Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Skips Muh Dikhayi Ritual

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaya serves watery sooji halwa to Samar’s family and excitedly asks them to serve. Family discuss if this is halwa or soup, they will need to seek doctor’s help after eating it. Jaya insists to taste it. They all taste it with weird faces. She asks how is it. Dadaji says it is very tasty and looks at family. They back him. Chachi says even she did not prepare such a tasty halwa during her kitchen ritual. Gauri Shankar says she will get 10/10 marks. Jaya asks if they need more. They all once say no and continue praising. She herself tastes it and walks away crying that they were praising her unnecessarily. Rama goes to console her and says good she did not cry in kitchen, else halwa would have become salty. She says bahu’s nature is seen and not taste. She

says she had made flour glue during her kithen ritual and Lallal’s lips were stuck eating it. Jaya laughs. Rama asks if she is going to her mother’s house for paghphera ritual, she should return soon as guests are coming to see her. Jaya agrees. Rama leaves smiling.

Samar enters holding halwa bowl and says it is very tasty and kisses her hand. Jaya says he is lying. He says he loves her and whatever she makes will be tasty. He gets romantic and hugs her. Tere naam ki kasak hainaa…song..plays in the background. Jyoti walks in to call them. Samar acts as consoling Jaya. Jyoti says Rama kept all gift items in car and calling them, she suggests to lock door as he is married now and Jaya may cry often and he may have to console her often.

Jaya and Samar reach Satya’s house for paghphera ritual. Whole family rejoices seeing them. After spending time whole day, they are about to leave in the evening when Satya starts coughing. Jaya gets worried for Satya and finds out she is having high fever. Samar says he will call doctor, but Jaya says she will stay back with mamma and take care of her, he can return home. Samar returns home helplessly. At home, Rama’s friends wait for her whole evening and praise her event management skills. Samar returns home alone. Rama asks were is Jaya. He says Satya fell ill, so she stayed back with Satya. Rama apologizes ladies and says Jaya did not come as her mother fell ill. Women walk away yelling that Jaya does not care about her saas now itself and they wasted time coming here. Samar and Rama feels humiliated.

At night, Jaya calls Samar and informs her mother is fine now. Samar says there are other family members to take care of Satya, Jaya should have been present here for muh dikhayi. Jaya argues if taking care of mother is not important. He says he did not mean that, he had told to consult doctor, but she did not agree, his mother had to face humiliation because of her. Jaya continues arguing and disconnects call. Rama walks into Samar’s room and asks if he would go to office if she is ill. He says no. She says Jaya did same and he should not feel bad.

At night, Chachi and Rama open door hearing bell and see Satya with Jaya and Shika. Whole family joins. Rama asks Satya if she is fine. Satya says better now, she knows significance of muh dikhayi, so she came to drop Jaya. Dadaji says how will she go alone, Samar will drop her home. Satya says Shikha is with her and leaves. Chachi says good Satya came back soon. Samar looks at Jaya. She angrily walks in ignoring him. Rams says that is why she told him not to overreact and asks to console her bahu now. Samar walks behind Jaya and tries to calm her down, but she continues her anger and tries to remove her wedding bangles. Samar says let him help her..

Precap: Satya sees bangle rashes on Jaya’s forearms and forcefully removes wedding bangles while Jaya explains that Rama asked not to remove it till rituals complete. Jaya returns home and Chachi feels shocked seeing Jaya’s bangles missing.

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  1. I feel it’s too much of Satya and Jaya. I don’t know why but I am losing my interest and so others…. Please make some improvement …. Noy going to watch it now…. It’s looking like some typical unnecessary drama

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