ISS PYAAR KO KYA NAAM DOON -TWINJ: EPISODE 8 new beginning of life

Episode 8
Episode Started after 3 years later..

First view comes beautiful city Amritsar.

Everyone busy in their life’s.
Zindagi ne ab badal liya hai mod..

One building comes name written on building A/T industry company.

People running here and there everyone working like machine..

Boy:do fast you na mam wanted everything perfect.all employees nodded their heads in yes.. just than One lady entered in office she wears black jump suit looking extremely hot.

She was busy in her phone all employees see her give smile.Their boss is very good never scold always talk with them in a nice way. If they didn’t understand something so she help them too.A Lady directly went in her cabin.

While her PA too run behind her in cabin. She take her seat and sit keep the phone in side.Pa stand in side she removed her sunglasses her eyes showed it’s so beautiful anyone can fall for her wanted to lost in her eyes.Than her lips comes she give smile perfect lips and smile too kill anyone with her one smile enough for boys.Now her full face revealed she looking her pA..

Lady:yes Rajiv…

Rajiv: mam I fixed your meeting with our new clients.

Lady: great first send me file I want to see first.

Rajiv: okay..

Lady: good send coffee for me.He nodded and went from there. She look at her name plate which keeping on desk. She read and give smile just than her coffee comes and she take the sip . It’s not easy for me to reached here. Papa is right we should fight for ourselves if not than this world think us we are weak.Good I took this decision on time today I’m so happy.

This company I work day and night even my Papa too support me and help too. Without my family I’ll not reached there and this company too not.Today my company comes in number companies.

My A/T company.My papa wanted I keep my company name on my son name. He is their son more than my.. she take the photo frame and caress her son face. My baby I love you like anything now come back fast

Mamma can’t live without you. This both maamu and nephew just crazy. She laugh and kissed on photo frame.After she get busy in work.Someone come to call her.

She entered in cabin and went towards her.
Naira:Twinkle come fast.Yes she is twinkle Taneja.Now she is business woman successful independent girl.Who behind this whole A/T empire.

And single mother 

Twinkle:yes I’m coming.She take her phone and went in conference room.

Soon conference starts twinkle giving presentation while client was very much impressed with twinkle and her work her thoughts is really new that they wanted it.

Twinkle done with presentation conference room lights on she give smile and look at client they just stand up and started clapping loudly twinkle smiling very much.

Client:really miss Taneja your presentation fabulous.

Twinkle: thanks so.

Client: so deal is final we would love to work with your company with you as well..

Twinkle:thank you so much.They shake their hands twinkle sign the deal. After they went back to cabin twinkle was hell happy..

Other side…

At Stadium:::

Everyone sitting for horse polo match.While two man’s too having alcohol bottle in their hands and cheering for their team.

1Man: did you think you’ll win..

2Man:why not mr Luthra.He turn and look at him both giving each other’s devil smile😛😛😛.only last few seconds left in match.Both mans look at time and both take the sip of beer.. second team win both mans get so happy. See I told you na this team will win now you can see man.

1man:I didn’t understand one thing yaar how can you do this man always your guess is right did you say this in fluke.

2Man:na Arey I can understand before to see the player how much he have power.

So like alway I’m winner. He started hooting loudly.. and you loose mr Luther.

1man:yeah Mr Sarna you are winner.
Still I happy for you.Your team win instead of my.He too started clapping.

So both man’s is yuvraj Luthra and Kunj Sarna.both of them is the biggest business man’s.they both working together but not now because of some issues they separate their work but have same office both of them is bro buddies. Kunj Sarna millionaire man today richest man of India and Yuvraj Luthra too but of Amritsar this Anita didn’t like but these things never create misunderstandings between Kunj and Yuvraj their love still same.just for fun they invest money on team both loved sport.

Kunj wear his sunglasses and went down.
Kunj Sarna arrogant business man.Anger alway sitting on his nose whole office staff scared of kunj.Working like anything he loved just work.He know his work never cheat him like others people in his life they cheat them.Loved poor peoples always helping them as much as he can.Past few years went so hard for him.He changed totally not that kunj who smiling enjoying his life.He went his house hardly when his mother calls him only.Most of the time he spend in his office. While walking kunj keep smiling..

Kunj:Sikka dono ka hota hai, heads ka bhi aur tails ka bhi.par waqt sirf uska aata hai joh palatkar upar aata hai

A coin belongs to both, heads and tails … but time only stays on the side of the one who turns around and rises he think..

As soon as his body guard see him they rushed towards him and walking behind him his Lamborghini car waiting for him already. Driver see him and open the car door for him.He sit in the car while his guard in next car.driver starts the car.

Driver: sir where you wanted to go. I mean office..

Kunj:hmm first take me there.Driver understand.While Kunj closed his eyes recalling his nightmares past.soon they reached where kunj wanted to go.

Driver:sir.We reached.Kunj open his eyes and look at place a pain full smile comes on his lips.He come out of the car.And look at the place to see the place tears bring in kunj eyes he wear his sunglasses. And went inside.He entered in hall and his eyes finding someone he started searching her. Just than someone pat on his back he understands and turned. He see her get so happy she say anything to him before he carried her in his arms and spinning her while she laughing like anything. Arey kunj stop put me down.

Kunj: acha. He put her down both look at each other face. Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her forehead. I miss you so much how’s you.

She: even me too every day I miss you too kunj.She kissed on his forehead come with me she take him towards couch and make him sit and she too sit beside him.See look at yourself didn’t you have anything haa.I saw you after one week later kunj. You didn’t think about me once how I’ll live after see you Like this you know how much I love you.

Kunj:he give her smile yes I know how much you love even I too love you my sweetheart 😍😍kissed on her cheeks.

She: you wait I make your favorite dish. She went in kitchen and bring food for him. See kunj.

Kunj:smell is yummy now I can’t wait.

She:haa she feed Kunj he happily eat and feeding her too both enjoying this

Moments with each other’s.. after food.

Kunj get a call from his pa. He pick up the call.and talk to her..

Kunj: okay baby I’m going now I’ll meet you soon.. and haa take care of yourself I had meeting today.

She:okay go and all the best for your meeting.

Kunj: yes you are with me everything happens best with me. He kissed on her forehead and bye run from there. While she smiling so much. Pagal mera 😍babaji he just stay happy nothing else I wanted more.

Kunj sit in car and they left for his office.

Soon he reached the office and immediately run inside as soon as office staff heard his foot steps voice they alert and get busy in their work whole office people become silent.He entered all bowing their heads down. Kunj pa come.

Zara: sir client had come.. they are in your cabin..

Kunj: yeah. Everything is ready or not.

Zara: ye….ah… sir

Kunj:superb let’s go they went in conference room they all see kunj and immediately get up. Good evening everyone. He take the seat and tell his pa who giving the presentation.

Zara: sir he..

Kunj: than go head Varun. Varun giving the presentation while giving he was so nervous that everyone can understand. In middle of the presentation Kunj stop him. Wait a minute.

Varun: yes sir..

Kunj: what is this.This is the way to giving the presentation man.And come to on your presentation did you think this impressed the client. Not at all bro.

This can’t when I didn’t like it how they can. Just because of you I can’t lost this project I wanted this at any cost. After your work level I understand. Kunj Sarna didn’t like this type of man. Give him his payment next time don’t dare to give anyone to give presentation now mr varun you take the leave. Varun went from there.

Zara: sir what about clients they waiting for you now what we’ll show them in presentation. Kunj give her smile.

Kunj:when Kunj Sarna is here not fear I’ll give them presentation.

Zara: how you’ll I mean.

Kunj: you see them give me just 10 minuets.This project deal we’ll crack it Zara at any how.. till now Kunj Sarna didn’t failed to crack the deal today how can I 😎😎.

Zara: true sir I’ll see them.. she went and handle the client Till than Kunj sit and read Project details. After minutes later Kunj call Zara tell her bring client. Client comes.

Kunj: sorry for this.

Client: it’s okay Mr Sarna.They take their seats.Kunj giving the presentation clients look at him only. Mr Sarna if anything wrong happened in this project how you’ll cope up.

Kunj:nice question but you don’t worry about this.My name is Kunj Sarna whole Amritsar dancing on my fingers.

Client:means sir we didn’t understand.

Kunj:People make their own life … I make my own heaven. And I’m the king of this heaven.

Clients: it’s our honor that we’ll work with you business world wanted to work with you Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:thanks for this but I have some rules. First don’t dare to cheat me and second didn’t like liars..

Clients: yeah sure.

Kunj: good. Than deal is final. They shake the hands and Zara sign the deal he said this and went out of the cabin in Tashan.
While clients see Zara.

Clients:you’ll sign the deal..

Zara:yeah.having any problem sir..

Clients: not at all.. Zara signs the deal after clients too went..

Kunj went in his cabin and he went towards window and stand and looking city view see people running.

Kunj: this whole world just running behind money.. 😏😒.Kukun. Kunj went in side and take the alcohol bottle and take the sip from whole bottle just than.There Yuvraj come along with Mahi..

Mahi: hi Kunj. He turned and see Mahi and Yuvi.

Kunj: hi Mahi come.

Yuvi: you drinking man in office they sit.


Yuvi: what about your meeting I heard that you fire Varun.. Kunj laugh..

Kunj: yes for useless people no place in my office..

Yuvi: Acha great bro deal gone from your hands. Kunj take the paperweight ball and spinning and look at Yuvi.

Kunj: duniya me aeshi koi cheez hai hi nahi jo Kunj Sarna ke haath se chali jaye. What I wanted that I get it. To crack the deal it’s not so hard for Kunj Sarna..

Mahi: in attitude: Acha that deal Yuvraj didn’t crack it. Even you too heheh.

Kunj:he is Yuvraj his style and my style is different Mahi.his first priority is his family. And my is my business and she..

Mahi: haa. There zara come and place the file in front of kunj.

Zara: sir deal is fixed.Yuvi look at in shocked while Kunj giving him smile…

Kunj:bro relax you’ll get heart both shocked very much don’t be its normal with heavy heart.Mahi and yuvi give smile.Let’s have coffee go and get three coffee for us to celebrate my victory.

Yuvi:I didn’t understand how you got the deal you didn’t prepared for meeting.

Kunj:problem is that Yuvi you didn’t wait I told you before only dude carefully don’t be hurry.But you didn’t so.. didn’t you heard that line..Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai, aur usse bhi zyada meetha hota hai … sabere ka phal. Patience is rewarding, but far more rewarding is … morning fruit… it’s funny na he started laughing loudly.

Yuvi:amazing kunj no ever beat you.😎😎

Kunj:thanks for your compliment. While Mahi fuming in anger..

Mahi:kunj what you’ll do with money.

Kunj:why.. don’t I have family. Okay bye I have another meeting and yuvi celebrate your defeat because usme bhi aapna ek maza hai..😜😜he said and this went out of the cabin.Tune play in bg…

At night Taneja Mansion..

Everyone was sitting they have waiting for someone.

Leela:when she’ll come..

Rt:yes already this house is empty without my baby..

Leela:true finally they are coming. Just than there twinkle come..

Twinkle: hi MAA and Papa. Leela and Rt see twinkle Rt open his arms for her she run to him and hugged him. Hi Papa..

Rt: hi mera Bach how’s your day..

Twinkle: amazing Papa you know I got the deal..

Leela:Arey waha mera bacha you got more success in your life twinkle.they sit and Leela bring juice for her.

Twinkle:thanks MAA.She rest her head on Leela shoulder.You guys waiting for whom.

Rt:why for whom for our baby only na.

Twinkle:yeah your day starts on him end on him. When they are coming Papa.

Leela: tomorrow at morning.

Twinkle: great I miss him so much. Great you send fuzu with him.

Leela: haa.

Twinkle: MAA I’m so hungry please give me food.

Rt: even Papa too let’s have dinner.

Twinkle: okay I’ll go and get freshen up quickly.

Leela: yeah go..
twinkle get up and went in her room.She entered in room and see her room whole room filled with ammar toys.She smiled and take her clothes went in washroom room. She get freshen up and come down and sit with her mother and father for dinner.Leela served twinkle food.they having their dinner with smile.. Rt and Leela see twinkle they both get so happy to see their daughter happy. After dinner they went in their respective rooms. Twinkle get busy in her office work.

At Rt and Leela room… both of them standing near window.

Leela:kya soch rahe hai ji..

Rt: nothing usha just thinking about our twinkle.To see her now I’m so happy.She starts her life to live again see her today top business woman she is..

Leela: true one night change her whole life make her lifeless again one night come back in her life change her whole life but this Change comes good. Usha Sarna all words understood our twinkle and make her live her life where she standing it’s not easy. Seemed like she take birth again this new twinkle our happy daughter mother too. Twinkle one decision

Totally make her life beautiful without your support she can’t.

Rt:hmm but her hardwork make her this.
After they both sleep..

Twinkle standing in balcony and looking at moon..

Twinkle:this moon shinning never faded.
Babaji please showering your blessing on me and my ammar is 3 year and 6 months old.Thanks for this you give me him.Mera bacha he is totally mad.crazy for basketball..

Kunj was sitting top of his car and fighting with moon.

Kunj:this moon is so lair. Everyone thought he is so beautiful and perfect but people forgot this..Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.Years before I thought this moon is my friend today not. People taking swear of moon for their love. But do not swear by the moon why because it’s changes constantly then your love would also change..

Narrator:Mohobbat door jane na de, Nafrat paas aane na de!..Kya mil paayege yeh dono.. jin ki kismat alag alag hai but rukhti ek hi mod pe…

Zindagi ke Iss mod see kya guzar paayega Twinkle and Kunj ka pyaar.. yeh mohobbat dur hai ek dusrese phir bhi pass hai eshaas se.. innke Iss pyaar ko hum kya naam dege…💔💔💔💔.,

Twinkle ko mil gaya hai apne beta ka Saath wa hi kunj ko kishi aur ka…

Kunj get up and started walking on desolate roads… in his heart..

Kunj:Rang subha jaisa hai par mann hai kaali raaton sa…
Chandni toh parda hai ranjon kabki baaton ka…
Dhoop ko andhere tak pahunchne se roka hai…
Chandni chhalawa hai… Chandni dhokha hai…

Mann ki kaali kyun na ho… Raat ki saheli hai…
Chandni farebi hai… Chandni paheli hai…
Dil fareb dhokhe ki… raat hi ye dhalegi ab…
Aag lag aayi hai… Chandni jalegi ab…

His poetry conveying his anger which he carried from long back.

We’ve all been through the emotional trauma that comes with a painful separation. When it comes to matters of the heart, the underlying emotions of abandonment and insecurity further complicate the grief. It’s hard to hold on to it and harder to let go…: aye Zindagi play in Bg…❤️❤️❤️❤️….

Ek judaai ka woh lamha ki jo marta hi nahi log kehte hain ki sab waqt guzar jaate hai.

Kunj screaming loudly and laughing at the same time.. he about to falls down his guards come and held him on him.

Guard: we should take the sir at there only she can handle him.

Another guard: right.He take inside the car he lay down.They take him..

Night turned into morning.sunlight coming on twinkle face which disturb her sleep very much.She wake up and open her eyes and with beautiful smile.. she get up and went near window take beautiful view of morning birds tweeting in their melody voice..

Twinkle:good I’m so happy finally my baby is coming babaji I’ll make his favorite pan cakes.. she get freshen up and get ready went in kitchen and see Rt and Leela already busy in kitchen. She laugh to see them. She went inside.

What’s going on here???..

Leela: nothing you know na today my son Is coming so making his favorite pan cakes.

Rt: and me his favorite milk shake plan milk he didn’t like it na.

Twinkle:good you both going on. If you all making for him this I’ll see other things okay.

Leela: did you going to pick up him.

Twinkle: no fuzu massage me they coming home Itself.. okay she went in hall and Oder his favorite ice cream.

Otherside kunj wake up with heavy head..

He open his eyes found himself on bed..

Kunj:how I come here..

She:I’ll tell you about this kunj first get up.

He get up and sit. She holding lemonade glass for him he take and drink in one go.

Hope you feel good. I didn’t like you drink this much. She about to go kunj held her hand make her sit beside him rest his head on her lap while she Creasing his hairs and kissed on his hairs.. tears come out from kunj eyes fallen on her lap..kya hua..

Kunj:nothing just didn’t feel good..

She:acha why tell me you didn’t hide anything from me na..

Kunj:I moved on in my life still this pain not going way. One day this pain make me philosopher she laughs out.

She: you know what kunj I loved when you speak poetries.. my favorite part..

Kunj:acha and your lap is my favorite part. If you are not with me how I’ll alive.. he raise his face and look at her she cupped his face and wiped his tears and kissed on his forehead.

She:don’t cry kunj.. you have beautiful life just live it I’m with you..

Kunj:you are my support system my backbone. He hugged her tightly.

She: how was everyone at home kunj.

Kunj: acha hi honge..

She: didn’t you went home..

Kunj:no they need me just for money.
MAA ka bhi kya hai she had her two kids.

She:no kunj MAA MAA hoti hai. Go and meet with her. You never deny me na today too not go and meet her.

Kunj:okay Meri MAA I’ll go🧡..

She:you go and get freshen up I’ll make breakfast for you.

Kunj:no today we’ll have breakfast at restaurant.

She:okay baba now go and get freshen up.. Kunj went in washroom and get freshen up. He went in hall and find she ready.

Kunj: chale mam.

She:yes Mr Sarna 😛😛. She hold her hands and they sit in car and left.

They reached their favorite breakfast place. They come out and see kids crowd there.

She:Kunj see so many kids..

Kunj:yeah devils😎.. she slapped him on his face playfully..

She:Kunj see ice cream let’s have.. I’ll do what my lady love wanted…

Summer camp..bus standing in side.Kids coming out of the bus.. one little boy come along with one big boy..

Little boy: maamu see ice cream..

Boy: yes rockstar.. you wanted..

Little boy: yes I wanted.. just than boy get call.

Boy: you go I’ll take the call and come back.

Little boy:okay maamu.he went towards ice cream vendor. So the little boy is ammar and big one is fuzail… they come back from ammar summer camp..

Ammar: uncle please give me ice cream. While Kunj standing too.. oyye lambu uncle side please kunj Listen this and turned his face and look at him. He look at down see small boy standing..

Kunj:what did you say..

Ammar:lambu uncle..

Kunj:you small boy calling me lambu..

She:Kunj bacha hai..

Ammar: side let me take the ice cream he push kunj and take the ice cream kunj just looking at him..

Kunj: first I come you can’t take the ice cream.

Ammar: acha don’t come in my way. Kunj snatch the ice cream from ammar hands while ammar isn’t less he take another ice cream and throw it on kunj clothes.. lady laughing loudly to see kunj. While ammar too. He giving tashan to kunj..

Kunj: you small boy. He bend down. While ammar take the ice cream from kunj hands and licking the ice cream.

Ammar:thanks uncle bye see you soon.

Kunj:what a devil boyyy.. 😡😡in loud voice lambu hoga tera baap..

Ammar:Listen While going same too you.😛..

Episode end on ammar and Kunj faces..


How was the episode guys hope you all like it.. please give your views and stay tuned here only on tU….😛😛

Let’s see how this two meet.???..

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    Its great that Kunj has gone far away from Usha. Vo apne karmo ka phal bhugtegi ab.
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