Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Shikha and Sameer go towards Sameer’s car. Shikha stil thinks the stalker is following her. They get into the car, but she looks worried. Sameer says to stop worrying about the stalker’s car as he is with her now. Sameer helps Shikha with the seat belt. Sameer moves the car.

Constable Yadav comes and informs inspector that IP address belongs to Nimesh. He and Shikha’s sister Mahi were the culprits in making a fake account. Inspector is shocked to hear this and asks if Guptaji knows this. Yadav says he knows everything. Since it is family matter, he didn’t inform this to police. Yadav reveals that Sameer helped them in finding IP address first and catching Nimesh. Inpector is amazed to hear that Sameer could find the IP address before cyber crime branch police.

Sameer is singing “Hum tere bin rah nahi sakte, tere bina kya wajood mera” song. Shikha starts laughing listening to the song.

Sameer and Shikha reach Shikha’s office. Shikha thanks Sameer for helping her. He says she helped Sameer from getting embarrassed by accepting to come with him. He says he will drop her inside the office.

They see the lift is out of order and Shikha gets worried. Sameer says to go by stairs. She says her office is in 10th floor. Sameer asks her to give her laptop bag and walk with him. Shikha’s colleague joins her. Sameer takes her bag also. Another colleague joins and Sameer takes even her bags.

Shikha asks her to give the bag, but Sameer insists to carry it. They reach Shikha’s office. Everybody thanks Sameer and take their bags. Sameer is sweating and Shikha gives her tissue papers. They see each other and smile before parting ways.

Boss sees Pooja’s poem, reads it, and gets angry for such a spoof. Shikha comes, boss sees her and is very happy. Shikha asks Gappu if he didn’t inform boss about her coming back. Gappu says he wanted to surprise boss. Shikha says her papa allowed her to come back to office. Boss asks her to get back to work soon. Boss asks Gappu to throw Pooja’s poem in dustbin, Pooja is very angry.

Shikha gets a call from her papa. He asks if she reached safe. She says yes. He says he will pick her after office. She says she will call Sameer, if he doesn’t come, she will call him then. Pooja is very angry about Shikha. She forwards Shikha’s ink smeared face to someone.

Mahi is talking to her dog sadly. Her mom Sudha comes and asks why is she sad. She asks her to have something. Mahi says she will have it later. Sudha comes near her and tries to console her. She says to believe her and not to worry. Mahi hugs her and cries.

She calls Sameer to pick her up. Sameer says he is busy and to call her papa. Shikha gets sad. He says to pack her bag and files before here papa comes. He then comes in front of her and she gets happy seeing him.

Inspector asks constable to bring him details about Sameer by evening.

Precap: Sameer and Shikha get stuck in a traffic jam. Shikha says she will inform her papa. Sameer says it is ok, not to inform. Constable informs inspector that Sameer dropped Shikha from her office to home. Inspector asks constable to ask Guptaji to meet him in the morning.

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