Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th January 2014 Written Update

Shikha’s boss is entertaining his guests in a party. He sees Pooja enjoying with the guests instead of looking after them. He gets angry and asks Pooja to take care of guests. Gappu also joins his boss. Boss asks where is Shikha. Gappu says she is completing the poem. Boss is worried that the poem is not yet complete and all the guests have arrived already. He goes to Shikha and requests her to finish the poem first, else other magazine companies and media will laugh on him. He goes back and start entertaining the guests.

Stalker car is also seen in a parking lot of the party venue. Avinash with his family and Sameer and his wife come for the party. Boss greets them. Avinash thanks boss for giving such a good party in Shikha’s honour. He says he

is honoured having Shikha as her employee and asks everyone to get inside. They get happy seeing the party’s glamour. Sameer’s mom asks Sudha if she spoke to Shikha about the alliance. Sameer interrupts and asks his mom not to talk about it in the party. Sameer’s mom says it is between elders and not to interefere between them and asks Sameer to go and enjoy the party. Shikha’s mom says Shikha got shy but didn’t reply anything. Sameer’s moms says that means Shikha is happy about the alliance. Mahi taunts Sameer that Shikha said no for the marriage. She says until you propose her, she wont say yes. He says it is a good idea and he will propose her.

Sameer sees Gappu and asks him about Shikha. Gappu says Shikha is busy and she can’t meet anyone. Pooja comes and says Sameer is the special guest today and he has every right to meet Shikha. She says Shikha is in green room and to meet her there. Gappu gets sad hearing this.

Stalker comes into the party, Gappu stops him. Just then boss comes and asks Gappu to check if Shikha has completed the poem. Another guests comes and asks Gappu about the food arrangements. Gappu takes him to the food area.

Shikha gets a nod on the door. She thinks boss has come, but sees Samer in front of her. Sameer praises her. Shikha says she is very tensed about reciting the poem on stage. Sameer says let us write it down and practice. Shikha says she has not thought of it yet. Sameer asks her to relax, take a deep breath and demonstrates how to do it. Shikha closes her eyes and takes deep breath. Sameer looks at her and is dumbstruck. He asks Shikha to smile now. She smiles. She asks her to write the poem now.

Stalker is seen roaming around the party. Boss comes on the stage and asks all the guests to pay attention to him. He thanks all the guests for coming and announces about the new column in streechaya magazine called “Shikha ke mann ka kona” and explains about its purpose. He requests Shikha to come on stage and recite her poem.

Sameer encourages Shikha and asks her to recite the poem with a smile. Shikha goes on the stage but is tensed. She sees Sameer and gets relaxed. Shikha starts reciting the poem. Everybody hears the poem silently and start clapping.

Shikha starts giving interview to the media. Mahi encourages Sameer to go and propose her. Sameer goes, catches Shikha’s hand and takes her to the dancing floor. They start dancing. Stalker is seen walking around and sees Shikha and Sameer dancing on the projector screen. Sameer and Shikha’s family are happy seeing them dancing together.

Precap: Stalker writes something on the screen. Shikha, Sameer and their family see it and get tensed

Update Credit to: Mohammed

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