Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya’s Sarcastic Comments For Rama

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya goes on dias and congratulates newly married girls that they are lucky that Rama is not her saas/MIL and continues that marriage does not mean adjustment, if a girl is not happy in her marriage, she should not suffocate and part ways for their better life. She says she divorced her husband due to compatibility issues. People clap. Host praises that she is right, always girls should not compromise. Satya then hopes Rama did not feel bad with her taunt. Jaya says she did not as she is not her son’s saas. Satya says even she is happy that Rama is not her daughter’s saas. Satya gives her visiting cord and hopes Rama would need it sometime. Rama returns saying she does not need it as she believes in united family and not breakups. They both walk away while people

clap for them.

Jaya braids Naani’s hair and says she is ready now. Naani asks who will braid her hair after she gets married. Jaya says she will take her along. Dadaji tells family that he will perform Samar and Jaya’s engagement tomorrow and asks Samar to call Satya. Samar calls Satya. Jaya sees Satya’s number ringing and informs her, shies seeing Samar’s number. Satya taunts if Samar also deleted Satya’s number. She picks call. Samar greets her and gives phone to Dadaji. Dadaji asks Satya if they can finish Samar and Jaya’s engagement tomorrow as inauspicious month will start next month. Jaya accepts. Her elder daughters panic how will they make arrangements so soon. Naani suggests to agree as Jaya is very lucky to have Samar. Sister taunt Jaya.

Samar takes care of engagement arrangements. Family taunts him. Jaya video calls him. He asks her what aunty likes. She gives a list. He asks Lallan to change all items. Jaya taunts he is afraid of maa. He says he respects her. She taunts him and disconnects.

Rama goes to buy sweets from regular sweet shop. Shop owner apologizes for packing sweets late and she had to come to receive them. Rama says that is okay. Servant packs sweets and says it is divorce wali bhabhi’s sweets. Owner says one of his old customer is divorce lawyer and her family celebrates if she gets someone’s divorce. Satya walsk in and says she does. Owner gets nervous. Rama is surprised to see her. Satya says she is the one, takes sweets and leaves. Owner says after Satya’s divorce, she did not spare even her 2 daughters and got them divorced, suggests to stay away from her. Rama smiles and leaves.

At home, Jaya reaches with other family members except Satya. Samar’s chacha chachi greet them in with a bit of jokergiri and take them in. Chachi serves juice to Jaya and drops it purposefully, asks Samar to show her washroom and forcefully sends him with her. Samar nervously leaves with her. On the other side, Rama passes by and sees Satya standing near her broken car, stops car and insists to drop her. Satya says she will manage. Rama says she does not mind as they are not relatives and will not meet often. Satya agrees and sits in her car with sweet boxes and informs that her younger daughter is getting engaged today. Rama says even her son is getting engaged today. Satya congratules her for getting bahu who will obey her and not call her mother often to complain. Rama smiles. At home, family waits for Satya and Ram.

Precap: Rama greets Naani and apologizes for coming late. Naani says even her daughter has not come yet. Satya enters. Rama’s husband introduces Ram to Satya. They both are shocked to realize they are samdhis now.

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