Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya foils Samar’s plan to convince Shikha and Richa

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan Bua opposing Vicky and Satya’s marriage. Jaya comes there and says I know you might be feeling strange, and says we also felt the same first. She says what is unpleasant to you, that Vicky Chacha is marrying in this age, or marrying my mum. Kundan says what people and society will say, and says like marriage is not children’s play, it is not elders’ play also. Vicky asks do you think I am very old. Kundan bua says you are aged to take bath in Ganga. Rama asks Jaya to go. Shikha thinks why Karthik is not picking the call and thinks to call Satya and jaya, she thinks she can’t call them. Rama shows the saree to Bua ji. Bua tells her that this marriage is not right. Rama says they are happy. Bua says how they will manage. Rama says they will. Bua says I

am talking about Satya and you. She asks how you will adjust with her. Rama says she will adjust. Bua thinks she is inviting the storm.

Jaya asks the Servant to set the mandap and the arrangements. Satya tells her that she don’t think that her daughters will come here, and says she can’t marry without them. Richa’s husband tells that Police don’t file the complaint until 24 hours are passed. Shikha cries hugging Richa. Jaya asks Satya to give all her worries to Samar and her, and asks her to get ready. Richa calls Puneet and tells shikha that his call is not connecting. Shikha cries worrying for Kabir and karthik. Richa says they will be fine and will return. Samar is having tea with Karthik and Puneet, while Kabir is enjoying icecream.

Karthik asks how much time they shall wait. Samar says I am sure this plan will work and calls jaya, but her phone is off. He calls on the landline number. Samar calls her. Jaya asks did you talk to Richa and Shikha. Samar says my plan will be successful. He tells what he did and tells that he will go to them and make them realize their mistake. Jaya says I hope your plan works. Satya hears on other landline and comes to Jaya. Vicky tells Dada ji that Bua came to cancel the marriage. Dada ji says this is not your mistake, and says old age marriage and illness are dangerous. Shikha and Richa are worried.

Samar comes there and says he was going from here. Shikha says Karthik and Kabir are missing. She asks him to search them. Samar asks them to enjoy until their return, and says according to you, one can enjoy being alone. He asks them to feel how their mother would have felt and asks them to go and apologize to their mother. He says I will bring Puneet, Karthik and Kabir. Satya comes there and asks Samar to stop. He asks Samar to call Puneet, Karthik and Kabir and asks them to come. Samar says I didn’t know. Satya says I came to know about your plan and asks him to call them. Shikha and Richa ask what plan? Satya asks them to ask Samar. Samar calls Puneet and asks them to come to Karthik’s house.

He goes out. Satya also goes out. Samar asks what did you do? Satya says I would have brought them to my marriage by doing emotional blackmail. She says you took 6 months to win Jaya’s heart and says like wise I also want them to attend my marriage with their wish happily. She says if they attend my marriage without their will then I will not marry.

Vicky sees welcome Satya ji written on the board and gets happy. Samar tells him that the marriage is not confirmed. Vicky gets worried. Samar tells him that sasumaa ruined his plan and asks from where to make another plan. Vicky sits quietly. Samar asks him to hit on the welcome board..Bua hears him and asks Rama if Satya will not marry if her daughters don’t come. Rama says Richa and Shikha will come. Kundan asks this marriage, Satya’s conditions are strange. Rama asks her to think positive.

Jaya asks Satya to get ready for marriage. Satya asks why don’t you understand and says this marriage is not going to happen then why shall we do tamasha. Jaya asks her to have patience and says even her sasural will not think all that and will make her marriage happen. Dadaji calls Shikha and asks her to attend Satya’s marriage. He says your mother’s eyes will look for you both. Shikha apologizes and says we can’t come.

Precap: Vicky sits for marriage. Satya asks if Richa and Shikha came, and refuses to marry. Jaya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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