Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th January 2014 Written Update

Sameer wakes Shikha up and asks her to get ready. She asks for 5 more minutes of sleep, but Sameer says that they have to meet her parents and she should get up now. He kisses her forehead and says that he is going to take a shower, she should get ready by then. Shikha gets ready and comes out of their room. She sees her maid taking tea and asks that she will take the tea today. She asks to tell her the room of her saas-sasur. The maid tells her that both of them live separately in two rooms. Shikha is shocked and asks since when. The maid informs that since the time she is working here, this has been the scenario. Sameer’s father comes in and says that it is not what Shikha is assuming, they’re husband and wife, but there are always small-fights and arguments.

He takes tea from her hands and says that today he will serve his wife. He asks Shikha to attend to Sameer.Mahi is preparing food, her mother comes and asks her as to when will the food be ready, Mahi says that this will happen soon. The door-bell rings and both go out to welcome Shikha. Shikha is very happy to see Shaitaan and her family members. She hugs them tightly. Her parents ask Sameer about his parents. He lies that they had some work to do so they could not make it to here. Sameer’s parents pay their servants 3 months salary in advance and give them gifts and then fire them from their jobs. They plead, but his parents don’t give in. The stalker is sitting on the tea-stall and drinking tea. He recalls the moments where Sameer proposes Shikha, and then the scene where after a fight, Sameer acts as if he doesn’t know Sameer, and then Sameer’s call. He is frustrated. A few goons are spying on him. They hold him finally and start beating him. The stalker retaliates back and both of them indulge into a fight.
The goons ask him if he is the same guy who followed Shikha Gupta. Stalker continues to beat them. One of the goons take a knife and attack his hands and the stalker registers a cut on his biceps. The stalker cleverly runs away from the goons, and fooling them…he escapes. Shikha’s parents are sad to hear of Shikha-Sameer moving to Mumbai soon. They say they will miss Shikha alot. Shikha gets nostalgic. Sameer tries to cheer them up and say that will they not miss him. They finally bid goodbye and leave for Mumbai. In their car, Shikha is sad, when Sameer cheers her up. Shikha says that it is hard for her to leave her things here, but it must be even harder for him, because he even set up his work himself here. She wishes to see his office. Sameer gets uneasy and tries to avoid, but Shikha pleads and Sameer gives in.
Shikha’s parents reach Sameer’s house. They see Sameer’s parents packing up. They tell Shikha’s parents that now since Shikha-Sameer are off to Mumbai, they thought they would spend some time in Raipur. Shikha’s parents are not convinced. He takes her to some office where the security guard doesn’t recognize him, Sameer asks if he is new. The guard says yes and then says sorry. Shikha is happy to see his office. Sameer sees some broker in the office and pulls Shikha to leave. The broker asks as to who he is, Sameer says that they’re in a hurry. Shikha is confused as to why did the broker not recognize him. Sameer says because he doesn’t deal with brokers, but the owners. They leave for Mumbai finally..

Precap– Sameer is driving to Mumbai. A jeep full of young boys and girls try to overtake them, Sameer gets excited and increases the speed to race with the jeep. Shikha feels nauseous and starts coughing.

Update Credit to: BadtameejDil

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