Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Escapes Electric Shock

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Shatrughan tells he has to try a few objects on Satya to check her sensation and reaction. Samar says he can do whatever he wants and even use 5-6 injections to cure sasumaa. He picks hammer and hits Jaya’s knees, but she sits without reacting and thinks if she gets up, she will not spare this fake doctor and thinks why Jaya is not reacting, maybe her message did not reach Jaya yet. Samar thinks Sasumaa should wake up at least now. Jaya asks if mamma reacted. Doctor says no, her mental nerves are jammed and she is not reacting at all, so there is only 1 test left. Samar is amused and says he can do anything to cure sasumaa. Doctor ties Jaya’s hands, fixes electrodes on Jaya’s head, and tells Samar that with this, Satya’s brain blockages will open. Satya nervously thinks why Jaya is not stopping doctor, if she did not get message. Doctor is about to give Satya shock when Jaya gets Satya’s message that doctor is fake and not to get her mother’s treatment via him and stops him. Doctor asks what happened. Jaya says she wants to check doctor’s certificates before getting her mother treated via him. Doctor shows his certificate and video supporting electric shock to patients like Satya. Jaya agrees. Samar smirks and tells Satya that he knew something of this sort will happen, so he call real doctor. Doctor is about to give shock again when Jaya stops him and says she can see pain on mamma’s face, so she will not get electric shock for mamma. Doctor says he will try some other treatment then.

Back in room, Samar laughs on Satya that she is so stubborn. Satya says she can go to any extent to keep her daughters away from their husbands. Samar asks till when. Satya says whole life. Samar says she stoops so low and so superegoistic. Their discussion continues.

Next morning, family wakes hearing someone doing pooja loudly and walks down to home temple. Samar does pooja and gives aarti to everyone. Satya thinks what is his new drama now. Samar says he has taken oath to fast until sasumaa gets well and has kept mahamrityunjai pooja for Sasumaa in nearby temple. Family gets ready to leave. Samar says they cannot take Sasumaa seeing last temple incident. Richa says she will stay home with mamma. Samar with Jaya and Nani reaches temple and performs pooja. He silently leaves. Jaya and Nani think where did he go. Samar reaches home disguised as goon and warns Satya that she spoilt many lives, he will finish her today. Satya anxiously waits for Richa who has gone to bring medicine. Richa gets Punith’s call and stops chatting with him. Satya hopes Richa returns soon.

Precap: Samar acts stabbing Satya and she tries to run and shouts. Family enters.

Update Credit to: MA

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