Fanaah 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Fanaah 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet Madam comes to attend the funeral of Vivan’s Sister and Jeju while Anshuman is also there and is looking from behind the tree. Preet Madam senses his presence and goes after him. Anshuman runs and hides behind another tree. Irawati comes and tells Anshuman to return to his original form as for 14 years he has been hiding his face. She would not recognize his real face. Preet Madam says that you ran like the last time. Irawati tells him to do as he has made her and she cannot let him die. Anshuman says that he would the blood of a witch. Irawati tells him to take her blood as she is from the same family. Preet Madam says that if you were brave enough you will confront me you are nothing but a walking carcass. Meanwhile Anshuman bite Irawati to suck her blood.
Irawati tells Anshuman to not to go while he says that he wants to see her close for once. Preet Madam casts a spell and flies in the air and holds herself in mid air. Anshuman comes and sees Preet and she just stares at him. She says that she waited 14 years for this moment and you thought that if you change your face I will not recognize you. She tells him that the decoration is still like that and she remembers everything of that night. The Mansion she used to light he left nothing but darkness and she also light lamps on every first moon of the night. He says that he knows and comes every year to the same place. Anshuman says that your powers will increase by time and I will become weak.
Very soon you will be so strong that you will easily defeat me. Preet Madam takes a petal of leaf and rots it completely and says that she can’t still finish him. Anshuman stands up and Preet hugs him with all her heart and then cries and says that why did you left me that night. She asks him if that wasn’t love and if she was wrong in understanding him. She shakes him and says to answer her. Irawati comes from behind and says to Anshuman that I told you to not come here. Preet asks her of whom she is and Irawati holds her neck but falls back because of a shock. Preet goes airborne again and casts a spell and Irawati is coming to fight. Anshuman tries to stop Irawati but is not that strong yet and so falls back.
Irawati again falls back and says that to fight her she must wait for special powers. Irawati takes Anshuman and runs away. Preet screams and says that you cannot leave me again. Irawati asks him if he has gone mad she says that 14 years ago he went to gain the moonstone which was their aim. Their aim was to return the moonstone to the vampires so that neither werewolves nor witches can defeat them. Anshuman says that he did fall in love with her and that true love is more powerful than any stone. That’s the only reason he can’t get the stone.
Irawati says that it is Preet’s powers that drag him here. She says that you are the most powerful vampire and have not been defeated in two years but now she must do something. Preet Madam says that she must go to Vivan as it is his innocent love that can give him strength. She goes to Vivan and says that you will now live with me and I will not let anything harm you. In the Mansion she tells Miss Fareeda to take Vivan to his room and that she has something important to do right now. When Vivan enter the room he is to live in, he says that this is Dhara’s room and if he lives here then where will she live. Miss Fareeeda tells him that Dhara will no longer live here as Preet Madam has sent her somewhere else.
Vivan quickly leaves the room and then the Mansion to go after Dhara while Preet Madam looks at the photo and realizes that it was Irawati she had met earlier and that she is her ancestor. She says than she must know about the moonstone. She wonders that what she is doing with Anshuman and that if 14 years ago Anshuman came to look for the moonstone. If all that love was just a show to attain the stone. Preet Madam goes to Miss Fareeda and asks where Vivan is, Miss Fareed tells him that Vivan has went after Dhara. She says that she knew but he will return but right now they must go to the jungle as they could not have gone far. She says that today she needs her strength and then tells her to go and find them. Miss Fareeda out of the sudden turns into a werewolf and goes in the hunt as commanded by Preet Madam. Vivan is chasing Dhara who is going away and over takes Dhara’s car.
Vivan says that four years ago a night came when everything was taken away from him, his love, family and friends but that he will fight for her till the end.

Precap: Vivan is in a cycle race. Vivan goes to meet Preet Madam who tells him about Dhara’s whereabouts. He then goes to meet her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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