Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Bhagti says lets dance jhanvi. Shanti says how can she ? Bua ji says why can’t she ?
Go and dance jhanvi. Khushi says in her heart she will know the truth. Jahnvi goes on the floor and she is shy. Roli and Simar dance and jhanvi is dancing a little with them. Khushi says I wanna dance as well. Bua ji says you can dance a little. Bua ji calls sankalp and says dance with her and take care of her. Everyone is dancing around Jhanvi and anurag.
Verma aunty says hello to bua ji. SHe says I enjoyed the wedding a lot. Everyone is happy. She is pregnant but she didn’t let the mehndi to be boring. Simar wonders what is mrs. Verma talking to bua ji. She says bua ji come the dinner is ready. Jhanvi says to anurag what will happen is she gets to know. She says whats gonna happen anurag. He says everything will be okay. I will tell her about registered wedding. Jahnvi says yeah talk to maa ji she must have thought something. Bhagti comes and says what are you talking about ? Bua ji says they must be talking about work. Bhagti says how good it sounds that husband and wife work at the same place. Jhanvi will leave the job after wedding. Anurag says she is the head nurse and I want her to work. We will discuss it later. Bua ji says bhagti will bring the turmeric tomorrow.

Scene 2
Simar comes to jhanvi and says here is your dress for today. She says I wasn thinking about bua ji she thought that i can’t manage work and house together. Simar says she is bit conservative but you will prove her wrong. Now come on she everyone is waiting for you.
Khushi is talking to someone, she looks scared. She says how will i do this mission. Karuna comes in and asks her to come for the ritual. Everyone waits for bhagti. Khushi is flattering verma aunty then she says i have something important to talk about. I will asks you later. Roli says what do you wanna talk to her ? Khushi says was asking about weight loss. Sujata says why is khushi here I won’t let anyone ruin my daughter’s life. She is angry at karuna. bhagto comes in. SHe says there was a lot of traffic thats why I am late. Suddenly she slips and the turmeric falls on the ground. Verma aunty says this is a bad sign. Everyone is shocked. jhanvi says what going on ? Is there something bad going to happen ? Simar says this is the useless stuff that happens just because of our thinking. Mata ji says what bad can happen to the one who has all our prayers. Lets start the ritual. Starting from sujata everyone applies turmeric on jahnvi.
Bhagti is upset she says bua ji will be so angry at me when she gets to know about turmeric slipping.

Scene 4
Anurag says we should talk to bua ji that we ar doing court marriage. Shanti says I will talk to her. Bhagti is teasing anurag a little. Bua ji says shant have you called pandit ji ? SHe says yeah everything is done.
There mata ji is looking after the arrangments. Khushi comes downstairs as well. Everyone is angry looking at her. Simar are where are you coming ?Karuna says she won’t do anything I take the guarantee. Khushi says I was going to doctor. Roli say why this day ? Karuna says its important. Khushi says I will go with her.

Precap- the wedding is on going. Shanti and anurag come. Sujata asks where is bua ji ? Anurag says she has got angry when she heard about cour marriage and said she won’t come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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