Meri Bhabhi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone having a talk about decorating the house for the new year party. Mummy, Kittu and Dhruv come for shopping. Kamini calls Kittu. Mummy asks her to talk to her mum. Kamini asks Kittu how are you, is everything fine. Kittu says you wanted this, I won’t come there ever. Kamini says I was only…….. you are misunderstanding me. Kittu says I m outside and will talk later. Mummy sees Kittu upset and have a talk. Shraddha comes to Papa and helps him in stitching a button. Papa is still annoyed with her. She says I know, you are annoyed with me.

She says Mummy is talking to me, but you are not talking. She says I m really sorry Papa, its because of me, but there was a reason for all this. She says I worry that I should have not hurt you, but you told me that I should do what my heart says, and this time I heard my heart. She says I know you are very much annoyed, but please say something. She says scold me, be angry, slap me, but don’t be quiet. She says I m feeling guilty and can’t see in anyone’s eyes. Papa says I always explained you not to fall in anyone’s eyes. Parents always give another chance and forgive their children if they realize their mistake. Shraddha is happy.

Shraddha hugs Papa and says sorry. Papa forgives her and calls her his strong child. Shraddha says what should I do with Kittu, how long will she be without Anand, Anand is still annoyed with her. She says I did not see Kittu like this before, I want to see her happy again. Papa says talk to her, ask whats in her heart. Papa gives Shraddha some ideas. Shraddha says thanks and leaves.

Mummy, Kittu and Dhruv come back from shopping. Shraddha asks Kittu to come with her. Shraddha brings Kittu somewhere out to have panipuri. She says it will be fun. Kittu says I will sit in the car, you go. Shraddha says you are my best friend, if you don’t want, we will come sometime else. Kittu agrees. Shraddha and Kittu have a great time together. Shraddha says we don’t feel happy without you. She says you have always supported me, gave me so much love than every relation and I could not do anything for you.

She apologizes to her and says I want to change and make everything like before. Kittu says its good, I now my value in Anand’s life. Kittu says I don’t want to think about this. Shraddha and Kittu have a laugh. Kittu says lets go home. Shraddha gets Chaya’s call. Shraddha says nI won’t be able to come in new year party, you all go, we have a party at home, we will meet soon. Kittu hears this.

Everyone ask Shraddha to go to the new year party with her friends. Shraddha looks at Kittu. Kittu asks her to go and have fun. Shraddha hugs Kittu and says I love you. Kittu says I love you too, go and get ready for the party. Anand comes and likes the decorations done by Kittu. Anand leaves and Ranjhana…….. plays……………. Kunal is getting ready for the party. He sees Shraddha in mirror who asks him to smile. He sees there is no one and says not anymore.

He says I don’t want Kittu to be in any problem because of me. Kamini comes to Kunal and asks are you fine. She asks is Shraddha coming there. He says no, else I would have not gone. Kamini is shocked and smiles. Kunal leaves. Kittu makes the cake. Papa says I want to taste it. Mummy comes and stops him. They have a laugh. Anand sees Kittu and his smile goes. Kittu leaves. Anand says she did not look at me. Both of them want to talk to each other but are not. Anand smiles and gets an idea. He talks to jasmeet to make Kittu jealous.

He asks jasmeet to come with him in new year party. jasmeet asks him to celebrate the new year with his family. Anand says no. jasmeet asks him to celebrate with Kittu and ends the call. Anand still talks and Kittu is hearing this. Ranjhana……………. plays…………………..

Kunal sees Shraddha in the party. They have a hug.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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