Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya And Vicky Find Shalini’s Shocking Truth

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shalini with her emotional blackmail convinces Gowri Shankar to get her and Samar engaged tonight. Jaya angrily leaves hearing that. Shalini hugs Jerry and thinks she does not mind if Jaya leaves now s she got what she wanted. Jaya meets Vicky and Satya and informs about Shalini’s emotional blackmail for her and Samar’s engagement and says Shalini wants to take revenge from Samar and is very cunning. Satya says she is right, now even she doubts Shalini. Jaya says she and Vicky are going to Indore to meet Shalini’s parents and find out truth.

Satya asks Lallan to make engagement arrangements and asks why he does not look happy. Lallan says with the recent events, he does feel happy. Rama asks him to cheer up. Shalini hears that and thinks she does not care what they think. She starts her emotional drama and showing a wedding dress to Rama says her mother had gifted it to her and if Rama touches it, she will feel as if her mother is blessing it. Rama agrees. After sometime, Jerry hugs Samar and asks what will they wear tonight during engagement party. Samar thinks Shalini is using a small kid to take revenge. Shalini enters and showing his and Samar’s dresses says they all 3 will wear similar dresses. Jerry happily runs away to play. Samar confronts her and asks why she is using her son in her plan. Shalini says for his better future and reveals that she was emotionally blackmailing inside room and would never suicide and instead ruin Samar and his family. Samar says he knew she was acting and even informed his mother. Shalini warns him to get engaged to her tonight, else she will file a physical harassment case against his family.

Jaya and Vicky meet Shalini’s parents and explaining them whole situation request them to reveal about Shalini’s husband and her marriage. Parents at first say they broke their relationship with Shalini after she got pregnant and don’t care about her. Jaya says even she is like their daughter and will they not help their daughter save her marriage because of Shalini. Parents reveal that after they disowned her, a boy wearing 3 precious stone rings came to take Shalini and they heard that they both were seen outside civil court. Jaya and Vicky reach civil court and asks peon if they can speak to any officer regarding an important case. Peon says office is closed already and all officers have gone, they cannot meet anyone now as it is weekend.

In the evening, family gatehrs for Samar and Shalini’s engagement ceremony and eagerly wait for them. Samar and Shalini walk down holding each other’s hand wearing similar dress. Jerry also wearing similar dress asks if he can click their pics. Samar says no, but Shalini says let their son click their pics. Jerry clicks pics. Rama stops him and says he can click pics later. Pandit asks Rama if engagement rituals can be started. Samar eagerly hopes Jaya must have got evidence against Shalini. Vicky and Jaya enter court records room via window and search Shalini’s wedding records calculating that Shalini must have married in 2012. They find her record, but don’t find Shalini’s husband’s name. Vicky says he will open file and click document pics. Jaya agrees and opens file and they both are shocked to see details.

Precap: Pandit asks Samar and Shalini to exchange rings.
Jaya travels towards home with teary eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

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