Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti welcomed in model colony as king

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says what Vibhuti is Prince, Tiwari says what that too of Zingurpur, he and his family dont deserve this, Angoori says newspapers wont lie, Tiwari says thats what how is this possible. Vibhu is welcomed in model colony as prince, Angoori performs his Aarti. everyone cheer for Vibhu, saxena addresses everyone and introduces Vibhuti as Narendra Singh Pratap, Vibhu greets everyone. Tiwari about to insult Vibhu, saxena interrupts,tiwari says he doesn’t deserve and i dont believe. Vibhu and Tiwari get in argument. Angoori says calm down and asks Tiwari to keep mum. Boys defend vibhu and ask Tiwari to show respect and apologies to Vibhu, everyone stand by vibhu, Saxena says shall i sue him, Tiwari keeps insulting.

Vibhu and his rally proceeds ahead, Angoori joins and celebrates with vibhu. Anu says god no clothe looks good on me,how will i look like princess in this,vibhu walks in,anu asks him to help her choose clothes, vibhu says baby you gonna be a queen and rolling in big time money,okay for now rent me 10k,anu says right away.

Angoori in kitchen singing, Vibhu makes announcement for himself and then walks to her, Angoori says i loved to hear royal stories how they fought for our country, Vibhu says so did my royal family but never sacrificed to Britishers and im part of them. Saxena walks to them and says nothing is good, people need money and theres no treasure, Vibhuti says ask anu, saxena says she denied. Tiwari walks in and asks for Anu,she walks dressed as queen and says show some respect,tiwari mesmerized by her look and says sorry highness, Anu says you could be punished for this but i forgive you, and remember im a part of royal family so remember your boundaries you can’t sit with me on this sofa, this is how royal culture is so dont feel bad, Anu says sit on floor, Tiwari sits on floor,Anu says sorry you must be feeling bad but this is royal culture and feel good, you can interact with royal family.tiwari feels insulted and leaves.

Angoori enjoying music, Tiwari cribling about Anitas behaviour, Angoori asks why are you upset, Tiwari says go to sleep leave me alone, I’m not in good mood, Angoori says its pleasant everywhere and royals are our neighbours too, and i loved to see Vibhuti in royal attire,first time i saw a king,tiwari insults him, and cibbles.

Precap : Boys ask vibhu for money, vibhu gives them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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