Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd December 2013 Written Update

People are seen chanting Hare rama Hare Krishna on the river, washing clothes, bathing. They hear someone’s shouting. They see a girl falling from the mountain cliff into the river. Lady asks his son Manoj to go and rescue the girl. He goes and dives into the water and saves the girl. The girl is shown… Manoj goes and informs Mayakka about the girl. People ask Mayakka to check if she is pregnant. Police also comes in between. Inspector asks constable to call an ambulance. He takes a snap of the girl and asks his constable to circulate it in nearby stations to check if her parents or relatives have come in search of the girl. Mayakka says the girl has bled a lot and there is no chance of her survival.

Girl is unconscious and shown dreaming about her walking

around the beach with a guy. She calls the guys name Manav. Mayakka hears this and comes to her. Mayakka asks who is Manav. Manoj says maybe the one who pushed her from the cliff. Mayakka says maybe whom she loves. She asks the girl who is Manav, but she is unconscious and repeats the name in her sleep. Ambulance comes and they take the girl.

Sakshi Tanwar is shown and she introduces the girl as Shikha Gupta. The child of the normal parents like you and me. From a society where girl is prayed as a goddess, but looking at Shikha, the faith on humanity itself is in question. What happened to Shikha and why? What happened that relations, love all went in vain. Did she suffer due to circumstances or someone’s cruelness. Why didn’t anybody guess that something wrong will be happening. Is there a veil which is on everybody’s eyes. Shikha Gupta’s story will tear the veil away from everybody’s eyes. This story is not for everybody’s entertainment, but need. This story starts 2-1/2 years from now.

Alarm clock rings and dog goes to the bed where Shikha is sleeping. She switches off the arm and hugs the dog. Shikha’s mother comes to wake her up. She sees Shikha sleeping. She asks the dog to get out. She asks Shikha to get up soon, get ready and go to office. She says not to keep the AC on the whole night. Shikha catches her mom’s hand and wakes up. Shikha says her mom not to worry as her daughter has become an assistant editor now. She hugs her mom. She asks the time. Mom says 8:30 am. Shikha gets up in a hurry and goes to get ready. Shikha’s mom comes out of room and sees her son on laptop. She scolds him to stop using laptop and to study. Shikha’s sister also comes and scolds her brother. He closes the laptop. They are served breakfast. Shikha comes out in a hurry, her mom asks to have breakfast. She says it is already 9:30 am and she has to go to office, else boss will fire her. Mom says to have breakfast, else she will remove her from the house. She eats breakfast. Her brother comes and asks 200 Rs. to watch movie. She gives 300 Rs. to him. He thanks her and says not to tell their father.

Shikha’s father overhears this and asks them what are they hiding. He asks his son if he flunked in Maths. He says it shame to flunk being a bank manager’s son. He warns if he fails this time, then he wont be going to movies and other entertainment. Shikha asks why he is eating apple instead of bread and butter. He says he is dieting now and even went for a walk, and this will be his routine everyday before going to bank. Her mom comes says she woke him up in the morning and he is taking all the credit. They joke once the results come, all credits will go to her. Shikha tries to leave house in a hurry. His father asks if she will be coming to Nisha’s engagement alone or with them. She says she will call and tell and leaves the house. She is waiting for an auto outside and sees a car standing in front of her. She is tensed and tries to walk away from the car and goes back to house. His father asks if she forgot something. She says yes and goes to her room. She picks up pepper spray. Her mother sees this and asks what she is hiding from her. Shikha says that a car is following her from 2 days. She says let us inform your papa about this.

Shikha says not to trouble her papa and says maybe it is her imagination and the car would have gone by this time. She watches out from the window and sees no car. She is relieved and says her mom not to worry. His brother Vineet comes and asks what they are looking at. She says some loafer is following her from 2 days. Even he watches out from window and sees no one. Shikha says Vineet to get her an auto. They get an auto. She says Vineet not to inform papa and gets in an auto goes to her office. Car follows the auto.

Shikha’s boss is tensed and asks Pooja if the printing started. She says no, everything is ready except Shikha’s article. Gappu comes and says he wil call Shikha and check. He calls Shikha who is stuck in traffic and just stammers her name. Pooja snatches phone from him and speaks to Shikha. Shikha says she is coming in 5 minutes. Shikha sees the same car following her. Pooja says her boss that Shikha cancelled the call. Boss is angry and says to type Shikha’s termination letter right now. Shikha’s auto is stuck in a traffic. She gets out of auto and goes towards the car. She knocks the window and says the car owner that she knows he is following her from 2 days and it is not good. Car owner does not respond and moves his car out. Boss dictates termination letter. She comes in a hurry and says she got stuck in a traffic. Pooja backs boss to terminate her. Boss says printing is stopped just because of her poem. Shikha says poem is ready and she wrote it whole night. Pooja asks boss to terminate without listening to the poem. Boss asks Pooja to shut up and asks Shikha to recite the poem. Boss is very impressed with the poem and claps and says her job is safe now.

Shikha’s parents are seen waiting for Shikha in Nisha’s engagement. She goes, hugs Nisha, and gives her a gift. Nisha is very happy and thanks Shikha. Nisha introduces Shikha to her fiance Saurab as her best friend. Shikha meets Nisha’s mom. Nisha’s mom says she was just talking to Shikha’s parents about her marriage. Shikha’s sis interferes and says her parents told Shikha is not yet ready for marriage and everybody asks Shikha to say yes to marriage. Shikha goes with Nisha’s mother. Shikha’s mother asks her husband to talk to Nishi about her marriage. She asks him to start searching a boy soon.

Door bell rings and her papa opens the door. He sees a lady and a man greeting him. They say they have come with an alliance for their son Sameer for Shikha. Sameer comes.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Mohammed

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