Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Raghu asking whether there is any party today. Aunty says no, we were just deciding lunch menu. Raghu says is it lunch menu or for function. He says, there are 10 people and the food you have ordered are for 20 people. He asks them to cut on the items from the menu. Mahima says, you have crossed your limits. Raghu says, I can’t see Maliksaa money wasting. Mahima shouts at Raghu and asks the cook to prepare according to the list. Cook looks at Raghu. Raghu stops the cook and take the list from his hand. He asks the cook to go. Mahima and Aunty are angry. Raghu tears the list. Shivani is very much angry. Raghu vir plays………….Raghu asks them to take his warning seriously. He says I said that food will not be wasted in this house. Aunty calms down Mahima and says we will do as per Raghu’s saying. Aunty asks Raghu, we will do as you say but why you are binding us on our food list. Shivani shouts at Raghu. Shivani asks, why you are troubling my family? Raghu says, I don’t have any objection against their eating. I have objection with the wastage of food. Shivani says, I was feeling bad for you till yesterday but I was wrong. Shivani says, you should be treated badly. Shivani leaves in anger. Raghu looks on. Servant informs Shivani that someone came to meet you. Shivani says, I will come.

A man is shown drinking tea. Shivani looks at him. He gives her a bouquet and says I brought it for you from the garden. Shivani says, I didn’t recognise you. He introduces himself as Rupesh, Bella’s husband. Shivani looks on shocked. Shivani asks, what are you doing here? Did you know Bella’s condition because of you. Rupesh looks down sadly. Shivani tells him about Nishi. She says, Bella did has tears when Nishi asked her about you. How could you leave your wife and daughter. Rupesh says, I am ashamed of my doings. I did a mistake. I know I did wrong with them but now I want to repent from my mistakes. I want to get love of my family. I want to apologize to my wife Bella and daughter Nishi. Shivani asks, but why did you come here? Rupesh says, I would have gone there but no one will understand me. They are angry with me.

Rupesh asks Shivani to come with him to Bella’s house. He says, they will accept my apology if you accompany me. He says, I can’t leave without my family and folds his hand. Shivani agrees to go with him. Rupesh thanks her. Mahima says, I want to talk to Shivani and asks her to come. Shivani asks Rupesh to have tea and she will be back. Rupesh wipes his tears and drinks tea. Mahima says to Shivani, what are you doing? Raghu will see to it. We don’t have any relation with Raghu or his family. Shivani says, it is about humanity. I am just uniting a father with his daughter and wife. We have enemity with Raghu and not with his family. If they get united then what is wrong in it. She decides to meet Bella. Mahima fails to stop her. Shivani comes to Baburaam’s house. Bella asks, why did you come after insulting my brother. Rupesh comes, Bella is shocked.

Vivek calls Raghu and says babyji came home with Rupesh. Raghu is shocked. Vivek asks him to come home soon. Raghu says I am coming home. Baburaam gets angry on seeing Rupesh. He asks, why did you come here? How dare you step inside my house? Rupesh looks down. Bella is in tears. He scolds him for Bella’s misery. He asks him to leave from his house. Rupesh folds his hand and apologizes to Baburaam and others. He says I came here for Bella. He requests them to give him a chance. He promises to keep Bella happy. He says I can’t leave her. He apologizes again. Shivani says, yes babuji and maa. He is repenting for his mistakes. He was scared to come here alone as you may not forgive him. He is very sorry for his doings. Rupesh sheds some tears. Rupesh goes to Bella and asks her not to cry. I will not give you any pain and will keep you happy. Bella is in tears. Lata smiles. Rupesh folds his hand for forgiveness and asks for a chance. Raghu comes and asks him not to hope for forgiveness.


Shivani bashes Raghu and says you stooped low for money and there is no difference between you and Rupesh. Bella is in tears.

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  1. The show is one of the better soap but need to pick up some momentum

  2. nayla dcruizz

    the show is gud bt they nef to make shivani undrstanding an actres should nt be dumb like her

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