Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Shanaya Returns In Dhruv’s Life

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachi asks Rama how can she get Samar remarried. Rama says when Samar can get Jaya married to someone else, why can’t she get her son remarried to someone else. Dadaji says Samar will not agree. Rama says when Jaya obeys her mother, Samar has to obey his mother. Samar enters with Puneeth requesting him to handle situation. Puneeth stands silently. Rama introduces Samar to Manya and Manju and says they are very cultural and from a good family, he can speak to them and select one for marriage. Samar asks he can later. Rama insists and asks him to chat with them. Samar nervously chats with them.

Dhruv meets his ex-girlfriend Shanaya and asks what is she doing in India. Shanaya hugs him and says after separating from him, she realized she cannot live without him and

wants him to return in her life. Dhruv says it is not possible as he is getting married to someone else and moved on. Shanaya starts crying. Dhruv consoles her. Karthik who is spying on Dhruv clicks pics and sends it to Samar thinking Samar’s problem’s solution is found. Samar sees pic and calls back Karthik who asks him to meet him right now as Dhruv’s ex-girlfriend has returned in his life. Samar happily tells Rama that he will marry, but not these 2 girls. Rama says he is trying to escape. He shows Shanaya’s pic and says he will marry only her. Rama asks what is here. Samar says he will inform her later and rushes out of house.

Karthik follows Shanaya and informs Samar over phone to reach soon. Shikha calls him and he gets busy; when he turns, he does not see Shanaya. Samar with Puneeth reaches and asks where is Shanaya. Karthik says he does not know where she left. They all 3 search her. Karthik and Puneeth see her crying in park and peep to confirm. Shanaya senses someone spying on her and trashes them royally. Samar reaches and walks towards her. Karthik warns to stop. Shanaya attacks Samar, and he says Shanaya stop. She stops and asks how does he know her name. He says he knows she is Dhruv’s ex-girlfriend and can reunite her with him if she helps him. They sit, and he explains whole story. She shouts how could he do such a stupidity, if he had not been overconfident and given his promise to Jaya, Dhruv would not have tried to marry Jaya. Samar says he cannot change past, but they can stop Dhruv and Jaya’s marriage if she helps him. She asks what. He says he has to act as his girlfriend and explains whole plan. She says she does not agree, but since she loves Dhruv a lot, she is okay with his plan.

Samar returns home and seeing Jaya crying asks why is she crying. She says it is none of her business. He starts explaining her mistake, but as usual Jaya shouts at him. Satya with Naani walks in and asks what happened. Samar asks her to apply some oil on Jaya’s knees to make her mind calm down as her brain is below her knee. Jaya gets more angry. Next morning, Daadi reaches Jaya’s home and says she wants to perform all rituals of her grandson’s marriage. Door bell rings. Jaya opens door and sees a girl standing. Shanaya says Dhruv. Dhruv says he is here. Shanaya walks towards him smiling, and Jaya gets jealous.

Precap: Dhruv is shocked to see Shanaya in Jaya’s house and asks what is she doing here. Naani says Shanaya and Samar are marrying.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Oh crap, this story is getting more ridiculous with each episodes.

    1. mrs devinder.singh - uk

      agree its just a unnecessary drama every episode . when writers dont know which way to take the story they always take the wrong decision and spew out lot of rubbish.

  2. mrs devinder.singh

    sure is crap i agree

  3. Jay n Jaya

    Dhruv n Jaya

    Samar n Jaya

    Samar and Shanaya hmmmmm

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