Chandragupta Maurya 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Tricks Dhananand

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Chandragupta Maurya 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldiers see no one present outside Chanakya’s jail and thinks if Bhadrasaal finds out, they will be in trouble, so they themselves stand as guards. Chandragupta gets worried more for Chanakya seeing his condition worsening and thinks how to get him out of palace. Chanakya says he does not have much time left and asks Chandragupta to promise he will take his mission of united Bharath from hereon. Chandragupta pleads not to lose hope, he himself will see united Bharath and takes oath to end Dhananand’s cruel rule. He thinks how will he get Chanakya out of palace. Mura walks in and says she and his friends are with him and they will help him get Chanakya out of palace. Chandragupta says she is in this palace since years, if she knows any secret route to get Chanakya out. Mura

thinks and says there is a drain in laundry area via which dirty water is sent out. Chandragupta says then they all will get Chanakya out of palace soon.

Chandragupta informs his friends and soldiers that Chanakya is dead. He goes to Dhananand and informs that Chanakya is dead. Chanakya says it is punishment for betrayal. Sthul and Indra ask soldiers to change Dhanannd’s dead body’s dirty clothes before his last rights. Soldiers yell they will not change traitor’s clothes. Sthul says they will then. Guards agree. They draw curtain and discuss they are ready. Dhananand says Chandragupta that he wants see Chanakya’s deadbody and walks ahead. Seleucus who is with Dhanaannd tells Chandragupta he could not help him. Chandragupta says even now he can help and gives him a note which says he has to be present with Dhananand for sometime.

Dhananand walks towards Chanakya’s dead body, draws curtains aside and is shocked to see Sthul and Indra there instead. They say they were changing Chanakya’s clothes and don’t know what happened next. Dhananand orders to close palace’s all doors as Chanakya is alive and is trying to escape. Mura hides Chanakya’s body among dirty clothes and Dhoom takes clothes on cart. Pandu sees him and thinks why this slave is taking dirty clothes towards laundry area when it is not his duty. In palace, Seleucus asks Dhananand what is happening, if someone escaped as he sees soldiers running around. Dhananand says it is a mock drill and he need not worry. Seleucus says he will leave then. Dhananand orders Chandragupta to drop Seleucus till his chariot and not let him return. Chandragupta walks away with Seleucus.. Pandu enters and says Chandragupta’s friend was taking dirty clothes towards laundry area when it is not his duty, he is sure Chandragupta helped Chanakya escape and can prove if king permits. Dhananand permits him.

Chanakya Niti: When they get into trouble, they think fate is not on their side, they should try to find a way out instead of getting worried.

Precap: Chandragupta tries to rescue Chanakya via jungle and a jaw clamp grips his leg. He shouts in pain and tries to free himself. Dhananand watches them.

Update Credit to: MA

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