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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi love u all for all ur beautiful words n interest in this ff n also for ur wishes for deepak

Thanks alot silent readers

Recap- Zoya promises to help adi in bringing out Harsh from jail

Zoya has sensed that documents were signed by Harshvardan when adi was in hospital She feels something is fishy

So she goes to check footage of ccTV camera

Adi is extremely tensed

He is strolling in living room

Anjana is weeping

Roshnaq is trying  to pacify her

Arjun is trying to call someone

Lawyer-Adi sir in 1 hour hearing will start we have absolutely no proof

Adi bangs his fist on Wall

Pari holds his hand N gestures him No

Anjana -Adi pls do something  pls pls get Harsh out of this Pls

Adi nods

He hugs Anjana

He feels bad

Pari holds Anjana’s hand

Pari-Dadi my nani always says when we feel that u need help n nobody else can help that time u should ask bhagwaan jii to help u

Anjana smiles a little

Pari takes Anjana near temple in house

Roshnaq to joins them

They start praying

Lawyer- Sir I will try my level best lets leave for court now

Pari Roshnaq Anjana are shown praying

Zoya is shown talking with someone

Hearing starts

Harshvardan is brought by police

Adi feels bad looking at his condition

Arjun holds Adi’s hand

Lawyer-My lord this is a very simple case Mr Harshvardan Hooda has done a big fraud He has sold a plot measuring  500 sqft in Kombori for 2 crore Rs to 2 parties Mr Khanna n Mr Kumar

Here are documents

Judge goes through documents

Harshvardan’s lawyer-My lord I object My client Mr Harshvardan Hooda has nt met Mr Kumar  he has done deal only with Mr khanna

Lawyer-My friend But the document has Mr Harshvardan’s sign

Adi gets worried

Harshvardan’s lawyer-My client is in this business from 18 years n he is very reputed His clients respect him All know he cannot do any such thing

Opposition lawyer-My lord greed changes one’s nature In this case Its matter of 2 crore Rs

Not a small amount

Wasim smirks

(OL opposition lawyer HL Harshvardan’s lawyer)

OL-My lord I request you to permit me to call Mr Hooda’s business partner Mr Wasim siddqui in witness box

Judge-u may

Adi looks at wasim with hope

Wasim gives him assuring look

Wasim stands in witness box

OL-MR wasim from how many years are u working with Mr Harshvardan

Wasim-6 years

Ol-who takes final decision regarding property deals

Wasim-Harsh takes final call though he always consults me

Ol-were u consulted when he did deal with Mr Kumar n Mr khanna

Wasim-I know about Mr khanna

I am clueless about Mr Kumar

Ol-Does Harshvardan know Mr Kumar

Wasim-Yes very well.They have met in many parties

Harshvardan is shocked

Ol-my lord Mr Harshvardan said he never met Mr Kumar n his partner says they met many times

Hl-I object my lord

Judge-ur objection is over ruled

Ol-thanks my lord.So Mr wasim can Mr Hooda do this what u think

Wasim(tactfully )-Actually I just know that sign on document  is of Harshvardan so I can’t say anything much

Harshvardan is dumbstruck he tries to remember

He recollects that when adi was in hospital

Wasim had taken his signature on some documents

Which he told were some bills

N in tension Harshvardan signed  without reading

Harshvardan has understood everything

Tears fall from his eyes

But he doesn’t utter a word

Ol-My lord when his business partner cannot say anything for sure how can we trust him

Ol presents some more documents

Adi panics

Wasim smirks

Harshvardan is heartbroken

Pari Roshnaq n Anjana are praying

Zoya is seated in cab n asks driver to hurry up

Judge-All evidences are against mr Harshvardan Hooda Do u have any evidence to prove him innocent

Hl-My lord I request for some time Pls give us some time we will arrange proofs

Ol-my lord they are just wasting court’s precious time this case is crystal clear

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Judge-As there are no evidences…

Zoya enters

Zoya-My lord one minute pls

All look at zoya

Wasim is shocked

Zoya(sweating n panting )

-my lord I have evidence

Zoya looks at adi

She gives him assuring look n heads towards witness box

OL-YES Mrs zoya hooda

Zoya-My lord these documents were signed on 6th January 2018 when my husband Mr Aditya Hooda was in coma in hospital so papa was in hospital itself

Ol-what are u trying to say

Adi is confused

Zoya-my lord this is ccTV footage which clearly shows who took sign of papa on documents

Wasim sweats

Harshvardan feels bad

Video is played

All are shocked

To see wasim getting documents signed

Zoya-Mr wasim siddqui  Has tactfully taken papa ‘s signature papa has done deal only with Mr khanna n not with Mr Kumar

Zoya-My lord Mr Kumar is here he will tell u everything

Wasim is shell shocked to see Mr Kumar

He walks upto witness box

Mr Kumar -my lord I never met Mr Harshvardan I came to know about this property from Mr wasim I liked land.but land was sold to Mr khanna already i told wasim I will pay more He said he will convince Harshvardan n then he got his signature done So I thought it was my land.I was in Singapore now I just made out that Harshvardan was accused of this crime His daughter in law zoya contacted my friend n yesterday night she contacted me n requested me to come down to Mumbai n give my witness

Adi is surprised

He looks at zoya with love

Mr Kumar -my lord mr wasim has tried to trap his partner in all this

Adi n Arjun are extremely confused

Wasim sweats profusely

Judge-Mr wasim u have done a very big crime

Harshvardan -My lord pls pls forgive him May be he ……..

Judge -This is court Mr Hooda n it is our responsibility to punish criminals

Judge -under section 420 421 506 court decides to send Mr Wasim siddqui to prison for 1 year n also he has to pay Mr khanna n Mr Kumar each 3 crore Rs n fine of 1 crore Court orders to arrest Mr wasim

Wasim is taken aback

All are too shocked


Wasim-zoya what kind of daughter u are???

Zoya-Iam papa’s daughter as well u tried to harm n hurt my family  Iam not ur daughter anymore for me hooda family is my family

Adi gets teareyed

Anjana gets happy seeing Harshvardan back home

Adi hugs zoya tightly


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  1. Anuva

    Awesome episode. Zoya is too good. Wasim got punishment for his deeds. What kind of father he is? Such a greedy person. Cute Pari, take Anjana to temple and pray for her Grand dad. Hope Wasim will change his nature.

  2. Tanshi

    Super duper blast episode yaar………. Finally waseem was caught and precap?????

  3. By the way harsh was dead , his wife is in jail , and who is pari…..????
    Its too confusing….. Can u explain…..!!!!!

    1. Tanshi

      It’s a fan fiction dude plzzz read from the first episode

  4. It was a blast episode…fantastic …wasim got the punishment for his doings ..he deserves it .zoya is the real girl.loves and respect her family..and I hope adi will love zoya more after this …pari so cute..

  5. Jasminerahul

    shocked to see wassim giving statement against harsh openly. zoya’s entry when all evidence was against harsh was superb.glad that harsh’s innocence is proved.wassim got sad for zoya roshnaq noor.hope wassim will change

  6. Hey this was so good , so now adi is seeing zoay with love ????? yaay atlast zoya came to court , ahh can’t wait for next chapter

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