Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Hiranyaksh and hirankashyap get alive.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram running behind kanha with a hand fan. Damodar and all people see and are surprised. Damodar says what am I seeing? Another man says even I am amazed, balram is running behind kanha with a hand fan. Damodar says otherwise every time he runs behind kanha with a mudgal.
Kanha reaches a tree near Yamuna river and sits there. He says brother please don’t do this, in this life you are my elder brother shesh avatar and nothing can be done about it, stop serving me because I am younger than you, all people will be shocked to see this and then they may also know the truth. Balram says no prabhu, I cannot resist myself from serving you, I am your disciple so please make me your younger brother prabhu! I cannot be your elder brother. Kanha thinks he is shesh avatar, very stubborn and wont listen.
Kansa is meditating as he gives his powers to hrianyaksh and hirankashyap. Hiranyaksh and hirankashyap get alive and they look at themselves and say we are alive, we have powers. The immensely huge hiranyaksh and hirankashyap see kansa and they become normal sized, they see kansa giving them his powers and say friend kansa you have brought us back alive by giving us your powers. Hirankashyap says that vishnu’s avatar narsimha killed me, I will have my revenge. Hiranyaksh says yes, varaha avatar is because of whom I have not attained salvation, I want revenge and kansa has given us a chance, friend kansa we will kill vishnu’s avatars which will also help you, thank you for that. kansa opens his eyes and is happy to see hiranyaksh and hirankashyap and says friends, I brought you alive and have given you my powers, varaha avatar and narsimha avatar have to be killed anyhow. Kansa says I know the source to those avatars, it is Paramavatar Krishna or better known as kanha in vrindavan.
In vrindavan, kanha is with balram. Balram says prabhu today I will serve you with all my heart please let me. kanha is fed up and thinks what do I do now? balram says prabhu I have your favorite sweets and food for you, the fruits that Ram avatar loved, the milk that vamana avatar loved, the simple food that parshuram avatar loved and all the food and sweets that your all avatars loved. Kanha says brother balram, now I am in the Krishna avatar. In this avatar, I love makhan(butter) more than anything, all this is that which my other avatars loved and I don’t love this now, I love butter so please stop. Balram says what? You wont eat this prabhu? If you wont then I will go and tell everyone that you are Krishna avatar of lord Vishnu and even I am avatar of shesh naag. Kanha says no stop I will eat it. radha comes and says brother balram, stop! Kanha will not eat anything. Kanha thinks another problem has come. Radha says kanha no you will not eat anything. Balram says yes he will. Radha says no he wont. Balram and radha quarrel amongst each other. Kanha says I will eat it. kanha takes everything and starts eating it. radha is angry and balram is happy. Radha says gwale, I wont talk to you, radha goes. Balram says prabhu thank you for accepting my love for you, I will serve you like this forever.

Precap: Hirankashyap, Hiranyaksh and kansa bring Holika alive. Holika says when i sat and wasburned with prahlad, that day was started as holi, but this holi i will make vrindavan bleed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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