Meri Bhabhi 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 7th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Mummy and Papa how come you can ask Anand to give divorce to Kittu. She is shocked seeing the divorce papers. Anand thinks about this. Mummy and Papa support Kittu. Shraddha says this is wrong, stop this. Papa says what does Anand think, he will drop Kittu home, and she will wait for lifetime, how can he hurt Kittu, if he does not want to keep any relation, then end it, I will find someone better than you, for Kittu, who deserves and respects her. Papa asks Anand to sign the papers and bring to him. He says Kittu will not go from here, she will stay with us.

Shraddha says don’t do this, think about Kittu. Everyone listen to this. Papa says I have made the right decision, its good for both of them. Mummy also leaves. jaya says whats all this in morning. Anand is shocked and thinks about Papa’s words. Shraddha comes to Anand and says don’t sign on the papers, she loves you. Anand thinks about Kittu’s words. Shraddha says tell to Mummy and Papa that you don’t want divorce. She says once divorce happens, everything ends, Kittu and you are linked by heart, she wants your love, go and talk to her, everything will be fine, its my mistake, please scold me, I don’t have any right to stay in this house, it was not Kittu’s mistake. Anand sees the divorce papers and leaves. Shraddha thinks what to do.

Anand comes to Kittu and asks Dhruv to go inside. Kittu is annoyed with Anand. Anand says if you wanted divorce, you would have told me, why this much ego. She says I m your wife. He says so you want divorce, you made the papers ready in one day, you did not ask me, you want to end the relation, I will also end it, I have troubled you, now I won’t, I will free you for your happiness. Kittu is shocked. Ranjhana………… plays………………. He throws the papers on her and leaves. Kittu sees the papers and cries.

jaya tells this to Kamini. Kamini is shocked. jaya says poor Kittu, Mummy and Papa have fooled her by bringing her here. Purshottam comes to Kamini and asks what happened. Kamini tells him about Kittu’s divorce. Purshottam is shocked. Kamini says this is why they took Kittu there. She says I won’t leave those people. Purshottam says I will come with you. Mummy and Papa talk about Anand’s reaction. Kittu comes to them crying and says no divorce, I don’t want divorce. Mummy says listen to us.

Kittu says I can’t think about divorce. She says please don’t make me apart from Anand, I love him, I can’t stay without him. Papa says you are not understanding. Kittu says its my mistake, not Anand’s. She begs them. Papa says get up, look at me, I m your Papa, why will I do this. Mummy says you know you are angry on each other, so we made this papers, this is a plan, its not a real divorce. We want to teach Anand a lesson. Kittu is shocked. Papa and Mummy explain Kittu their plan.

Kunal is shocked to know about Kittu’s divorce. Shraddha tells him everything. Kunal says whats happening in your family. Shraddha says I called you to take out some solution, don’t be angry. She says I came to take your help, so that we should stop this, but you are not helping. Kunal says strange. Shraddha leaves. Kunal says she got annoyed, but why is Papa doing this. Kamini and Purshottam come to Anand’s house. Kamini talks to Papa and is very much angry on him.

She says how can you do this with Kittu. Why did you lie to bring her here and cheat her. She says Kittu trusts you a lot. Kamini says how can you give her divorce papers. Mummy says listen to me. Kamini says I don’t want to hear anyone. She says I knew this, you have always done wrong with my children. Purshottam says let me talk. Kamini cries and says my daughter’s life is getting ruined because of them. Kittu comes and asks Kamini to stop all this.

Kamini taunts Papa saying you all love taking divorce. Papa says what to tell you, you are not understanding. Kittu asks her parents to go home. Purshottam talks to Kittu. Kamini says I m not a fool, I will not leave them, I will go to police and court. Kittu says Papa is doing the right thing. Kamini and everyone are shocked. Kamini says are you mad. Kittu says let them do what they want. Kittu requests them to go home. Purshottam says does this mean you will take divorce. Everyone looks on.

Anand gives divorce to Kittu. Everyone are shocked as he signs the papers.

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