this continue he might end up losing his life. The medication to control his panic attacks is risky if he would get this kind of panic attacks weekly. Take care of him and be cautious about his health. ”

Doctor warned about Kunj’s condition and left the room leaving yuvi, Leela and Bebe behind. Bebe broke into tears seeing her Ladla Puttar suffering so much without any mistake of his. He was being blamed for something he would not even dare to do in his dreams.

His life has turned into a worst nightmare which threatens to take his life away by the end of it. He deserted himself to such extent where coming back was impossible.

Yuvi consoled Bebe by hugging her and caressing her back but bebe was hurt seeing her once happy and chirpy child so vulnerable and broken. To enlighten the tension he joked but heaviness in his voice was apparent.

” Commom Bebe and Leela Maa are you both planning to make a sea of tears over here or just like Kunj says ‘ Aankhon ka pani zyada aur samandar ka pani kam hoga. ‘ yuvi ended with a chuckle which made bebe and leela smiled a bit.

Yuvi made Leela and Bebe both sat on couch and fetch water for them in glasses and handed over them.

” I know bebe you love your Kunj puttar more than me but there bhav mujhe bhi de do. Meri toh shaadi bhi home wali hai. Thori izzat toh honi chahiye na to-be-groom ki warna apki nuh kya Sochegi meray baare mein” yuvi said dramatically making bebe and leela chuckled.

[ Yuvi : I know bebe you love your dear kunj more than me but give me some attention to. I am a groom-to-be else what will your to be daughter-in-law have impression of me ]

Leela patted on his head giggling a bit. While yuvi continued ” Now you both go and prepare your handmade yummylicious food for me and Kunj till then I will be with Kunj and when he wakes up we will be on breakfast table yo pounce on the yummiest food ”

Bebe and Leela nodded their heads in yes and got up to leave the room. Bebe walked toward’s Kunj and properly covered him with duvet and kissed him on his forehead that was little sweaty and frowned while continuously mumbling the same word’s repeatedly. Bebe felt bad to see him still mumbling the same trying to convince himself and other’s that he was never wrong. Tears made their way through the confines of her eyes.

” Theek hoja puttar jaldi se. Bas ab buhat Hua. Buhat taqleef seh li tune. Ab aur nahi ab tujhe khud ke baare mein Sochna padega. ” bebe said caressing Kunj’s hairs and left with Leela leaving yuvi behind.

Yuvi sat on couch with heavy sigh and looked at Kunj who was lying unconciousness but his body language showed how uncomfortable and panicked he was even in the state of unconciousness. Yuvi fell into daze as remembered the suffering’s of Kunj through out last five years.

How he changed into stern and straightforward person.

He forgot smiling.

Happiness was like a foreign word in his life.

He neglected his health.

He distanced himself from world and caged himself in the darkness that might suffocate a person.

He would rarely spend time with his family that was only left to be Bebe , Leela , aditi and him.

He barely made any conversations or would speak only when it was needed.

He often skipped his meals and barely slept for two or three hours.

It was just like he was pushing himself to keep working and going on with this unwanted life.

He was left all alone by his family , the love of his life when he needed them the most.

They mistrusted and hurted him to the extent where he was no more himself but just a working dead body yearning for him soul to be enlighten with the gift of live.

Yuvi was snapped out of his thought’s when he felt a hand on his shoulder and space on couch beside him being invaded by someone. He looked up to found aditi looking at him with a sight of dismay.

” Adu.. Kunj ! ” yuvi stuttered with a sobbing tone. He was strong for to long infront of bebe and leela but aditi was the only person infront of whom he could show of his true state.

Aditi cupped his face and while caressing his back with other hand she spoke ” You can’t break down yuvi. If you would be like this then who will take care if bebe and Leela maa? And we need to become Kunj’s strength and not his weakness. We need to strong and by his side when he is so vulnerable. ”

Aditi wiped yuvi’s tear while he nodded his head in yes understanding her point. They looked at Kunj who was by now had calmed a bit and wasn’t mumbling anymore but frowns were apparent on his face. He wasn’t on peace.


Twinkle returned to India after five long years along ‘ HIM ‘ whom she had kept hidden from world for so long. She was here to crack a deal against one of the most influential youngest businessman ‘ KS ‘. She heard so much about him and his appearance.

How he was the dream man of every girl. A cold hearted , ruthless , arrogant and straightforward businessman yet a devilishly handsome and s*xy man. But was he more s*xier than her Kunj ?

The first thought when she stepped on this soil crossed her mind was of KUNJ.

She didn’t knew anything about him.

How he was ?

Where he would be now ?

How he might appear now or what he was doing ?

It was all unknown to him but every thought of him reminded her about their painful memories , his betrayal.

She hated herself for loving him so much.

She lost her mother cause of him cause she chose to believe him and stand by his side then to favour her daughter.

Twinkle brushed her thought’s and reported to her office firm and was soon informed that before the final meeting she needs to meet some client in private conference hall of a ‘ Blue Indigo Mall ‘.

Her personal assistant sophie provided her with the portfolio of the much talked ‘ KS ‘ but before she could see who he was she needed to leave for the meeting as it would take them a while to reach the mall.


Kunj stirred and groaned due to the heavy headache he faced. Yuvi and aditi were by his side in an instant. Yuvi helped him to sit down. Kunj rested his head on the headboard and after a while everything cleared his clouded mind. He opened his eyes to find yuvi at his right side and aditi with an angry face with her hands folded at her chest.

Kunj looked at yuvi asking ‘ What happened to her ‘ to which yuvi shrugged his shoulder and looked at him with ‘ You are dead ‘ Look.

Kunj looked at aditi with nervous smile which seems forced and said ” Adu.. you here ? When did you come ? ”

” Just when you were busy giving everyone tension. ” Aditi said with a glare while Kunj looked away sighing heavily.

How can he forget the woman he loved selflessly and trusted blindly but she failed to trust him.

She just accredited him with the tag of ‘ A Betrayer ‘ and left him alone without even once listening to him.

Tears escaped the confines of his reminiscing all those hurting word’s. Aditi and yuvi looked at him and their hearts sank in pain of seeing their friend so vulnerable.

Aditi wiped Kunj’s tears and cupped his face and said ” Come on Kunj. I know it hurts you. Her word’s still ignite a storm in your soul but Kunj crying over it or ruining yourself is just hurting you , bebe , leela maa , yuvi and me and no one else. She isn’t here to see them and even if she was she would not be effected by this. I know Kunj it’s not easy but atleast not if moving on you have to be strong for those who have stood by you so far. Just see how much it hurts bebe and Leela maa seeing you like this. Just look at leela maa. She trusted you over her daughter. Instead of supporting her own daughter she is by your side as your strength. Don’t you feel you atleast owe her your happiness ? ”

” But Adu.. ” Kunj started but was cut short by Aditi.

” I know Kunj. I know every damn thing and I even know what it feels like to be betrayed by her loved ones but didn’t you once made me understand that crying or hurting ourselves over those people who don’t deserve us is never a solution. Not for anyone but for loved ones atleast for once try to live your life. Think about them and yourselves instead of those who don’t deserve your single minute. ” aditi looked at him with meaningful gaze while Kunj nodded his head in yes as if something inside him was awoken. A new hope came alive..

” And hey ! Stop crying okay or else instead of me we need to call you ‘ Cry Baby ‘ ” Aditi said with a chuckle to enlighten his mood.

” Come on buddy it’s only you understand me and support me else this idiot yuvi always have to tease me ” Aditi said dramatically while yuvi’s Jaws hits ground.

He looked at yuvi with widen eye’s and opened mouth while Kunj and Aditi chuckled.

” Now come on get up buddy. Leela maa and Bebe had prepared yummylicious breakfast for us. It will become cold ” Aditi said pulling kunj with his hand but failed.

” Bhukkar but you don’t even have the energy to pull Kunj ” yuvi muttered while aditi glared him and he instantly shut his mouth.

” Aditi ! I don’t feel like having breakfast right now I will have later ” kunj tried to reason but aditi returned him a glare to making him go silent.

” No reasons will be entertained. Get up and come have your breakfast cause I am not gonna say ‘ That i will also eat later ‘ and do a drama like this and make myself starve till you eat. So better get up and freshen up ” Aditi said straightforwardly while Kunj and Yuvi looked at her wide opened mouth.

After a while AdVi , Bebe , Leela and Kunj were seated on dinning table to have breakfast but Kunj was lost in his own thought’s and was playing with spoon. He barely ate something.

Everyone sighed helplessly looking at his lost state. Even his presence on breakfast itself was like a miracle alone eating his meal properly. So aditi break the silence grabbing everyone’s attention including Kunj.

” Come on guy’s does it literally look like a wedding house ? It’s looking like we are mourning over something. God ! The person whom I say is my bestest friend come brother is all the time on silent mode. Babaji ! What have I done to get such a stupid fiance and brother ” Aditi spoke fake sobbing.

” What the hell !! Yeh har dafa teri har baat mein main kyun phasta hun ” yuvi said agitated and it was no later that duo were fighting like kids.

” STOPPPPPPPP ! ” Kunj shouted seeing no end to their fighting’s.

As soon as they heard Kunj shout both went silent and kept finger on their lips like kids and glanced at Kunj with puppy face to avoid his scoldings while Leela and Bebe were merely holding their laughter seeing the scene.

” Are you two Kids ? Who will say you both are going to get married in a month ” Kunj said glaring both.

” She started first ”

” No he started first ”

And this started another round of bicker between them but soon they realised that Kunj was glaring them with his hands folded on his chest. Both smiled sheepishly seeing him and passed eachother a glare and muttered ” Sorry ”

” W…woh I have decided we will have a destination wedding in Goa ” Aditi said to divert Kunj’s attention.

” Okay then I will ask Rohaan to arrange everything and co-ordinate with you both for every requirement ” Kunj said while AdVi nodded their heads.

” And today we all are going for shopping including you Mr Kunj Sarna ” Aditi said with authority as she saw he was about to make some reason to avoid it so she already warned glaring him while Kunj just gulped in fear and nodded his head in yes.


Okay ! So here ends the two shots that have been posted..

I hope you liked the reprised version of ‘ MAIN PHIR BHI TUMKO CHAHUNGA ‘

How was it ? Do let me know through your comment’s !

Thank you so much for your overwhelming love and support !!

So which story you want to read next ‘ INTEQAAM ‘ Or ‘ TERE SANG YAARA ‘

Okay ! A Question ? Ahaan not one but two ?

Is anyone if you interested to read ‘REPRISED VERSION’ of ‘FRIENDSHIP N LOVE’ ?

It has more than nine shots already written and that to few of them are exceptionally long so I can’t actually post whole reprised version in one update so I would wind it up in three or four updates maximum ?

If you are interested to read than let me know and now another question ?

Who are on wattpad to and what are your respective Id’s ?

I am soon going to start a story name ‘ FATED ‘

That’s not a Twinj story but yes it do have Sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin along side Niti Taylor in Lead Character’s named Aarav , Natasha and Aahana.

That story is not related to any serial but as here are many sidhant and jasmin fans respectively I thought to mention about that story here.

A warning it’s not even a sidmin story in a sense that they might not end up together as a couple in story at end.

It was a requested story by one of my most favourite reader and telepathy partner ?

So any Sidhant , Jasmin or Niti fans respectively can read the story if they are on wattpad. It will be posted on my Wattpad Account : ‘ @Crazy_Sidhantian ‘.

Ciao gente bella a presto ?❤?
Lots and Lots of Love ❤❤

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