Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Returns To Her Maika On Satya’s Advice

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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya asks Jaya to get back jewelry from her MIL and if Samar does not agree, warn him that she will go to her maika. Jaya says it is too harsh for a small issue. Satya orders to do as she says. Samar returns to room and lifting Jaya says her ordered his fulfilled. Jaya insists to bring back jewelry from Rama. Samar says it is safe with maa and he cannot trouble maa again. Jaya says mamma had called and asked her not to throw her responsibility on others. Samar says jewelry is safe with maa. Jaya insists and warns if he does not get it.. He asks if she will not let him come near her. She says she will go to her maika. Samar angrily says she spoilt whole mood and asks her to sleep, they will speak in the morning.

Next morning, Samar wakes up and sees Jaya’s note that

she is going to her maika, sees her suitcase missing. He calls Jaya repeatedly, but she does not pick call. At Jaya’s house, Naani sees missed call and says Jaya that she should not have come to maika for simple reason and says her days were good when they used to send letter which used to reach after 15 days and within 1 month, issues used to solve. Jaya says she thinks she did wrong. Naani asks if her sasural people don’t have jewelry that they will keep her jewelry. Satya brings Shika’s divorce file and says she had to struggle a lot to get back Shikha’s jewelry and her worry is valid, she is happy that she has phone because of which she can know about her dear one’s situation. She reminds Naani that she had sent letter to Naani and Naani had replied that her sasural is her house and everything will be alright over time. She cries that she was thrown out of house with her daughter and she was alone. Jaya gets emotional hearing Satya’s speech and disconnects Samar’s call repeatedly.

Samar continues calling Jaya. Rama walks to his room and asks where is Jaya. Samar lies that Jaya went for a client meeting. Rama says work is first and asks him to come down for breakfast. He feels guilty for lying his mother and calls Jaya repeatedly, but she does not. He thinks of going and receiving her back. He gets ready and passes by Vijay’s room and sees Jyoti giving him lots of medicines for cold, cough, fever, etc.. Vijay says he does not need it. Wife goes in. Samar enters and tells Vijay he should not have been so rude with bhabhi. Vijay says they should not agree to wife’s every demand. Jyoti returns with medicine box. Samar thinks bhaiya is right. He goes down and joins family for tea. Chachaji throws lame joke on his wife. Chachi angrily leaves. Chachaji says he will go and calm her down as it is husband’s duty. Samar thinks whether to follow bhaiya or chacha.

Samar reaches Jaya’s house. Naani says Jaya is in her room and sends him up. He knocks Jaya’s door. Jaya gets happy seeing him, but acts and says who knocks open door. He gifts her flowers and tries to calm her down. She says she will not return without her jewelry. He says he will get her many jewelries like hers. She insists that she needs only her jewelry. Samar says she can stay here, he was stupid to follow chachaji and come here and walks away with flowers.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omg what a helicopter mother is Satya. She’s made her daughters independent and she’s trying to control them unintentionally. I understand her concern and I totally side with her. But wanting to talk to her daughter every other hour, not giving her the space and time to settle in her new house, this is so annoying. I thought this will be a comedy, when the mother-in-law will keep interfering with the daughter’s married life. But no. This seems a lot more serious and dramatic.
    And that girl Jaya, why can’t she stand up for what she feels is right? For every little thing she cries, she’s not shown to have zero decision making abilities, how on earth has she managed so many weddings? She never takes things lightly, for everything she’s serious or starts crying. It can get irritating after a while.

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