Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya doubts about Samaira. He hides something cupboard, calls his confidante and asks him to find about Mr. Amrith Seth in Switzerland.

Mahii tries to console Sudha and tries to feed her, but she says she does not want to have food after losing her only son. Neeraj comes there. Avinash sees him and asks him to explain Sudha. Neeraj says he is going from their house. Sudha says he cannot go. Neeraj says after Shikha insulted and slapped him, he cannot stay with them now. Sudha and Mahi say he knows how Shikha is, she is depressed about her brother’s death. Neeraj says Shiha is right, Vineet is dead because of him. Sudha says we lost one son, but do not want to lose another son. Neeraj says even he does not want to lose them, but cannot think emotionally. He leaves after saying that while Avinash’s family sadly watch him going.

Aditya reminisces Shikha in Vineet’s funeral and Mohanto telling him that he went there because of Shikha’s insistence. Aditya’s confidante calls him and informs that Amrith Sait is Switzlerand’s big business. Aditya thinks someone was trying to fool him and if he gets another letter from him, he will teach him a lesson.

Mahi informs Sikha about Neeraj leaving their house and telling that he is leaving the town forever. Shikha calls Neeraj, but he does not pick her call. She is about to leave, but maid informs her that Arnav is not having food. Shikha tries to feed Arnav, bnut he does not.

Aditya gets a chat message from a man who calls him stupid. They both get into argument. Man says he will show Samaira’s real face today and to believe him last time. Aditya agrees for one last time.

Neeraj gets into a taxi and leaves towards airport. He reminisces his happier moments with Shikha. He checks his mobile and sees missed calls from Shikha, senses something is wrong and asks driver to stop car.

Aditya reaches a godown in search of a man. Neeraj enters Shikha’s room and sees her sleeping peacefully with Arnav. He emotinally pampers Arnav and kisses him. Sau dard hai…. song plays in the background. He then looks at Shikha and remnisces being slapped by her. Shikha wakes up and asks why is he leaving her and apologizes him again for her mistake. She asks why is he leaving her friend. Neeraj says she is not his friend and confesses his love for her. He says he does not know when he started loving her and helped her for his love. He says now that she thinks him as just friend, he does not want to stay with her now.

Aditya meets a man in godown who is Shikha’s plastic surgeon’s lab assistant. Assistant shows him Shikha’s surgery video. Aditya is shocked to see it and angrily reminisces all the incidents happened recently. He asks assistant why did not he show this video before. Assistant says Shikha and her inspector threatened to kill him and he was behind bar till now. Aditya asks then how did he come out of jail now. He says a well wisher bailed him out. Madhu comes out and says she is their well wisher.

Precap: Aditya wishes happy birth day to Samaira and asks her to get ready.

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