Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th April 2014 Written Update

Madhu says Aditya that she has important meeting and cannot go with him for the exhibition. Aditya says he will go this year alone and will take her next year. Madhu agrees and asks him to go and she will manage the meeting alone.

Madhu asks sorry to Neeraj and says even she cannot see her parents sad, but she cannot let them in any trouble. She will not involve her papa in her plan and get her family into trouble. She asks him again sorry and is about to go when Neeraj gets a call from Avinash. She asks him to put his phone on speaker. Avinash thanks Neeraj for helping him publish the book and invites him for dinner tonight. Neeraj asks Shikha what to do now. Shikha says her papa’s book will be published and Aditya will help her. She informs him about her plan.


comes to Aditya’s house near poolside. Aditya welcomes her and says thanks for coming. Samaira says she should thank him for arranging beautiful surprise for her. He says all his surprises cannot match her beauty. He asks her to dance with him. They dance on song Hum Tere Bin Rahnahi Sakte… Kyun Ki Tum Hi ho…. song from Ashiqui 2 film. Aditya is about to kiss Samaira when she gets a call. She picks the call and says the caller that he cannot do her work and not to call her again. Aditya asks whose call it was and what is bothering her. She says someone wants his book to be published and is troubling her to help him. Aditya says he will publish it via Jagannath group. He asks what is the book about. She says she does not know. He says he will publish it for her sake and calls his publisher to publish 10000 copies of book. Samaira thanks her. He says he is selfish and wants something from her. She asks what does he need. He says he wants her to smile. Shikha/Samaira remembers her days with Sameer/Aditya. He says her smile is beautiful and he says he is a sweetheart. She catches his hands and places them around her back and says now you remember what I do you and what you deserve. He says I thought you would surprise me. She asks him to wait for some time for the surprise and says he has to teach her mandolin. He says she will give her surprise everyday while learning mandolin.

Aditya starts playing mandolin and asks Samaira to try. He asks her to come near him. Madhu comes home. She speaks to her friend who informs that she did not see Aditya in car exhibition. Samaira sits near Aditya and he teaches her playing mandolin. Shikha/Samaira remembers Aditya/Sameer teaching him mandolin and then pushing him from cliff to kill her. Madhu asks servant about Aditya who says he is near poolside. Samaira gets up and says she is not ready for it. He says she should not have signaled him before doing this. Madhu sees Aditya and Samaira together and asks what is happening, what are they celebrating. Samaira says she spoilt Aditya’s surprise and says he did this decoration for Madhu and she came without informing. She says Aditya likes giving surprises near swimming pool. Madhu asks her what is she doing. She says she came to help Aditya, asks her to enjoy and goes from there. Madhu asks Aditya if it was really for her. He says it was for her and was thinking to play a romantic song on mandolin, but strings broke. He says he will bring strings. She says she does not have time for this. She asks why did not he go to car exhibition. He says he went but did not like any car, so he thought of buying car online for her. Madhu says her friend Nikki was there and did not see him. Aditya says he saw Nikki who came with her boyfriend instead of her husband, so he thought she would get embarrass if he meets her. He asks her to check with exhibition manager. Madhu says it ok. She says she is not Shikha Gupta whom he fooled, she is Madhurima Jagannath and asks him not try to trick her, else he will repent.

Sunaina asks Samaira if he spoke to her papa. Samaira says she spoke to her papa and he will come soon. Sunaina says she and Mohanto will go to Switzerland if he does not come..

Update Credit to: MA

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