Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Roli asks Simar did he agree easily that i left home without telling anyone. Simar says he was so confused. Simar says but we have to be careful. Roli says don’t worry we will make it through. Simar says just stay here until he is home.

Scene 2
Simar sees Jhanvi asking shaureya for more poori. He says no I am done i have to go to my friend. He is helping me in the business. Shaureya leaves. Sudeenle Simar asks Jhanvi to give her thread. She goes to her room and there she finds a letter on which its written that I will be waiting for my love n the hotel come there in my favorite saari. Jhanvi thinks shaureya has left that letter there. She is so happy. Simar calls roli and tells her jhanvi has read the letter. Jhanvi is looking for the favorite saari.

Simar asks Jhanvi where is the thread. Jhanvi shows her the letter. Jhanvi says i don’t have the blue saari. Simar says Roli has a blue saari go to my room I am taking the saari out.
Jhanvi wears the saari. Simar says it suits you a lot let me do you hair. Simar tells her the short cut. Jhanvi leaves and Simar tells Roli that its the final stage of our plan.

Scene 3
Jhanvi goes to the hotel she goes to the room. Shaureya comes there later. He says I wanna meet Roli bharadwaj. He bribes the receptionist. He says that she is in room no 502.
Jhanvi is in the room. She finds another letter its written turn of the light and sit down and do not turn until I don’t ask you to.
Shaureya is in front of the room and says your game is over now Roli and Simar. Here you are and what a plan you made but you challenged wrong man.
Shaueeya enters the room and says I am gonna give you the surprise I couldn’t give you in the jungle. How will you be safe from me roli bhabhi. He holds Jahnvi’s face. He says you tried a lot to save jhanvi and your family from me but you couldn’t. I can do anything for vengeance. I used jhanvi against you by my fake love. It won’t be even until he I don’t want. Suddenly the lights turn on and Simar and Roli are behind him. Shaureya says you both here. Who is this then ? Jahnvi turns back. Shaureya is dazed. Shaureya syas Jhanvi you ? Jhanvi is in tears. Simar says with the 24 hours your game has ended as well. Whole family comes in. Mata ji asks Roli are you okay ? Simar called and said you are in some trouble. Simar says I lied to all of you. Roli is all right. Mausi ji asks why did you call us tyhen ? Simar sys because you all can see the real face of Shaureya. Mata ji says you are accusing him once again. Have you forgotten your promise ? Roli says she is right please listen the whole story once. Simar says you all will be bewildered to hear that the person who wanted kill Roli is none other than Shaureya. Roli tells her all the time shaureya scared her. Shaureya says they are lying. Roli says then tell me what are you doing here this room is booked on my name. What are you doing here ? Shaureya sasy Simar bhabhi called me saying that roli bhabhi is in trouble. jhanvi slaps Shaureya so hard and says stop it Shaureya. Mata ji says what have you done jhanvi ? He is your husband ? You slapped him jhanvi says husband that’s why I respected him. I even was about to leave my family because of this man. This man has made fun of my feelings. Rajhinder asks whats wrong with you ? Jhanvi says Simar and Roli bhabhi were right about him. Shaureya was telling me all his sins considering me roli bhabhi. He has cheated all of us. They both never believed him they warned me but I never listened to them. They never gave up other wise I could never know the real face of this man. jahnvi says what was my fault ? You teased and attacked Roli bahbhi like a coward. I was proud of you of your love you broke that all. Why you did this to me ? Jhanvi throws him away. prem says even a wild animal gets better. I won’t leave you. Mata ji says stop it prem. Shaureya says i am not a public propety that everyone can touch me. i have never seen foolish people like you.

Precap-Shaureya is pointing his gun towards Roli and jahnvi is pointing a gun towards him. he says no matter what I do you can’t kill your husband. Suddenly a gun shots.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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