Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update; Deep knows Arohi is pregnant with his baby

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says how could you keep me away from this happiness.
Arohi puts gun on deep nd says if you come near my parents again I will kill you. Deep pulls her and says I can’t scare you. I can kill you. I only hate you. i gave you your parents but you didn’t give me my mom. I can kill you but if I kill you my son would died too.

Tara says I wont let anyone come between us. I will kill you and your baby.
Tara cuts her hand and drips blood on her photo. she says you kidnapped deep’s mom. You made my work easy. Deep wont leave you alive. But if he gets to know she is pregnant with his child he wont kill her. deep says you first took my mom and you now my baby.
Arohi says how dare you call this your babby. He is alive because of me. You made

sure he dis. I wont let you come near him. I kept your mom there someone took her from there but I dont’ know. I didn’t tell you so you suffer like me too. You ruined my life. Her stomach hurts. Deep holds her.

Deep takes Arohi to a room. she says let me o. He says I wont let you go. I dont like losing. He says I am alive and that is a lost. Deep has roped his hand with hers. She says what do you want. He says so you are tied with me all the time. I want to take care of my baby. She says I am enough for him.
Bell rings. Deep goes downstairs. Doctor comes. She checks arohi. Arohi says he isn’t my husband ask him to stay out. Doctor says you need rest.
Kashap comes to Arohi. Arohi says go from here before someone sees you. Lets run from here. He says you should know the truth. Deep knwos everything. He asked me to help you every time. He told me where your parents are. Aroi is dazed. He says deep wants to stay behind curtain because Tara can kill you. This face has a lot of money to it. Arohi says i can’t trust him. He isn’t worth it.

Deep says to Arohi doctor asked you to rest. I will get you the food. I will take care of my baby. Tara overhears. She says so deep knows. Tara says no one can save her from me today. Tara opens the washroom. ARohi ran from there. She stops a taxi. Deep comes out of it and pulls her. He says told you don’t run. Tara sees them together. Tara is about to stab soeone hits her head.
Tara wakes up. she says you saved arohi again. He says if she died we will never know where that gold is. We can’t kill her. Tara says deep knows she is pregnant. Virat says if she is alive we will know where the gold is.
Arohi says if she runs she can have a good life. Virat says that wont happen. Tara says then kill her.
Precap-Tara asks Deep where were you? She sees report. Tara says you are caring for her? Deep says there is a reason behind all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Just waiting for the day when Deep stop confusing me and i finally get to noh if he is on Aarohi’s side or Tara’s side

  2. Am also not good. The story also not good. Only love Tara act.

    1. Hi rhivanya
      me too..

      1. Hi sravanthi.

  3. I can’t believe they will justify everything Deep has done again with ‘Deep was secretly on Arohi’s side all the time’. Arohi is not a child. She has faced worse alone and came out stronger every time. Last time, Deep sent her to jail, was ready to start a new happy family with ‘Tara’ and their Baby and even shot ‘Arohi’ in the leg. Everything was forgiven with one scene where Roma said ‘Deep was a fool who always loved Arohi.’ And now again? Really? Deep got Arohi burnt, then changed her face, then packed her in a box (despite knowing about Arohi’s past claustrophobia) and sent her outside border. When she returned, he refused to recognize her and agreed to Tara’s suggestion of sending Nia to mental hospital. Not once he thought where she will eat, sleep, stay… And now this reporter comes with ‘Deep was giving me clues about your parents, he was always on your side’ Bullshit! This is not love. This is the actions of an unstable man who does not value the opinion, strength and pain of his wife. Whatever he does is right. He will do the worse of things and then get away with ‘jo dikhta hai wo hota nahi’ (what you see is not always true’ or ‘if only you knew the truth!’ Today, he had tied Nia and the bgm played of immj. So Tara’s psycho love was not enough? Deep’ love is tying Nia and forcefully keeping her to protect her? Deep and Arohi’s relationship was always twisted. But now it has turned obsessive psychotic. I will never support Deep again. And it’s true he cannot be trusted. What if three months later he gets another idea that ‘i must push Arohi again to protect her’?

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    I am getting confused day by day… Show has become much more confusing since introduction of nia as aarohi, writers stop writing show now, better end it as its just impossible for writers to handle story now… They are just repeating same same story only…

  5. AnnOYedviewer

    Bakwas ho gaya hai ye ab. Writer please write plot wich makes sense.plot nhi mil rha toh kuch b mat likho.u have so much talented actors who all r so good wid work please write sense making plot.

  6. Arjun and Nia looks amazing together

  7. stupid story line…
    nothing new..

  8. Now the show became worst and vulgar i think makers forget that this is a family show they thought it is Web series the romantic scenes between arjun Sir and nia are worst we can’t see them with family have you seen the upcoming guys? It is vulgar when alisha mam used to play arohi role then we get to see cute ardeep scenes and cute romance between them but this nia is disgusting Trp bhadane ke liye makers ne aisa ghatiya show bana diya

    1. Satya127

      Yes shyamala….
      I could not believe these r the same producers how gave many cute jodies and love stories…our arsha as ardeep love story has evry element in it cuteness,romance (which looks so decent and can be watched on TV along with family),the tashan,the hate,the love
      I think this is some other show which arsha as signed stupidly…This is not immj who got the best show award this is not immj which used to top in every shows list….Now what they r showing is a stupid indecent web series…I sometimes feel that it is better arsha quit the show….

  9. #wewantaalishaasaarohi @yashpatnaikofficial @mamtayashpatnaik plz

  10. Satya127

    Hi friends
    How r u all….
    Today is the day to start celebrations…..
    Because now makers started doing things for trp because of our efforts and thier stupidity the trp is low and it is out of many lists….In this way they r not realizing wht to do anf wht not to do….To increase trp they r doing a dance sequence between deep and nia but in my words it is the most vulgar,indecent dance….With this TRP wont increase but it will decrease More because till now people watch tge show for arsha but with this vulgarity and all people will shut the tv immediately if they really want to increase TRP then they have to bring alisha back as AROHI and should make only alisha to continue as AROHI then automatically the trp will increase because all the fans will be happy that makers had considered their request and the makers and immj will gain their charm and respect and everyone will be interested to watch also and it will justify deep’s love for AROHI.. If deep really love AROHI then he should give back her identity…..
    Makers had done plastic surgery to arohi in every angle nia not even acts just reads lines,she does not even express emotions, she wears dresses which AROHI wont wear atleast in her dreams….I think writers brought nia to have these vulgarity to the show….
    This show has lost everything in my words it is a flop….Colors one of the worst serial in my eyes because the writers and producers had done injustice to the main lead who had brought the show to the top, gave her best, and to the audience who r with the show from starting….
    Ye log bilkul pagal he madness is in their blood now why dont they understand the simple thing that this track is just a flop replacing the main lead and side lining her is very wrong and people love arsha as ARDEEP not any web couple… ALISHA as arohi never ever left the essence of the role be it being arohi or being tara because when arohi was staying in raichand house as tara at that time also arohi never ever left her character….
    AROHI (alisha) is very smart,cute and alisha has maintained the dignity of arohi character throughout the show….But now nia as spolied everything…..
    They had slowly cut all the connections with the show….There is no justification for any act there is no bond with the story just crap and trash….
    For a good story the people have to connect with the people who r acting here nia has spoiled everything from her side( till date i had not seen any acting from her side only vulgar scenes…May be she is a good actress as some say but by seeing nia i dont accept it ),arjun whose acting is perfect (doing these kind of odd scenes makes anyone start hating him) but deep character is confusing and coming to alisha she is perfect as tara but people will not connect with the negativity that is shown by tara… They always show tara with knife and blood only….And she is perfect as AROHI (in flashbacks) she totally captures the scene when alisha is AROHI….
    I could not believe that one year before this show as best storyline,best main leads,best chemistry between the leads,dignity,everything immj till 13th July is a full package of masala that every viewer want but now the whole package they r showing dont have a stable storyline,unmatched jodi who looks like brother and sister to each other,vulgarity,negativities to the peak….irritating track itbcoukd have been vetter they could had ended with ardeep shadi then a he show may be history of the best shows but now the show will have its name written in the list of the worst show ever….Stop it….Enough is Enough we all cant bear nia more….When she comes on screen it is very irritating to watch this robot who just only reads the script,….
    Bring alisha back as arohi…
    Please this is the time we have to show them that these vulgarity wont increase trp or they wont gain any sympathy or love from audience….

  11. Satya127

    Yesterday the rumors about deep being changed made me happy some wht because atleast i could have get rid of this torture they show everyday and i really feel better they kill tara to because seeing the soul of the show as a side role makes me feel bad or they should make tara kill everyone including this deep and nia role in the story so that they can bring arsha back as the main leads again with a new story…..Or even atleast make that deep give back AROHI (alisha) identity to arohi….
    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  12. Deep and aarohi look amazing together

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